The Daidouji-san


around 10 years after –

The wedding was really the spectacle of the decade.

I made sure of that myself, of course. As the wedding planner of my dear, lovable, cute Sakura Kinomoto (Li), I had my credibility of a Daidouji and a lifetime dream at stake. Even the bride and groom themselves didn't fret the wedding as much as I did. I, on the other side, couldn't grant such ignorance. I perfectly understood that the celebration was only secondary necessities –it was the sacred lifetime oath that mattered the most. However, if a couple had the Daidouji co. to sponsor them, why denied it? Thank goodness I also had my mother to back me up here. And two Daidouji women meant no chance for futher negotiation.

That was why the formerly-minimalistically-decorated ballroom of the hotel was transformed into a sweet-looking English Garden, with tidy and neat bushes of flowers adorned the floor and white pillars as the decoration. I used pink as the dominant color theme –as I saw pink was SO Sakura. The girl had been doubtful before, but I could see how much she loved this wedding party I was throwing her.

And besides, who would be able to refuse the Daidouji Design for their wedding dress?

No one, exactly.

My Daidouji Boutique didn't usually accept demand on wedding dresses –as I focused more on making little girls' outfits and casual clothes. Well, there was the evening wear lineage project that began the year before, but still, wedding dress was not in the Daidouji Boutiuqe's area of practice. Of course, it didn't mean that Daidouji Line couldn't design wedding dresses. I deliberately didn't design for any commercial wedding dresses because I insisted on focusing on the already existing projects. So, imagine, how lucky Sakura to be able to wear the one and only wedding dress design by Tomoyo Daidouji.

Or rather…

As I glanced at my dear Cherry Blossom who radiantly glowed with such beauty…I realized, that it was really lucky of me as a designer to be able to create a wedding gown for a woman as beautiful as Sakura-chan…

It was 7 PM and the wedding reception for the Li couple was still going on in such a festive mood. The guests seemed to be in good mood and the catering in the hotel was a satisfaction. It had been much more stressful a couple hours back, when I had to maintain both my job to prepare the wedding as the wedding planner and as the maid in honor. But afterwards, the event went smoothly. I granted myself a break and chose to sit in the strategic spot to record the long-awaited dancing scene of the newly wed. I must be honest to comment that it was not the best dance movement I had seen (of course, with Syaoran too busy matching her dance steps –it must be a very acute misunderstanding if he ever won the award of the best dance), but nonetheless, it was still the best waltz ever.

"She reminds me a lot to Nadeshiko when she married that old sensei…" the woman spoke and seated herself on the vacant spot next to me.

"I'm sure Aunt Nadeshiko was as beautiful as Sakura-chan is now, Mother…"

"Exactly. Like mother like daughter," mother spoke. "How's the new product design coming?"

To talk about business and work in even such a joyous party… 'like mother like daughter', exactly. Just like how I resembled my mother in many ways. I hadn't completely understood her passion in working so much until I was accepted as an employee in the . Well, I never said that working in the Daidouji enterprise was easy. I meant, I still had to maintain my own personal boutique and starting for real in the toy company. Of course, as expected, I was underestimated at first –being the daughter of the big boss surely had its disadvantage at times. But as times went by, I supposed my working colleagues and the Board of Director finally saw my true capability and I earned my current position eventually.

"We're putting it into the test-product. Once it's ready, we'll present it to you and the other BoDs."

"Good. I'll be waiting," Mother said as standing up again. "There's Mr. Akiyoshi there, I'm going to greet him."

I gave a nod and mother slipped away.

My decision to stay in Hong Kong to finish my studies around 10 years ago proved to be the right choice. Not only that I had the opportunity to study both economy and fashion from very good schools, but also because my mother and I bonded up well as we never before. We stayed in Hong Kong for 5 years. It took me 4 years to finish my education and equally 4 years for the Tomoyo Land to finish up. Mother and I both decided to lengthen our stay in Hong Kong for another year –as we would like to see the operation of the Tomoyo Land. As expected from my mother's good business intuition, the decision to build the amusement park was a right one. The project earned the company profit more than we ever imagined.

