Life on Mars

A story by The Renegade Waffle

Our story begins in a very rainy England, in the suburbs of North London. Inside the bedroom where a being under the covers was in a deep sleep. It was early lunch-time before the lump under the covers stirred to the sound of music growing louder from his night stand.

There must be some kind of way outta here,

The figure lurched to the side and grabbed the culprit, his Iphone.

Said the Joker to the Thei-

Jimi Hendrix's lyrical musings and guitar wailings where cut short by a quick jab of the "Accept call" button. The figure brought the device up the side of his head and pinched his brow.


"Hi sleepy-head!" His mother joked, "Enjoying your day off?"

"...Um, yeah, yeah I-" He stifled a yawn.

"Oh Gareth, I understand a lie-in once in while, but midday, really?" Gareth's mother scolded.

"Yeah sorry 'bout that.." He stood up and stretched, "Ok, what did you call for?"

"Oh yes, I won't be home until late, probably 8pm latest," Gareth heard his mother sigh, "Boss wants me to do over-time again tonight."

"Sorry about that Mam," Gareth replied sympathetically, "D'you want me to get the shopping in?"

"Oh Gareth that's be lovely thank you." She paused, "Listen I gotta go, love you."

"Love you to." The line went dead.

Gareth replaced the Iphone on the night stand and walked to the other end of the room and opened the curtains, revealing the current state of the weather to him.

"Welcome to England," He joked as he turned around and caught himself in the mirror.

Staring back at him was a very scruffy looking 18 year-old, stood in only some pyjama esque jogging bottoms. His blonde hair was of medium length, the fringe almost coming down over his eyebrows, with little tufts of hair sticking out from behind his ears. Looking closer, Gareth noticed the blonde stubble that graced his jawline and above his lips was starting to darken.

Breaking away from his reflection he opened his door only to trip of a black ball of fluff which let out a small cry at being kicked. After regaining his balance, Gareth turned to find his pet, his best friend, a small black cat, with long hair and yellow eyes looking back at him. Harry, some people thought the name was stupid, but Gareth knew it suited him fine.

Harry broke the silence first.

"Mew" he spoke as he walked up to his owner and brushed past his legs, before turning around and going in for another brush.

"Some people say that cats do not care for their owners at all" Gareth talked to himself as he picked Harry up put him over his shoulder. "I think your the exception to the rule ey, Mr. H?"

Harry in question responded with a purr and nuzzled his head against Gareth's neck. Gareth walked back to his room before placing Harry on the bed, where the young cat proceeded to pad away at the duvet as Gareth walked off to have a shower.

He came back feeling rejuvenated and quickly dressed himself; chinos, a dull blue T-shirt and plimsolls and made himself presentable, he stood in the mirror with an empty stare. Gears in his head churning, about his current situation.

At a first glance Gareth would seem to have the perfect life: he had passed all of his exams, had a good standing within his community, was fairly popular at school, hell, he was even the lead singer in a band!

However, Gareth was not happy, he was constantly depressed or just in a sad frame of mind. What probably annoyed him most about his state of mind was that he could not place a finger on why he was feeling like this, when he told his mum about it she simply responded with "It's just hormones dear..."

He walked over to the corner of the room and and opened his laptop, it whirred into life; unusually loud for starting up from being turned off. He then remembered that he did not shut it off properly the previous night. Gareth pulled up a chair and almost eagerly awaited what would appear on the screen. He almost fell off his chair in fright as a the face of a pink cartoon Pony filled the screen. A second later he realised what or rather who was on screen.

Pinkie Pie. A character from the popular cartoon show "My little Pony: Friendship is Magic". For a split second Gareth tried to remember why he was watching this. Then it dawned on him. Last night he was chatting over IM to friend of his who brought up the topic of "Bronies", a person; a male, who likes and actively watches MLP: FiM. After a bout of curiosity he told his friend he'd be "brb" and gone on Youtube to watch the first episode to see what the fuss was about. 6 episodes and several hours later he was hooked and grew to like each and everyone of the characters, although his favourite was probably Fluttershy. The way she cared for animals and her general mindset made her a likeable character in Gareth's books. And the relationship between her and her Bunny, Angel, reminded Gareth of the relationship between him and Harry.

