Kurt and Blaine play a little game... name from the Michael Jackson song 'Give In To Me'. I love that song :)

Give In To Me

Ohio summer seemed to affect Kurt's current house more than the previous one he and his father had shared – once with his mother as well – but maybe it was because the air conditioning was broken… or the fact that Blaine was sitting across the table from him and playing footsie with him under the table.

"Are you sure you don't want any pancakes, Kurt?" Blaine asked again, waving a forkful of perfectly fluffy pancake in front of his mouth. "Carole is an amazing cook."

Kurt lowered the front of his new copy of Vogue. "Do you know what those can do to your complexion?"

"Come on, just a tiny taste," Blaine tried to persuade him, running his toes up Kurt's legs under the (designer) sweatpants he used for pajamas.

"No, Blaine."

Blaine glanced at the kitchen door to make sure there was no chance of a Hudson or a Hummel interrupting before scooping a little whipped cream onto his finger, then slowly, painfully slowly, sucking it off his finger, making little noises of pleasure.


"If you do that one more time I am throwing your pancakes in the trash. Now eat."

Ignoring Kurt, he scooped some more cream onto the same finger and stretched his arm out so the finger, cream and all, was barely an inch away from his lips.

Kurt just raised his eyebrows at him. "I am not falling for that."

"You know you want to."

In a flash, Kurt was out the door, plate of pancakes in hand, and running around the living room with Blaine chasing after him, both laughing. With one quick jump over the couch, Blaine snatched the plate out of his boyfriend's hands, placed it on the coffee table and tackled him.

Pinning him to the couch as he squirmed, he proceeded in kissing any part of his skin he could manage. He lifted up his t-shirt to peck and blow raspberries on his pale stomach, his tongue swiped teasingly along his ribs. Reaching his neck, Blaine sucked and nipped at certain areas until the boy below him was a giggling wreck.

Finally he reached Kurt's slightly red face and planting his lips all over, including on his nose, before their lips connected. A few quick kisses during the planting led to a longer, more passionate one – during which Finn thought it was the perfect time to enter.

"Whoa, dudes, whoa," he protested, covering his eyes with his arm.

He does have a point, Blaine thought as he realized what position he was in. The only thing stopping Blaine from lying on top of him was one of Kurt's legs being bent over the other so both legs were hanging off the couch slightly. Not a sight that Finn wanted to see.

"Sorry," he apologized, getting off Kurt as quickly and neatly as possible as Kurt tried to lower his breathing from his laughing.

"Can I open my eyes now?"

"Yes, Finn, you can open your eyes," Kurt replied breathlessly. Finn peeked over his arm just to make sure before removing it completely.

"Don't do that again. Ever. At least in front of me," he told them, flashing his trademark grin.

"Sorry," Blaine repeated, neatening his pajama t-shirt.

Finn nodded to the boys, still grinning, and made his way past the couch into the kitchen where he yelled, "Oh yeah, pancakes!"

As soon as Kurt knew Finn was busy with serving his pancakes – filled with artificial sugar, topped with artificial sugar and with a side serving of artificial sugar – he grabbed the couch cushion Blaine had been pinning him onto and preceded in whacking him on the head and shoulders with it. Hard.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!" he protested, trying to cover his head with his arms. "Leave me be, crazy person!"

"Blaine –" whack " – Anderson –" whack " – don't –" whack " – you –" whack " – dare –" whack " – tickle –" whack " – me!" whack.

"Kurt, I think he has the message!" Finn called from the kitchen.

Kurt dropped the cushion back on the couch and clapped his hands. Blaine poised himself, knowing this always meant that Kurt had an idea brewing. "Now, I had an idea that today we could go to the park? We could make a picnic basket to eat, we could cuddle; just the two of us and the clouds… what do you think?"

"Or…" Blaine glanced towards the kitchen to make sure Finn was busy eating pancakes before leaning towards Kurt and continuing, "We could spend the whole day making out?"

Kurt flushed red again. "And… what do you think will make me agree to that?" he stuttered.

"Come on, you know you can't resist me." He leant back on the sofa with his hands behind his head smugly; he couldn't help but smile at Kurt's wide eyes.


"There's nothing wrong with admitting that I drive you crazy."

Kurt's eyes flashed. "Oh no, we both know it's you who can't resist me. You're the one who made the first move." He reached out to poke Blaine's chest playfully, but he just moved away.

"See, I'm resisting you right now."

"Look, honey, it doesn't matter that you find me hopelessly irresistible," he teased, leaning forward and staring at him with his glasz eyes, knowing that this sent shivers through Blaine's body.

But Blaine just stared right back, knowing his hazel's had the same, if not more, effect. "If you're so sure I can't resist you, you won't mind playing a little game," he crooned sleekly, forcing himself to keep a straight face.

Kurt couldn't deny it; he was intrigued by the slightly evil glint in his boyfriend's eyes. "What kind of game?"

"Since you are oh so confident that I can't resist you, why don't we put a bet on it? The first person to touch, or kiss… the first person to give in to the other… loses."

Kurt drew his hands back to his lap, a thought of sitting on them flashed through his mind. "What happens if you lose?"

Blaine leant towards Kurt, his mouth nearly skimming his ear. "The loser has to submit to the winner, which will mean I will tickle you, every single sensitive spot on your body until you'll be your knees begging me to stop… and then I'll tickle you some more," he replied softly, his breath tickling Kurt's ear.

Kurt did his best to hide his shiver in his body and voice. "Why would I agree to this?"

"Well you seemed so sure earlier, even though we both know within the next hour you'll be mine."

Kurt pondered this for a moment, thinking about the huge shopping trip he could drag him on if Blaine gave in.

"I gather from your daydream you're playing?" Blaine guessed, a small nod from Kurt answering him. "Why don't we kiss on it to make it official?"

Kurt glanced at Blaine's lips, which were curled in a little smile, and at the tongue that flicked over them before his eyes went back to the smolder in Blaine's.

"You are truly evil, Blaine Anderson, did you know that?"

"You can learn many things from Wes and David, and being evil is one of them," Blaine grinned leaning away from Kurt and retrieving his pancakes. "Now, if you excuse me…" he made his way to the kitchen with a little spin, winking at Kurt as he did so.

I tried to make Blaine dapper but at the same time seductive. Dapperly seductive. Seductively dapper. Sedupper. Dapuctive. DAPUCTIVE.

Did I fail?