5 years in Hong Kong were enough to fix and strengthen our mother-daughter relationship.

We went back to Tomoeda and I officially made the debut in fashion industry. My own fashion line wasn't as successful as the Tomoyo Land at first –as I had pretty queer sense of fashion. But apparently, besides sense, creativity, and hardwork, fashion also needed publicity. One eccentric nationally-known singer had decided to wear my design and afterwards, my clothing line found less obstacles.

My attention was momentarily caught by the erupted sound of laughing. Looking back at the main scene, I found out how the groom had seemingly tripped on the dancing floor. I raised my video camera to capture the scene –not because I wanted to humiliate Syaoran even more (well, perhaps the tiniest part of me wanted to), but because I knew that Sakura would perform a very good prince-like gesture to help Syaoran get up. And I was right.

"That boy…always acts silly at times like this," commented another person and I looked up to see Kurogane standing next to me. I softly smiled at his antic. Eversince I introduced Kurogane to the Syaoran-Sakura couple, there was a queer relationship they developed. I found that Kurogane had a protective nature that couldn't be considered lightly –no matter how much he denied it. I myself had been bonding up better with this tall man. I didn't know whether it was the soulmate thing, whether it was already destined for us, but Kurogane and I shared mutual understanding, mutual respect, mutual connection towards each other.

"You know Syaoran." I shrugged happily as making sure the resumed dance was still recorded in my video camera. "That's one of the million of reasons why Sakura-chan falls in love with him."

Kurogane sat beside me, on the spot mother had been, just minutes prior. "I never quite understand the concept of a wedding, though."

"What, is that the reason why you never have the courage to propose to Sasaki-chan?" I giggled at the predictable, instant blushing face and denying words. I always loved to tease Kurogane –there was something about him that just ignited my slightly devilish side and I always ended up making him irritated and embarrassed, but most likely, panicked. Behind that tough exterior, Kurogane was naïve when it came to things like this –that was why I teased him more and even more.

Although I, myself, completely understood that I had no right to tease him about that certain little inquiry.

I talked to Kurogane for several moments (basically, I only continued on my teasing on other things), before a spirited, long-haired girl approached us. Sasaki-chan, Kurogane's girlfriend for the past 4 years, was another good friend of mine that I met during my study in Hong Kong. When I first introduced the two, I knew that there would be something between them. Even when that time Sasaki-chan had already had another boyfriend that time, but I could sense it. Sasaki's earlier relationship ended even before we finished our studies. Afterwards, my little matchmaking mode was set on and eventually the two bonded up better than I had ever expected them to.

"Tomoyo-chan…you really should stop being the wedding planner and you'd better plan your own wedding too soon!" spoke Sasaki.

Kurogane was perhaps slightly pleased inside that his girlfriend was attempting to tease me, but oh it was too soon for his excitement. "Perhaps I will, Sasaki-chan, after I finish planning up your wedding."

The couple blushed inwardly and I only laughed mischievously in mirth.

9 PM, and the wedding was still as exciting as ever.

I had decided to follow my mother in greeting several of business partners that coincidentally were relatives to the Li family. I knew that I was not (yet) the members of BoD. But being polite had no bad harm. I admitted that several years in the company had made me realized that business was not as cruel as it might be. Of course, it was never easy, but I was lucky to enroll in the –a company that still held up to good business ethic and passion to drill our work. I actually worked in the company because I loved to, not because I was forced to. I thought it was the similar thought that crossed the minds of my fellow colleagues and employees. I prided on Mother to create a business tycoon that still emitted such good atmosphere in working.

