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"...and so if we move the 3rd part to the north, what would happen to our remaining number... Mike do you know?" the teacher asks.

It was another boring day in class. One of the few classes I do not share with Alice. I was sitting in the back twirling my figures through strands of my long brown hair, waiting for the bell to go off so I can meet my girlfriend, of 6 months as off today, at her locker. We are going to go out to dinner. It was also her birthday today, so I have something 'special' planned for tonight after dinner.

A few days ago I asked Rose some thing's about what I should expect from having sex with another women, considering she has more experience in this field. Her advice, lead to an awkward talk.


"So that's the spot you want to try hitting when you curve your figures, it's called the G-spot... hey Bella, you paying attention. You'll need to understand all of this if you want to give Alice the best orgasm, got it. And you better give her one, If I hear from Alice the next day that you failed... I'll... finish giving her one myself...!" Rose finished ranting about the female anatomy, things I wouldn't be learning to next year in Health class at school.

"So the G-spot is my main objective?" I asked, barely understanding everything she said for the last 3 hours.

"Yes, it is your target, if you try oral, you can use your tongue..."

"My... tongue; isn't that kind of... grouse...?" I asked, even though I kind of enjoyed the thought of my tongue in her cunt.

"Yes It can be... quit enjoyable to push your tongue into a pussy, for both parties."

"So if I give her oral, she will enjoy it?"I asked.

" If you master this technique, Yes...; Maybe someday... I'll join in!" Rose finished with a blush, surprising the hell out of me.

End flashback


School has ended now and my date with Alice is almost over, All that is left is for the teachings Rose taught me to come into play. I am currently lying on Alice's bed half dressed.

I start tounhook Alice's bra, thankful that it comes undone from the front, when she stops me from doing so.

"Bella, wait..."She said, sitting up, " are you sure you want to continue, it is our first time after all?" She asked not sure whether or not I'm ready.

"Don't worry I'm sure, I want to show you how much I learned..." I finish, kissing her to reassure her that I'm fine. I continue what I started unhooking here Bra freeing her chest to the open air and my observing eyes. I lean down and take one of her nipples into my mouth sucking it while I drag my hands down your curves to her thigh. When my hand reaches her G-string I slip my fingers into it touching her cunt for the first time. I rub my fingers around her slit but not entering her, just teasing her enough to make her moan out loud.

"B..Bella, please," she moans out, begging for me to enter. I grant her what she asks for, just wanting to get right to the point, to skip all the embarrassing teasing for our first time. She moans out loud in pleasure and pain as I tear through her hymen causing me to stop and allow her to time to adjust.

When I'm sure she ready I thrust my fingers forth into here picking up my, enjoying her moans. When I feel she is close to release I curve my fingers to hit her G-spot, just like in the diagrams. A few minutes of this and Alice moans out in an obvious orgasm. Her body shivering and convulsing. As she slow coming to a calm down. She flips us over.

"My turn, Forehead, hope you enjoy," she says as she pulls off my bra.

"W..wait, shouldn't I u..use my m..mouth down 'there'?" I ask hoping I would get a chance.

"Hmm, good idea Bells.." She quickly pulls down my panties and turns her body around making our body take the 69 position... She dives right in pushing her fingers and tongue in tearing through my own hymen. She continues, pushing away and pain I might have felt from losing my virginity. As she eats me out and fingers me I move in to do the same, tasting one of the most amazing thing ever. She tastes like and honey flavour with a hint off... lemon? Must be her soap. She continues to eat me out as I do her until we both orgasm.

"Wow, Bella, you tasted amazing, kind of like cherries... there one more position I want to try. It's called scissoring." She said this as she positioned our body so that my left thigh is over her right and vice versa. The she moving forward. Following that is the most amazing feeling ever. As she pushes her body forward our cunts kiss causing us to moan out load and move our hips.

After getting use to the position we pick up the past grinding harder into her, picking up the paste. When I feel as though where getting close I lean over and kiss her on the lips sticking my tong out gliding it on her lip asking for permission, in which she grants. A few minutes later we moth orgasm again, moaning load.

When I catch my breath I move of her to lay beside her. " I really do love you, you know..." she say kissing me. Moving to cover us up with her blanket, she puts her head on my chest closing her eyes, "Good night Bella, see you in the morning...?"

"Hmm see you in the morning," I say, when I'm sure she's asleep I whisper in her ear "I love you, as well, Alice, and I always will." After finishing this I kissed her on the cheek, before laying down to go to sleep.

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