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Lawrence held Becker's arm, guiding him towards the building.

The first step that Becker and Matt had agreed upon was increasing Becker's mobility. In short, he needed someone to have eyes for him; a guide dog. Becker had immediately thought of Lawrence. The man was one of the few friends who had been lucky enough to escape Becker's drunken calls in the previous month, Becker having accidentally skipped his name as he called down his phone book. Lawrence had been an animal friendly freak for as long as Becker could remember and he was pretty sure that if anything should happen to Abby - god forbid- he would have been the first person that the soldier would have suggested for the task of caring for the animals.

Heck, if he didn't care for Connor like he really did, Becker would have tried to set the two up long ago- and it wasn't like him to play matchmaker.

"There are some pretty amazing dogs here, Becks, I'm telling you. You'll be back able to do everything you could before in no time."

He wasn't so certain. "Great I'll be able to shave again as they must've genetically engineered dogs to have opposable thumbs. Now why didn't I hear that one on the news."

"There's no need to be such a sarcastic git. I'm trying to give you a hand here."

"I don't want a hand or a dog. I want to be able to tell you what the colour red looks like, to see the way that a candle flame flickers in it's ever-changing manner. I want to be able to watch the sun go down from my apartment, to see the colours in the sky change through every colour imaginable, not feel it turn cold around me."

Okay, so maybe he hadn't made as much progress as he'd hoped when he started to use his senses.

But his silent self reprimand was ignored as Lawrence stopped them both and started talking to a receptionist.


There was a woman talking about guide dogs, about how they are chosen young so they grow with their owner so they learn better, learn faster but Becker wasn't able to listen for two reasons.
Firstly, he was certain the woman was a complete and utter idiot and he wouldn't bother listening to her even if she told him she could help him regain his sight.
Secondly, possibly the more important and less childish reason, he was overcome by the other noises and smells. There were many dogs in the area, of that he was sure, not only was there the noise of paws gently padding on flooring but also, Becker was surprised to find he noticed, the sound of their tongues cleaning themselves. On top of that, the familiar smell of fur.

Coming out of the discovery of his heightened senses, he faintly heard the woman introducing the most recently trained dog, followed by the sound of a door opening.

"She hasn't been named yet, we normally allow the owner to do that, finds something meaningful between the pair and-"

Becker zoned out again, he understood the way bonding works between a man and his dog. He didn't need that girl to tell him that.
He was blind, not stupid.


The puppy jumped up at Becker. He hissed as he felt the paws make contact with his thigh but was pleasantly surprised to find the dog wasn't really putting its weight on him.

"It seems she likes you." Lawrence was grinning at the dog's attraction to the man.

Becker felt the dog's nose press against him, first at the bottom of his stomach, then a hand and finally the dog shoved it's nose into his pocket and jumped back down.

It only took him a few seconds to realise what had been removed, the small, bite size, chocolate bar he had forced into his pocket earlier that day.

"You know," he spoke in a matter of fact voice, "chocolate is really bad for you."

He dropped down onto his knees, hands looking in front of him for the puppy. Finding her, he ran his hands over to determine her position. Moving his hands towards where he assumed her face was, Becker gently pulled the still wrapped Bounty bar from her mouth. He wiped the bar on his trousers to remove the dog's spit and opened it. The puppy waited patiently for the chocolate to be revealed and then pressed against Becker's hands with her nose.

"Patience, girl. You can't have it all. It's not good for you." The ex-soldier took a bite of the bar, leaving a small bit in his palm. Carefully closing his fingers around the piece, he found the puppy's nose and finally allowed her access to the treat.

"Aren't you a gentle girl, eah?" He reached around to rub her behind the ear.

Then, for the first time since the accident, Becker smiled.

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