"Ah, even he is here. Such a joyous and grand wedding you're planning, Miss Daidouji." Mrs. Shibata, the wife of Mr. Shibata who owned the Shibata Group, commented. Mrs. Shibata was well-known as the social butterfly, even at such age. She was even much older than my mother. "Ever since my husband used his service as his legal consultant, I've become such a fan!"

Mother and I automatically averted our gazes from Mrs. Shibata to look at whoever she was pointing.




Almost as expected.

The man noticed our gazes (oh where was our manner? Why did we stare at him like that?) and he chose to made the polite smile and approached us.

Here we go.

Mrs. Shibata looked pleased of his decision to join us. "Mr. Hiiragizawa… it's very good to see you here! Since you're a very busy lawyer, I don't expect you to come. But of course, your presence enlightens us here."

"The bride and the groom are both best friends of mine. How can I not come to their sacred wedding?"

"Ah of course!" Mrs. Shibata giggled. "I will ask you to help my husband again in the future. You performed brilliantly to protect us in the Court."

"I was only trying to protect the one with the rights." He smiled, oh so commercially. "Besides, Mrs. Shibata, it is the firm's team work, not mine alone."

Mother and I only watched how the man perfectly captured the other woman's heart so easily. It was rather a common sight to us, really. Mother always scrutinized Hiiragizawa Eriol whenever she had time –but the man could always come with such wit, that actually made my mother more persistent of how she regarded him the same as 'That old-sensei'. I knew that my mother didn't detest the blue-eyed guy though. Mother was only being protective, and I actually moments when Mother enjoyed battling with the younger man. While I –

Mrs. Shibata spoke up again. "I wish my grandson can be like you someday. He surely needs many preparations to become the heir of the Shibata Group."

"I am sure your grandson will not disappoint you," the bespectacled man said.

"He doesn't even want to put his best effort on studying. He will be on his last year in High School this spring. I'm surely expecting him to pass that university entrance test and graduate cum laude, just like you. Although I prefer him to take economy instead of law, for the sake of the company though. "

"I talked to your grandson once. He actually has the passion in art, as I can see."

"Bah!" Mrs. Shibata shook her head. "He can just pursue both dreams! It's fine if he wants to be a painter, but he can try twice as hard to inherit and run the company. You can both work on the law firm and settle that fine pastry shop at the same time. Why couldn't he?"

"Perhaps he just wants to focus on one thing –which is not a bad idea, Mrs. Shibata. As long as your grandson –"

And before I knew, the conversation had become the moment where Mrs. Shibata poured all of her expectations of her grandson. I could see that she cared about him so much, but –

"He needs to be more social too! I wish you can mentor him of the importance of social networking. It will sure boost his career and broaden his knowledge."

"Well –"

"My grandson doesn't even care of his appearance. He doesn't know how to dress well and always show up at our family's party with such untidy clothing ."

"He may just have his own way to express himself."

"I'm expecting him to be like you. You should come to our house more often. Then perhaps, he can set you as his role model."

"I'm surely not that –"

"If only he can be like you –"

"Mrs. Shibata –"

"I want him to be accepted in that university –"

"Perhaps you –"

"I want him to graduate cum laude."

"Perhaps you would like to consider your –"

"I want him to have a good career –"

"Your grand son is –"

"And like you, I surely want him to get a fiancée as good as Miss Daidouji here."

My mother finally spoke up to clear the misunderstanding.

"Mrs. Shibata," Mother began. "If that proposal ever happens, I will make sure to review it carefully." She then averted her gaze to the smiling man. "You hear that, Mr. Hiiragizawa? Carefully."

"Eh? Aren't you already engaged to Miss Daidouji?"

"No, he's not," Mother spoke up in final tone. I nearly chuckled at my Mother's over protectiveness.

"But... you are her boyfriend, aren't you?"

"He is," I was the one to affirm it. "But who knows what can happen in the future? It's not that we want bad things to happen. But –"

"We don't want to rush things, Mrs. Shibata," Eriol concluded as he casually encircled his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I continued on smiling –business sake.

