Forgive and Forget

For the past few weeks Joey Turk has been doing everything he can to get his girlfriend Sarah to forgive him. Sarah has brushed him off telling him to he can do only one favor for her, " To go to hell."

Sarah Phillips was sitting in her normal spot in the park. Sarah sighed and looked up to see Joey.

" Hi Sarah," Joey said.

" Go away," Sarah said.

" I think I am beginning to get through to you ," Joey said.

" Oh, I'm sorry Joey," Sarah said, " Go to hell."

" Sarah how many times can I say I'm sorry?" Joey asked.

" You can say it until your blue in the face," Sarah said, " I don't care."

" Sarah, I…" Joey began to say.

" You what?" Sarah asked.

Joey said nothing.

" I knew it," Sarah said getting up.

" I love you," Joey said stopping her.

" Then why did you cheat on me?" Sarah asked.

" I don't know," Joey answered.

" I do," Sarah said, " It's because I wouldn't sleep with you."

" That's not it," Joey said.

" Joey don't stare at my face and lie to me," Sarah said, " That's why I caught you with Teri, in my apartment."

" I'm sorry," Joey said.

" So am I," Sarah said, " Stay out of my life."

A few days have gone by and Joey felt lost without Sarah.

" I have to talk to her," Joey said loudly.

" Talk to who?" Mike said coming into the locker room.

" Sarah," Joey said.

" She still won't forgive you," Mike asked.

"You got it," Joey said.

" You want some advice?" Mike said, " Be patient and Sarah will eventually come around."

" I don't think Sarah will ever forgive me for cheating on her," Joey said.

" Then remind her of the great times you had together," Mike said, " You and Sarah had many good times."

" That's an idea," Joey said, " Maybe."

All day long Joey had Sarah on his mind.

" What can I do?" Joey thought.

" What's on your mind?" Dixon asked.

" Sarah," Joey answered.

" She still hasn't forgiven you?" Dixon asked.

" Not yet," Joey said.

" You think she will?" Dixon asked.

" Sarah has to, I am so lost without her," Joey said.

" Then why would you cheat on Sarah if she means so much to you?" Dixon asked.

" I…" Joey began to say, " You don't want to know."

Later on that evening Joey sat outside Sarah's apartment waiting for her to come home. An hour later Sarah still wasn't home.

" Where can she be?" Joey thought.

Joey left Sarah's apartment to only go to the one place where Joey never thought she would go again, Emmit's Pub. Joey saw Sarah in a far corner booth reading or something. Joey slowly walked over to her. Joey noticed Sarah had her headphones on. Sarah then looked up.

" Hi," Joey said.

" Hi," Sarah said, " You want to sit down."

Joey did.

" Listen to this," Sarah said handing the headphones to Joey.

Joey listened to the music and figured out what Sarah was trying to say.

" Are you " Still on My Side", Joey?" Sarah asked.

" I always was," Joey said handing back to Sarah her headphones.

" I miss you," Sarah said, " Forget about the past because that's where it is."

Joey then got up and sat next to her, " Does this mean you forgive me?" Joey asked.

" No," Sarah said, " This does."

Sarah then just kissed him, a moment Joey was waiting for, and he applied more to the kiss. Sarah stopped.

" Not here," Sarah said, " Let's get out of here."

Joey just smiled and shook his head.