AN: Hello my fellow readers! I suddenly got inspiration to write, so here you go, another random chapter. It took me forever to write the next chapter, because I couldn't come up with anything fun as Danny's condition. In the end I came up with this. I think this will be a passing phase, but I guess this will prove to be fun later on. If you have any ideas, do tell! I'm still fueled by your ideas and comments! And no, it's not amnesia. amnesia is too mainstream.

It did not take Vlad too long to walk to the hospital. He already knew his way there, since the hospital was quite close to the mayors office. The building was white and quite tall with tall columns to give the building more magnificent look. The town had even hired artists to make statues and murals of the Asclepius, Greek god of medicine and healing. But Vlad was not here to admire the architecture of the place, and quickly passed the tall, heavy wooden double doors to the hospital. Once he got in he was immediately greeted with a strong smell of rubbing alcohol, and the stuffy air that always was in hospitals where there were many people confined to the insides of the building, and there was only so much that the air condition could do. There were many people in white and green gowns and clothes, namely doctors and nurses walking nearby, heads down to their notes. There were also many people waiting on the waiting area, some looking sick, some tired, and the others seemed to be waiting for their regular check up, thus seeming quite healthy.

But Vladimir had no mind to any of those people, and he walked his way over the black and white checkered floor with different color lines on it to guide people around. He had his location set, the reception.

The lines were long as they always were at hospitals, and he took a waiting number. He was tapping his foot impatiently to the floor as he waited for his turn to come, and it seemed like forever for the tally to go from the number 75 to 92. He found himself frowning every time when an old geezer got to the reception before him, but once it was his turn, he made sure to run fast to the receptionist before someone else dared to take his turn.

Behind a thick glass there was a slim woman with brown skin and frizzy hair tied on a tight know behind her head, and the hair seemed to form a small ball shape. She wore green uniform, and she looked bored. She didn't even greet him, just waited him to state his business.

‟I'm here to visit Daniel Fenton.‟ Vladimir was nervously tugging at his sleeves, making sure his undershirt looked fine under his jacked.

‟Are you a family member?‟ The woman was typing on a computer, probably searching for Daniel's room and patient information.

‟I'm his uncle.‟ Vladimir looked at the clock and saw it nearing 6pm already. He hoped that Daniel would be up so he could ask how he was.

‟May I see your ID mister?‟ The woman asked, and Vlad sighed, but handed her the necessary information.

‟You are welcome to visit, but you must leave by seven. The visiting hours will be over by then. The patient is on bed rest, and we forbid him to be taken outside of hospital bounds, but you are free to take a stroll outside if you feel like it. He is on the room 125A right at the end of the hallway. Have a nice day.‟ The woman handed Vladimir his ID back, and she rested back on her chair, and looked at Vlad like she was bored with her job.

‟Have a pleasant evening.‟ Vlad took off the the direction of Danny's hospital room. He was not at all pleased by the receptionist's attitude, but she got the job done without inane chitter chatter.

The room 25 was on first floor, A wing, and Vlad found it quite easily, it was right at the end of the hallway as the woman had told.

The door to Danny's room was closed, and it looked same as every other door, and it was hard for Vlad so understand that Danny would be behind that white, weak looking wooden door with a black plate with the words 125A written on it with white capital letters. He couldn't hear anything behind the door, so he assumed that Danny might be asleep, but he decided to knock anyway.

Vlad was surprised to hear a ‟Come on in!‟ From the other side of the door, and he opened it stroll inside.

The room he was was one of the most boring ones he had yet to see. There weren't any medical equipment around, seemingly not needed in the room. The room was surrounded by tables and cabinets, and in the middle of the room there was a window, and below the window there was a rather old looking, metallic and really uncomfortable seeming bed, with a hard mattress. The pillow was covered with paper, instead of a pillowcase. Next to the bed there was a very small night table, with a old, cheap looking lamp on it. But none of this interested Vlad, he was interested by the Boy resting on the bed.

Daniel's bruises were already looking better, and after some rest, the teen was already looking more chipper. He had his leg in plaster, and his hand was supported by a cloth tied around the his neck, but the kid seemed mobile enough. Danny had a small puzzle set in front of him, and he seemed to be completely mesmerized with it, and even if it looked like a simple puzzle to Vlad, Danny seemed like he had trouble solving it.

Vlad pulled a small chair close to the bed, and took a seat. ‟How are you Daniel?‟ The boy was playing with one of those puzzles where he had to remove a specific piece from it's current place, and take it outside of the puzzle. Daniel tried to tug at the piece for several more times before he gave up.

‟I'm healing. What are you doing here?‟ Daniel looked like he was not pleased by the other's presence, and Vlad didn't doubt him. They weren't known for being in good relationship with each other. ‟I'm just visiting a good friend of mine.‟ Vlad tried, knowing that Danny would not accept the answer and would start to fight with him soon enough.