Mother looked murderous enough when Mrs. Shibata sighed dreamily and muttered, "Such a lovely couple."

We both smiled.

Oh, we always knew how to please the crowd.

Almost 10 years had passed since our bet

"Wanna bet, Daidouji? I suggest that we see the result 10 years from now on. Let me court you, let me be with you for 10 years. If in 10 years I still have the feeling, if I still like you, and perhaps even, if I truly fall in love with you in 10 years, then I win. If I can't keep up this promise, then I lose. Simple, right?"

It was never simple.

True, we had become an official couple. In my 3rd year of college, I finally decided to give his efforts more appreciation. Despite the long distance relationship we had been performing (plus, we were equally as busy to pursue our dreams), Eriol had proved to be a very tough fighter. He courted me in the perfect way that eventually made me melt away. I remembered that I had actually intended to declare our relationship as official a year after that bet (I meant, with all those courtings and romantical scenese, other people would have assumed so). But I had decided to test him one more, until finally one day, around 7 years ago, I agreed to become his girlfriend.

But there had still been something inside me that was…afraid.

Not that the sensation had left even now.

I love Hiiragizawa Eriol, if any would ask. Almost 10 years, and I still fall in love with this man as each passing day. He was kinder and more appropriate ever since that bet, but that didn't mean that he was a Saint. True, that he had been more careful with his natural cynicism and that he treated me well enough for the past years. He had a kind soul inside, although it was layered through masks of politeness towards other people and sometimes sarcasm to me. It was probably not the wisest choice, but…I couldn't deny my feeling to that twisted, dark, brooding, sinister, arrogant man.

I loved him, I was comfortable around him, I could be myself when I was with him.

But I still had the slightest twinge of fear sometimes.

I had thought that such feeling would eventually dissipate, but even after 5 years ago, when Mother and I moved back to Tomoeda, things didn't automatically make me lose my fear.

We had had such the perfect relationship, but on the 7th year since our bet and at the same time, on the 4th year since we became an official couple, I had decided to break up with him.

There had only been one reason.


I feared that after all, this was still a game to him. That once we reached the proposed 10-year-time, he would eventually say 'game over' or something. I knew he was a good man but…

I was traumatized.

It wasn't that I hadn't forgiven him for what he had done to me in High School. I had long forgiven him, I had long loved him, but…

Subconsciously, sometimes I refused to believe him.

It had been choking me: to live the relationship that I feared to be fake, that I feared to only be his temporary sick amusement. It was not that he hadn't tried to ascertain me –to make him believe him for real – but two years after we were official couple, every time he had spoken those sweet words, every time he had done those sweet acts…I…

…I had only been reminded that I couldn't have lived such paranoid life.

He might have said all those sweet words, but he had never said he loved me.

I knew that words may not mean everything, but sometimes I just needed reassurance.

I had been afraid, really, really afraid.

So for the sake of peace of mind, I had decided to end our relationship.

He had been reluctant at first, but perhaps, Eriol had understood that I just needed time.

…It had broken my heart to live without Hiiragizawa Eriol by my side. I supposed the past 7 years had left something dear in my heart and Eriol had become my air, my raison d'etre, my light…

I had thought that such sentiment couldn't be stipulated though.

So everyday after we had broken up, I had buried myself in work, in order to forget him, in order to ease pain. Professionally, it worked. Both my clothing line and my position in the were starting to get secured and every other aspect in my life had been so well.

It had supposedly been the most glorified moment…

But I had been empty.

So empty.

We hadn't completely ignored each other though. It had been impossible, with us both living in the same city and the same circumstances. We had been good friends, we had decided to maintain the friendship but kicking love out of the way, but there had always been gap in my heart.

A year.

I could only stand a year to ignore my real feelings, a year to fight in my loneliness, until one day on the 8th year after our bet, on one of our casual brunch meeting, the words rolled out of my lips.

