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The Day Bella Turned 19 was the day she went through her changes and only two weeks earlier did the new students Chloe King, Alec Petrov and Jasmin (Amy and Paul to) start at the school to see her through the transformation. follow there lives from bella finding out what she is and where she actually came from to following the return of edward cullen and following the relationship of chloe and alek. be prepared for drama, love, hurt and hell of a lot CB from the one and only Alek Petrov.



Bella POV

Wow a year has gone by so fast I can't believe what I have gone through these last months. First Edward leaving and then it taking me at least 6 months to recover from this stupid funk I was in because he left. I'm telling you it wasn't easy.

I was so depressed, the love of my love just up and left me because his brother tried to attack me on my 18th. It was at a surprise party his sister and my once best friend had surprised me with. Alice and the rest of the Cullen's knew I hated surprises but they did it anyway. I wish I had never turned 18 then Edward would have still been here. But if Edward had not left, I wouldn't be going through what I was going through now.

Ever since they all left, my life started to change, I became different. It wasn't until I had turned 19 that I realised I had gone through some kind of transformation. Not like any transformation you would expect. I wasn't changing into a vampire, though I sometimes wished I was since Edward would have probably came back. Especially if he heard about it.

When I turned 19 I had finaly got myself back together. That was when I started going through these changes. Changes that I could not understand, they weren't typical female changes they were more feline more supernatural. It was like I was changing and there was nobody around to tell me why. That was until I meet Chloe King...

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