At his study in Wisconsin Vlad Masters was working his brain off on paper work. Being a mayor sure brought it's pros and cons, and the paperwork it required sure belonged to the latter of the two. He had a huge stack of paper on the right side of the table, and a meager, almost pathetic one on the left. The left side of the desk was preserved for the finished paperwork. Vlad was silently cursing his workload as he rolled the ink pen in his fingers. Working on these forms, demolition applications, public appearances, charity events, opening galas, town budget, and finances was tiring, Exhausting even. It was important and foremost busy.

So of course Vlad gets to work. He writes, he signs, he separates papers in to different stacks, and he reads a paper after paper, working as fast as he can get done. Tomorrow would be the deadline which wouldn't budge. Vlad gets himself deep in to his work, and he plays with his pen when he tried to think of a proper solution to his little problem, but once a faint knock is heard from the door Vlad stops everything.

He lays down the pencil and pushes the paper stack he had been skimming through just a while ago to the side of the table to turn around on his chair and greet whoever it was who stood by his study door.

It's Danny who is shyly peeking in to the study from the doorway, and silently asking permission to step in to the room. Vlad only smiles fondly at boy, who quickly understands that it would be okay for him to enter the room. Danny only steps over the threshold, and Vlad gets a better look of the boy.

Danny is still wearing his normal clothes, smiling with gratitude and holding a small, square and thin box.

"What is it Daniel?" Vlad lets the boy have his whole attention. He turns around so that he's fully facing the boy, and he lets his shoulders relax.

"I thought that maybe we could play some monopoly?" And true to his words, Danny shows the box in his hands and Vlad indeed recognizes the game.

Vlad watches as the boy held the box in his hands, and how the kid nervously shuffled on his stand, changing his weight from one leg to another. Vlad could almost see the begging look on Danny's eyes, asking, pleading Vlad to play the game, but the poor child was worried that Vlad wouldn't have time for him.

Vlad turned to look at his paperwork which to his displeasure hadn't worked itself. His tabletop was filled with important papers which were nowhere near finished for tomorrow. So much to do, so little time. The papers seemed to mock him, and Vlad knew that he was behind in his schedule as it was.

He sighed. He always could work on the papers when Danny was asleep. He could work on them in the breakfast table, he could work on them while on his way to work, and he could lay the final touches when he was already at his desk at work. Vlad couldn't find the will in his heart to deny the boy.

"Of course. Lay the game on the floor and I shall finish up here." Vlad sighed once again and started to collect the papers.

"Thank you, dad!" Danny exclaimed in joy as the kid hustled in the middle of the room, where he slumped on the floor and began to lay out the game board, and deal the play money. Vlad secretly smiled to himself as he finished the sentence to the file he previously worked on before he piled the papers in to a neat stacks, taking his time to make sure that his work table was in perfect array. Vlad left a final depressed look at the huge pile of unfinished work before he summoned back the smile on his face as he went to join Daniel on the floor. Daniel preferred to sit on the floor as they played monopoly. There was a long and comfortable couch on the room, yet the boy discarded it with grace as he sat in front of the fireplace with his legs crossed. Danny seemed to still be busy with laying out the game board, but Vlad was perfectly content with just watching the boy. Daniel seemed so happy and carefree. By this point Vlad had gotten used to the other's company, and he had learned to look forwards to their time alone. Danny seemed to like spending time with him, even if it was for a game of chess or monopoly, which Vlad usually won, or just chatting and watching the stars as the night fell. Danny had brought a change to his usually so monotone life. He managed to enlighten his life with his joyful antics, yet the boy brought him a challenge. He may be a child, but he was a half ghost just as he was, and the boy always worked his best to try and one up Vlad. Something the kid even managed to tie them on a draw. It was interesting to hear the teen's point of view on his plans, since the two always seemed to disagree. It was a weird balance they had, but it worked for the both of them.

"Can I have the blue chip?" Vlad had already taken the chip and was currently moving it to the start square.

"Yeah, I want the green one." Danny smiled and made the in-game money in to neat stacks at the side of the play board.

"The next one from the dealer starts the game, who is me, right?" Vlad inquired, sounding only distantly weary, but he was content just where he was. Of course Danny had picked a rather inconvenient time to want to play monopoly, but Vlad couldn't complain, he loved spending time with his son.

"Right." Danny mumbled. It was obvious that he would have wanted to start the game himself, but rules were rules.

So Vlad threw the dices and got a rather promising and high number, it would get him far. Vlad grinned victoriously as he already made himself to the first Chance square. He reached for a card to read his chance from, but his grin died as he read the words "Pay a fine of 100 dollars" out loud while Danny sniggered at him. It was just his luck to gain a negative chance right at the beginning of the game.

It was then Danny's turn to throw, but he didn't do anything with his turn. The boy waited for Vlad to have his turn, and just like he on his previous turn, Vlad didn't do anything.

It was once again back to Danny to throw the two dices, and he got two of six. Danny smiled triumphantly and scurried to move his dice. Vlad watched the boy fondly as the other was excited and passed Vlad's chip on the board. The other finally stopped on a property which he gladly bought.

"I bought the first property, I'm going to win this game!" Danny exclaimed with glee. Even Vlad smiled fondly with him as the kid got to throw again as he got a double.

Vlad had gotten used to their gaming moments. Danny loved to play board games, but at the Fentons he never got to play. You always needed more than one player in board games and Jack and Maddie were always too busy with ghosts to participate in such a non-ghost activity. Jasmine on the other hand was too interested in philosophy to be a good gaming partner. She did play a game or two every now and then, but usually the normal board game turned out to be a fight of wills. She always indulged in deep conversation and advanced tactics and thus turning a simple game in to something much more.