"It's harder to live without you. You're really cruel, aren't you? Even after all those years…your curse still lingers."

I remembered he had jumped and hugged me again upon realizing I was giving us another chance.

And we took our relationship back to the healthy track.

It was not perfect though.

It was still hard to fully erase a trauma, but I was trying.

It pained me trying to live the days in doubts, but it was more painful to live without him.

"Ah, you're here."

The voice that I had known so well spoke and I turned around to see Hiiragizawa Eriol standing only a meter or two from me. I was avoiding the crowd and chose to just stand on one of the hotel's balcony. The wedding party was over but some people still chose to stay. I was one of them, only that I was not in the mood to be around many people.

Eriol smiled at me and he took confident steps until he stood right in front of me. In the gesture so poised and so polite, he reached up my hand, drew it to his lips, and landed a soft kiss on the back of my hand. I blushed. Even years after, even when I was considerably an adult, Eriol could always make me blush with the littlest gesture. It was easier to maintain the poise in front of other people, because at such time, I was living up the name of the Daidouji. But I became more like Tomoyo when I was with him, and he held my weakness right.

"My dear wedding planner, you've performed such a marvelous job, again. The guests are happy and Sakura keep repeating how thankful she is to you."

"I'll do anything for dear Sakura-chan."

"Ah, I know. Even Sakura-san can make me jealous sometimes." He grinned. "What are you doing out here?"


"About what? Me?"

I smiled softly and hid the truth. "You wish."

"I can take some days off from work next Friday. You'd like to go somewhere? I rather miss Europe and we can celebrate my 29th birthday there. How's that sound?"

"Ah, true. Your birthday is coming soon, eh?"

His birthday always served a mental reminded to myself.

We started our bet almost 10 year ago, a week before his birthday, March 21st.

Tomorrow, would be March 21st.

Eriol had long assured me that none of this would stop even after the end of our bet. I never spoke my insecurity to him after we coupled up again for the second time. But…

I was afraid that I would wake up tomorrow and discovered the past 10 years to only be a mere beautiful dream.

"Eriol, I –"

Before anything registered to my mind, my boyfriend had already covered my eyes with a blindfold of some sort. I yelped upon noticing that in the darkness, he was lifting my body and carrying me bridal style. Such sudden, unexpected movement made me screech. "Put me down this instance! I swear Hiiragizawa E –"

"Can't do."

I could almost picture him grinning devilishly.

I tried to open up my blindfold, but Eriol stopped my hand from doing so.

"Put me down! What do you think you're doing anyway?!"

He leaned to whisper near my ear.

"Kidnapping you."

And blindfolded, I only sighed as my boyfriend carried me out to the darkness of night.

When I was once again granted the luxury to see the light, I recognized the place immediately.

I knew by the sensation of the queer wind, he had teleported us here (having magic truly gave him lots of advantage), but I was still curious as for why he would carry me here of all place. I meant, he was an unexpected man, but it wasn't the first time that he had given me a surprise of some sort. However, I was still perplexed at his choice of location.

"Isn't this…the Student Council Room of the Tomoeda Private High?" I questioned him.

There was a big chair –his old Student President Chair – that was already dragged from behind the table to the center of the room. Eriol pushed me to sit there and I only gazed up at him in question.

"Yes, this is that room."

"…Why are you taking me here?"

"This is the place where it all begins."

"Where what begins?"


I was silenced.

"You also remembered…that this would be the last day of our little bet?" he asked.

"Ah yes. That bet."

I was both grateful and disappointed at the existence of such bet. It wasn't trivial –our relationship for the past years started from such crazy challenge. It had been fun, it had been alright…

…but what would be left after it all ended?

I must be very sentimental that day. I didn't know why I need to cry at such situation. He was not even saying something cruel, he wasn't doing anything twisted –yet something deep inside broke. I was afraid to lose him. Because to me, he was –

"Tomoyo…what am I to you?"

