This was started last... Thursday when andrewleepotts asked me to write up a little plot bunny that had hopped along! (Who am I to say no?)

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Here we are my dear readers, a little angsty Becker coming right up.


Jess attacked her keyboards with the ferocity she always displayed when her job got serious. Opening all communication devices she started relaying her information.

"Attention all staff. Anomaly alert. Patching co-ordinates to all ARC vehicles. Thirty-six buildings in a mile radius, mean height twenty one meters. Mostly apartment blocks. some business, namely a couple of news agents and a shopping complex in process."

"I'm right there."


The soldier was running late for work, an emergency he had said. So what on earth was he doing on the other side of town? There were no hospitals, he didn't live there, none of his family lived there- as far as Jess was aware. A girlfriend maybe? The idea tore at her.

But if it was important to Becker she should cut him some slack. The last thing he needed was some other girl acting possessively over him.

"That's a bad idea. Wait until everyone else is there. ETA is ten minutes."

"Relax, Jess. I have my black box, a couple of EMD's, a hand held anomaly detector and an anomaly closer here."

"Okay. Be careful. And watch out for puddles. It's been raining today."

Jess mentally groaned as she heard a chuckle from whoever was stood behind her and her head filled with the image of Becker raising an eyebrow from behind the wheel of his ARC vehicle.


In reality, the man was opening the back door to said vehicle and smiling indulgently at the voice in his ear. There was something about the way Jess said those little protective comments that he found irresistibly cute. Placing a bag in the floor compartment, Becker picked up his pace, jumped into the front seat and started around the corner to the anomaly location. It was the shopping complex which was still a building site, luckily abandoned for the rainy day.

It didn't take long to get inside. But there was problem that was still present with the hand held anomaly detecting devices, although it showed longitude and latitude, it neglected altitude. In short, simple, words, He didn't have the faintest clue what floor it was on.

The first floor was a vast empty expanse. Becker could see all of it from the moment he entered. From gaps in the ceiling he could guess where the shops, main walkways and escalators were going to be once the project was complete. It was a huge area but there was no glow to alert him to an anomaly so he went straight for the next floor. The second was trickier, large quantities of building materials were placed haphazardly around the area and it was near impossible to see. Making his was to the back of the site and looking up Becker noted a set of railings hanging from the high ceiling, the advantage of height could save him a lot of time.

Walking along a railing, hung a good twelve feet above the third floor, Becker kept his eyes open for the anomaly. Taking in his surroundings he noted that absence of metal rattling. The anomaly wasn't in that area. It was while he was there that he happened to squint into the darkness below. He knew it wasn't necessary to look, anomalies aren't that hard to see, but some instinct had him searching.

When his eyes focused to the task, Becker wished with every bone in his body that Matt was next to him. Or Abby or Connor. Anyone who could tell him what the things were below him and how he could get them down.

There was a swarm. There was not other way of describing it, it wasn't like the beetle invasion, not as massive by half. But the creatures looked mean. Halfway between the size of a medium dog and a cat, their scaly bodies rustled against one another as they idly moved and the size of the claws at the ends of their feet were enough to make Becker back pace. Fast.

Were they like Sid and Nancy? If he picked one up and it squealed would the other's come?

Did he want to pick one up?

He cursed himself as he walked carefully away. He was using one hand to hold onto the Closing Device and one to hold the Detector. The EMD was strapped over his shoulder but useless.

"Jess? Please tell me you can get me to the anomaly."

"I can get you to the anomaly."

"You're lying aren't you."

"Sorry, Becker. I'm trying to get into any security cameras. But it's a building site! Their security isn't that tight, they have a couple of cameras here and there but I doubt there will be anything of use."

Thirty seconds later there was a shout of triumph in his ear.

"I've got you! No sign of the anomaly though."

"Well at least we all know where I am."

"No need for the sarcasm, Becker."

Becker was too caught up in the slight banter between them to pay full attention to his surroundings. Stepping on a piece of lose railing he lost his balance, the items in his hands clattering on the metal.

Cursing under his breath, Becker heard the creatures react to the noise.


In the dark he saw them make a beeline in his direction, part of him wanted to grin smugly that he was too high above them, the other part, his warier side, was warning him not to underestimate anything that had come through an anomaly. It wasn't long before he was shown the true dangers of the thick claws the creatures sported, not stopping at the wall the creatures pressed their feet against the hard concrete, claws digging in, enabling them to climb.

"Double frick."

Leaving the anomaly detector on the ground and scooping the closing device under an arm, he used the free hand to grab his EMD and start attacking the creatures.

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