He turned away and reached to the drawer the desk the laptop sat and yanked it open, Gareth lifted up some papers and sat hidden in the drawer, was a brass Zippo lighter and a packet of Marlboro cigarettes. He picked them up with both hands and trundled downstairs. He wasn't happy that he had a nicotine addiction, if someone had approached him and told him that he would be smoking regularly, he would've laughed them off, stating that "Hell would freeze over".

Looks like it has after all. Gareth mused as he stepped onto the staircase.

The staircase had no banister on the outside, leaving almost a sheer drop on the other-side, instead the banister was fixed onto the wall.

As Gareth was halfway down the staircase when Harry came barrelling down the stairs and swerved in-between Gareth's legs tripping him. Gareth let out a cry as he fell off to his left and down into the hallway below, his head hit the ground with an almost bone-sickening -crack- and it all went black.

Gareth took a breath sharply, almost as if coming up for air from being underwater. He lay there for a few moments, before slowly getting up. His hands had been locked in a death-grip around his packet of fags and Zippo. Gareth looked outside from his seated postion and noticed that the rain had gone and the sun was lower in the sky, upon further investigation Gareth noticed that the standing water left on the path had dried up.

Christ... How long was I out? He wondered.

He trudged back up the stairs completely forgetting about getting his 'fix' of nicotine and entered his room, stuffed his narcotics and Zippo into his pockets and grabbed his Iphone from the night stand. However when Gareth looked at the screen of the device it displayed a message.

"Look at your Laptop?" Gareth read the message aloud as he turned to face his still running laptop. He jumped in surprise when the screen which displayed Pinkie Pie's happy face was now a swirling whirlpool of blackness with a violet glow. Gareth felt himself being dragged into the vortex and tried to grip onto the nearest available object for support. He clutched the edge of the desk with one hand with his other still clutching his Iphone.

At this moment Harry bounded up the stairs and ran into the room, Gareth looked up in time to see his cat smash into his face and loosen his grip on his desk sending him into the swirling blackness. Gareth only had one thing on his mind when the darkness claimed him.

Wish I'd stayed in bed...

Gareth opened his eyes with a start. In his head only his primary functions were functioning. Was he in shock? He had no clue, and to be fair, he didn't care a bit. All he wanted was to get to safety.

Finally he took notice of a cottage he seemed to be collapsed in front of, he steadily got to his feet and instinctively walked to the front door, hoping that the occupants where home, and that the did not mind being woken at this hour, and rapped gently three times with his hoof.

A moments silence settled in before someone behind the door spoke softly.

"Y-yes, just a second..."

Gareth relaxed and felt more at ease and decided tha-

Wait, hooves?

Gareth looked down, and let out a comical shriek. There where two hooves where he'd expect his feet to be. He craned his neck and saw that it was the same story behind him too. He started to panic while taking inventory of himself, startling himself when he discovered a bright yellow tail protruding from where... well nothing used to be, and wings! He had wings!

He was so panicked he didn't even hear the door open, more or less the inhabitant, a yellow Pegasus with a pink mane.

"Hello? Can I -eep!-"

The Pony's last cry caused Gareth to turn around and look at who had answered the door. He recognised her instantly.

"What the?..." He breathed.

He collapsed on the startled Pegasus' doorstep.

Whelp, waddya know? I come stumbling back into with a MLP:FiM story.

Okay, you're probably wondering.

Yes, I am a Brony!

Yes, this is a self-insertion fic! (However just to point out, my name ISN'T Gareth, although his personality and mindset are mine.)

Yes, this is going to be updated regularly

So, guys you know the drill R&R (Read and Review) and constructive criticism is welcomed!