To me?

To me…Hiiragizawa Eriol was a bastard…

"Daidouji-san, I really, really dislike you."

...a pretender…

"Don't act as if you understand. You know nothing,"

…a jerk…

"And you melt when I kiss your lips…like this,"

A girls'enemy…

"You won't be able to live a single day without me. You'll be trapped in my charm, forever. You'll hate it, but you'll still love me. Isn't that nice, Daidouji-san?"

…A visioner…

"I thought that you were another typical boring object, Daidouji-san. I thought it was a game over. But perhaps you're right. For you, I can extend this game longer. And I'll win, again. Mark that, Daidouji."

…a twisted visioner…

"I hate you."

…the only man who could break my heart that cruelly…

"I-I…I don't want you to go."

…yet the one man who could mend it all easily.

"Believe me this time."

…an orator…

"Daidouji-san. Do you believe in karma?"

…a good, understanding friend…

"Then give me another one. Give me one last chance to prove myself to you. I have changed."

…a fighter…

"Do we have a deal?"

…a risk-taker…

But foremost…

I stared at those blue eyes and only muttered the only word, the only characteristic that I felt the most about him. "You are my everything and I love you."

There was a moment of silence in where he only stared back at me, motionless, soundless. It was as if I was reminded that I had just again offered myself to him freely. I knew I would never win any of our game –as he would always hold the key to break me, to mend me, to crush me, to control me. Sometimes I hated myself. Wasn't my position weak enough? I certainly didn't need to embarrass, weaken my presence more than I already had. What would happen if he –

The silence was finally broken though.

He laughed.

I widened my eyes as I watched the man, my boyfriend, my lover, was laughing.




I see.

Even after 10 years, I still proved to be quite amusing for his sick entertainment, wasn't I?

Coldness crept into my spine as I could almost predict what he would do. He would say those cruel words, he would step on my feeling again, he would just…

…Oh God.

I was tired.

I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself down, trying to prevent the tears from falling down, trying my best to be strong, to bravely look at him, to risk one more time to…

…to believe him.

Eriol's laughter diminished and he only stared coldly, sternly, angrily at me. "Why?"

"…Why what?"

"Why?" he asked, his voice coarse and rough. "Why can you still say those words? Even after all my doings, even after all my acts? 10 years…are still not enough to heal the pain I have caused you, aren't they?" Eriol carefully touched my cheek and only muttered, "Why are you so stupid?"

"…I am not stupid."

"But you are afraid of me, don't deny it. I can sense it. These past 10 years… I can sense it."

I wanted to deny it, I wanted to reassure him, I wanted for one of the rarest time, be the one to control the situation, to control myself. But my feelings were spoken out almost uncontrollably. My mouth kept on betraying me and I told him all. "I-I just…I'm traumatized. W-what if all of these are only games to you? And the bet, what will happen after it ends? Will you ditch me? Will you leave me again? Will I have to mend my broken heart alone? I-I never get to know your real feelings. Sometimes I think I can understand you, but the other times, I don't think I can. Everyday, even when I am already your official lover, I still… I still wonder whether you love me or not. B-because you never tell me and I never get to –"

There was a sad chuckle and I paused to gaze at him. Eriol only bitterly smiled and told me the words.

"The reason as for why I never for once say that 3 words…is only because I am afraid."

My throat felt like being choked, I had to struggle to let the word out. "Afraid? Of the commitment? Or afraid of l-loving me?"

He shook his head. "No. I am only afraid that you won't believe me when I say the words."

I was stunned.

What did he say?

10 years… I lived in fear because he was equally feeling the fear?

My eyes looked at him incredulously. "…Why…won't I believe you?"

He stared back at me and I knew he was fighting the urge not to snort. "Every time I told you that I liked you, every time I told you I would do anything for you, every time I told you I cared a lot about you… you only said –"

"Eriol-kun, you're such a good liar."