‟Okay.‟ The other boy said, accepting Vlad's answer, and he resumed to try the puzzle again, leaving Vlad confused. Wasn't Danny going to question his presence or motives at all?

‟I can't get this. This puzzle is too difficult!‟ Danny growled, clearly frustrated, as he let it fall on top of his cover. Vlad only looked at the other with confusion. ‟Let me see that.‟ Vlad reached for the puzzle and saw quite soon where the problem was. Danny hadn't been thinking things further than the obvious, and missed the turns and twists he had to make, and Vlad shoved how to complete the puzzle to Danny. ‟Cool, you make it look easy!‟ Danny said, and he tried to complete the puzzle himself, but couldn't do it, even after Vlad had just showed him how to.

‟This is a stupid puzzle anyways, would you like to help me make an actual puzzle, we have plenty of them here in the hospital, but some of them miss pieces.‟ Danny explained, and pointed at a small box that Vlad had missed when he entered the room. The Box was hidden behind a table, and when Vlad went to get it he found a one hundred piece puzzle set with an idyllic town view of the amity park. It was a beautiful view in Vlad's opinion, and he recalled having a similar painting on his office wall, but he wondered if Danny could appreciate it.

Vlad took the puzzle, and tray that could be set to stand on it's own on Danny's bed as a table to work on the puzzle.

‟That's a nice puzzle.‟ Danny said as he poured the pieces on the bed, and they both started to search for the corner pieces. Danny was practically catching the pieces like apples from a tree, and when the frames were ready, he started to lay the puzzle out like he had completed it hundreds of times before, and had memorized the puzzle. The boy was super fast at doing puzzles.

‟Wow, slow down, how many times have you already made this to be so good at it?‟

Danny just kept putting the final pieces together, and he laid back to look at it. ‟Actually, this is my second ever puzzle. Me and Jazz started on a puzzle once when we were young, but I hated it. I couldn't find any other pieces than the corner ones, and even then I couldn't place them on their places. I was so frustrated and jealous of Jazz's skill to put the puzzle together, I ended up breaking the puzzle couple of days later when she finally got it finished.‟ Danny confessed, and Vladimir stared at the other with confusion. At least the other didn't look like he had memory loss, but htat didn't explain his very weird behavior. Danny hadn't questioned his presence, and he was suddenly good at puzzles.

‟Tell me, what do you see in the puzzle.‟ Vladimir asked, and he himself knew exactly what he saw. There was the center park, with a water fountain. Next to it there were children flying a kite, and a family having a pick nick. There were also some apple trees, and on the background there was forest, and a small river. Even further away one could see the city.

‟The young girl is soon going to be very worried for her brother who will soon fall over and scrape his knee on the grit, causing him to cry. The Boy will later on go cry to his dad about the kite that flew away with the wind. The kite will get stuck on the tress further back. The family having a pick nick has a small house on the fifth floor of the building seen on the right corner with flowers at the window. The wife is collecting new flowers because the old ones have started to filth, and the dad is worried about the car that broke right when they were leaving, and they had to walk here. Their daughter is already complaining about how her feet are sore, but her older brother is trying to console him with a sandwich. Behind those trees there is a hydroelectric plant, that gets the power for the fountain from the small river there-‟ Danny seemed like he could go for forever, and Vladimir was horrified. The teen seemed unable to see the big picture, going on and on about things that didn't even exist in the picture. Danny paid so much attention to the small fine detail, that it confused Vladimir.

‟Enough, that is just enough.‟ Vlad interrupted the child before he could more on to another detail in the picture, and Vlad had to ask if Danny was able to see the big picture in itself, but the boy only started to explain the same thing he had said before. ‟Stop, no more of that. Why are you so okay with me being here.‟

Danny just stared at Vlad for a long while, before he stated what was so obvious to the boy himself.

‟Didn't you say that you were a old friend of mine?‟

Vlad only stared at the other in disbelief. ‟Do you remember how we used to be no more than weeks ago?‟ Danny only shrugged. ‟We fought a lot. You hit me and punched me, we turned ghost, we fight with words and muscle, but obviously that has chanced since I'm your friend now.‟ The other deadpanned.

Vladimir swallowed in his nervousness, and he was horrified to think how today would have turned out to be if he had said anything else than the words he had to greet Daniel.

‟Daniel, could you fetch me something from over that cabinet?‟ Vladimir asked with a shaking voice, and Danny stared at Vlad with round eyes. ‟Do you need something from there?‟ Danny asked, but he got up, and it seemed like the kid was ignoring the cast on his leg, but it was obvious that it hurt him to walk, and the moving was awkward. It was when Danny was lifting his leg to start climb up the cabinet that Vlad had to stop him.

‟Have you no common sense!‟ He exclaimed, and then it dawned on him. Danny probably didn't have. All those small voices inside his head had decided to go quiet on him, and the kid didn't question things anymore. Everything just made sense to him, that's why he could say that the family had a house in a building painted on a painting. As far as no-one told him otherwise, everything was possible.

‟Just what happened to you during that accident?‟