Vlad himself enjoyed playing board games greatly, but one thing he enjoyed even more, and that was Danny's company.

"How was your school, son?" Vlad asked as it was his turn to roll.

"It was okay, I guess. Math was difficult, school was boring, Lancer was a pain. Also, this kid, Dash, locked me in a locker once again." Danny mumbled and Vlad patted the kid's head, stroking his hand through the black silky hair of the other's. Vlad was sorry for all the things that Dash kid did to Danny, but there was nothing he could do about the matter. Danny did what he did about the matter, at this current moment he couldn't intervene.

The game continued peacefully as they both rolled the dice at their own turn while conversing about their day. It was a normal father and son like thing to do, and Vlad was secretly glad that they could be so open with each other. Talking with Danny always soothed his nerves and made him content. By the end, he was so happy that he didn't even mind that Danny had won the game.

"It's getting really late, son." Vlad was storing the game back to the box and Danny looked out of the study window to confirm the time. It was true, the sky had already went dark and there were some stars shining in the sky.

"Dad, can we go out to look at the stars?" Danny pleaded, and Vlad seriously considered saying no. He had avoided his work for long enough, he truly should get something done.

Vlad did the mistake of looking the boy in the eyes as the the other pleaded aloud, eyes shining and hand already reached out to pull him towards the door and Vlad's posture crumbled. He couldn't say no to Daniel.

At outside they both watched the stars with a stethoscope Vlad had bought for this very reason. Vlad himself did not know much about the stars nor planets, but Danny always told him all he knew about the star positions and how the planets shifted. Vlad knew how much Danny loved the sky, and he knew that the kid could make a good astronomer if he couldn't become the astronaut he wished to be. Vlad swore that if there was anything he could do to get the kid on a space campaign, he would try and get him on one.

But now it was getting late, and it was time for Danny to go to sleep. He had school tomorrow, and he had a early morning ahead of him.

Danny had already went to rest on the bed while Vlad pulled the planked over him.

"Good night, son." Vlad laid a really short and light kiss on Danny's forehead before he pulled back as Danny mumbled "'Night, dad." Back to him. Vlad stroked the other's hair for some more as he watched the kid slowly got drowsy. "Sleep well, don't let the bed bugs bite. I'll wake you up for school tomorrow morning." Vlad informed and then left the room as the other fell asleep. He walked to the doorway from where he turned off the light in the room and laid a last look at the now almost empty looking bed in the darkness of the room. Vlad made sure to make as little voice as possible as he closed the door, afraid that he would wake up the sleeping teen.

As the door closed the spell broke and Vlad sighed. He knew that he wouldn't need to close the door silently, the other in the room wouldn't wake up no matter how loud he slammed the door. He knew that he wouldn't need to wake up the boy when morning came, but he also knew that he would do so nonetheless.

Vlad had gotten so used on the small boy living under the same roof with him that he had started to ignore how Danny was almost see through at times and how the kid was something he couldn't ever touch or feel. He learned to ignore how the game chips could never be felt in his fingers when he rolled the dice, and he choose to buy stethoscopes even if he knew that he would have absolutely no use for them.

He may be aware that the boy sleeping in one of his rooms was only a mere hologram who got recharged with the real Danny's memories every time the hologram claimed to be at school. He was aware that half of his life was a complete lie, but he loved the child too much to let that sway him.

He may be tired, exhausted even, but he needed to finish his work now during the night before it was time to wake Danny up for school.

Vlad frowned as he remembered the workload that awaited in the study. He grudgingly moved as slowly as he could to avoid the work, but he knew that he really had no time for such childishness. The study was dark and Vlad clicked the light on from the light switch, and he smiled fondly as he saw the monopoly box on the ground. The game board was also slightly see through as it was a hologram too. Otherwise the hologram kid couldn't move the chips of the game. With a fond smile Vlad lifted the box from the floor where they both had forgotten it and he moved it to the bookshelf. Vlad had gotten good with ignoring the obvious so he didn't even notice as the hologram turned off and the game board disappeared from the bookshelf.

Vlad then dropped the smile as he dragged himself to his worktable with the work pile on it.

Vlad frowned at his life. How pathetic had he became. He was a man in his forties and he dreamed of a son he could never have. At this point even Daniel's friendship would be just fine, but no matter how hard he tried the kid would never want to be with him. Daniel was special, he was something so much better than those regular snot nosed kids Vlad saw on stores, screaming, crying and whining for their parents. Vlad had to admit, but Daniel was special, he was an equal, he was a half ghost, he deserved to have a family with someone who knew what he was going through, namely, him.

Danny's family had done nothing to deserve the kid, did no-one see how much better candidate he would be when compared to those fools?

He hadn't even noticed that he had started to write and scribble on his papers, and Vlad frowned as he noticed what he had done.

"Daniel", "Danny", "Phantom," the words were written all over the paper, and even the DP insignia had been drawn on the corner of the paper.

His subconscious was screaming for him. This had been happening to him more than many times in the past, enough for him to say that this occurred rather often.

This was it, he would not take any more of this torture, this was enough. His poor mind had been teased enough, it was time to do something about this, it was time to get something done about this.

That's it, from now on, he would form a plan, he would do something, anything, to get the kid. He would get him to acknowledge him, he would do something to gain the kid's favor. Somehow, he would get Danny Fenton.

But now he had work. Vlad almost tore the darn papers that had piled in his desk, but decided to finish them instead. He would form a plan to win over the kid tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. Tomorrow would be a perfect day to try and win the kid over.

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