If you're curious about what Izaya did watch

www. youtube .com/watch?v=c6Gy0wIGPAE


And the picture thing

www. zerochan. net/644696



"Look Namie-san. I found this video on you tube. And somehow I can find this hilarious for some reason."

Namie who was busy arranging flock of files looked to Izaya.

"You're like a kid… can you just continue doing your work? That yakuza guy just called you didn't he?"

Izaya spun his chair.

"Ahh? Akabayashi-san? That can do later! Anyway! NAMIE-SAN! Watch this!"

Namie sighed.

"You're already an old geezer… see? You're already 27… stop spending your break time on watching worthless videos…"

"27 you say?" Izaya stopped spinning his chair and looked down.

"Namie-san…" his tone started to change into a scary one. Namie looked but didn't notice the change on his tone.

"I will give you two options."

It's either you will watch this OR I will tell Harima Mika to marry your little brother. And~ to celebrate it, you will cook Hotpot for them."

Izaya's look was serious then he glared to his busy secretary. "I can do that… one flick of my finger will finish your lovely fairy tale w/ Yagiri Seiji."

Namie swallowed a lump…

"I have my laptop here… send me the link."


After a minute…

"What's so funny about this?" namie looked bored

"Eh~ don't you get it? It's shizu-chan that I just cuddled! Bahahahaha!"

Namie sighed. "Just don't try doing it… or else… I'll kill you…"

"Sure~ sure~ your fairy tale will continue for sure~" Izaya chuckled

"And mine… will never end…"