" –you only said that I was a good liar. And every time I wanted to prove you that my words were for real and I tried to show you, kissed you, hugged you, touched you, or simply looked at you, you would have only chuckled sadly and spoke –"

"And you're a very good actor."

" –that I was a good actor."

I was taken a back upon studying the man. I remembered that sometimes I spoke those words, but I had never thought it would leave such bad impression at him. "Eriol, I –"

"Even when you spoke those words with a smile or a chuckle or a claim that you were only kidding…deep inside, you know, I know, we know…that behind those teasing eyes and sincere smile, there was still truth in it." He smiled, somehow brokenly. "Do you know how much it pained me? To see the girl I care so much to fear facing the only truth I know and I believe on?"

I found it hard to gulp, I probably even found it hard to blink. I found it hard to think, or perhaps to feel. I only stared at him, in the dim light of the Student Council Room, passively, weakly.

"I'm sorry…" I murmured. "I never mean to doubt you, but…I'm just…I'm just –"

" –afraid, yes, I can understand. I have my fear too, Tomoyo. But today, I decide to face my fear," he spoke softly as putting his warm hands above mine. In a gesture so gentle, even a little clumsy, he bent down and kissed me.

There was an honesty that I always refused to see.

There was a courage that I couldn't properly possess.

There was a feeling that I always denied…

"Daidouji Tomoyo," he murmured against my lips and I blushed at the act.

"…Yes?" I replied almost breathlessly.

He pulled away from the kiss to take a better look of before replying, no, saying the words that I had been dying to hear.

"I love you."

Butterflies in my stomach fluttered, blood rushed fast to my cheeks, and my heart beat in quick tempo. There was the rush of adrenaline upon such long-awaited confession that eventually calmed down into a wave of comprehension, understanding, and finally…


My lips tugged to form a smirk. "Took you long enough to say it."

"I was only afraid you would have called me a liar if I spoke the words –wait, you don't think I lie about that one, do you?"

I took the time before replying –only for the sake of agitating him more. I had understood, but I decided to play with him for a little while. "Eriol Hiiragizawa…you truly are –"

"I don't lie. I won't lie about such important thing. I know you may not believe it but –"

I giggled at his panicked attempt. My hand found the way to touch his cheek and to my girlish pleasure, I noticed him tense from such touch and that his cheek was almost tinted pink. Oh, we should really change our roles more often from now on….

"Ne, Hiiragizawa Eriol…is it alright if I declare you the winner?"

"If in 10 years I still have the feeling, if I still like you, and perhaps even, if I truly fall in love with you in 10 years, then I win. If I can't keep up this promise, then I lose."

His mischievous grin was back to adorn his handsome face. "Daidouji Tomoyo is declaring defeat? Finally accepting my victory?"

"I was only asking you, not declaring anything yet."

"I am the winner of the bet, Daidouji-san," he said with a proud smile. "I fall in love with you, I love you, and I will love you more and more from now on."

I returned the smile and only chuckled. "If that so, then I accept my defeat, Hiiragizawa-san."

He pulled me back into a deep, longing kiss – a kiss that burned the both of us in passion, in love, in realization, in which made everything didn't matter anymore. Even between our kisses, he still managed to say, "Oh, and although I may be the winner, Daidouji-san, I admit that you always get what you want in the end. So…we're even, right?"

I kissed him again. "Of course, Hiiragizawa-san. Of course."

"Oh, and there's penalty for the loser, remember?"

"You sadistic bastard…"

"You're not running away from your responsibility, are you? Remember, if I win, I can ask anything from you."


Such persistent man.

"Alright, alright. What do you want to ask, anyway?"

There was a grin…

and a ring.

"Marry me, Daidouji Tomoyo."

I laughed.

"Well…I accept your penalty, Hiiragizawa Eriol."

End of Epilogue

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