Hi, I'm Rex. I'm eternally thirteen years old, along with my best friends, Max and Zoe. I was an orphan, since I didn't know where my parents were; they disappeared when I was just a young boy, but i found them again. I live with Max; he's like a brother to me. I live with him, because my foster-dad travels round the world a lot. We get up to lots of trouble, all over the world, and we have so many cool stories to tell.

This is just one of them: this is the story of how I died.

Chapter 1: Rex

Max's mom's voice floated through the kitchen door: "Max? Could you please tell Chomp not to dig near my rose bushes? I spent a lot of time on those."

I smiled inwardly at our dinosaur's disguises. Max's mom thought our dinosaurs were rare types of dogs, but they are actually just miniature versions of the real things. I looked down to see Ace, my Carnotaurus, and Paris, Zoe's Parasaurolophus, playing around my feet. I gently nudged them away, picking up the dishes Max left as he went to grab Chomp, his Triceratops.

We were currently helping Max's mom set the table, while she and Zoe created the delicious aromas, wafting through the door.

Max sped back in as the scent escaped out-side. He was followed by his dad as he sat down at the table just as Zoe walked in, carrying plates piled high with exotic foods, their mouth-watering scents permeating the air.

"Hurry up, Zoe! I want my plate!" Typical Max.

"No way, Max! You need to wash your hands first! You could ge-!" Typical Zoe, until she gasped, cutting off her rant as Chomp sped through the door.