Sorry about the wait. I started writing something, but it was a part of this huge thing of stuff I had written (including a 50 page original story that I really liked, which is SO ANNOYING) so I had to rewrite it. Luckily, my favorite line is still in it. It's near the end, said by none other than Blaine.

Chapter 3

Coffee found both of them lying under a large beech tree in the park, even Kurt too heated by the coffees to fret about grass stains when they flopped onto the grass earlier.

"Alright, that's it, I give up," Kurt groaned. "I need ice cream. I don't care about the empty calories; it's so hot it should be illegal."

Blaine paused for a second before – "Ditto. We passed an ice cream truck right outside the park, we can go there."

"Perfect. Help me up," Kurt said, holding out his arms to Blaine who was already standing. Kurt sighed when Blaine just raised his eyebrows and said, "Fine," and grumbled away to himself about grass stains and 'this stupid game' and other things while Blaine just looked on, amused.

"Is everything alright, sweetie?" he asked, the picture of innocence except for the glint in his eye. Kurt sent him a 'bitch-please' face. "I'll take that as a no. You could always give in…"

"Give in my ass."

Blaine smirked and opened his mouth –

"If you're about to say an innuendo that would make Puck proud, I swear to God I will beat you with this picnic basket."

"Actually, Kurt, the question is why haven't you done your boyfriend? …ow. Ow. Ow."

"I told you so. Have you been talking to Puck?"

"Hey, it's not just Puck who taught me how to say that sort of thing!" Blaine protested, grumbling as he rubbed his head which had just been bashed with Kurt's picnic basket.

Kurt raised an eyebrow. "Who, then?"

Blaine held out a hand, counting off the names on his fingers. "Puck, Santana, Wes, David, Nick, Jeff, Kevin, Michael –"

"Okay, okay, I get the picture. Ice cream?"

"Ice cream," Blaine repeated.

"I'll have a raspberry ripple screwball and –" he turned to Kurt, "What do you want, sweetie?"

Kurt eyes were hovering over the menu board: Klondike bars, the new 'Magnums', the screwballs, the –"

"I'll have a cherry popsicle, please," he asked, taking out his purse, a flash of evilness crossing his mind.

"Kurt, do I even need to say?"

"You paid for the coffees," Kurt pointed out.

"…fine. You pay for your popsicle," Blaine started to give in, but was interrupted by Kurt paying for both. Kurt just winked at him and started walking back to their tree.

They flumped back onto the grass again and Blaine set to work doing the exact same thing with his ice cream that he had done with the cream on his pancakes earlier that day. Kurt admitted it, he was slightly distracted but he knew the ice cream he had would a lot more than distract Blaine.

Blaine glanced over to Kurt as he started to eat his popsicle but double-took as he watched him run his tongue up the popsicle. Kurt felt his eyes boring into him as he repeated the action and sucked the tip.

"Is that really necessary?"

"Is what really necessary, sweetie?" Kurt asked, with the same picture of innocence that Blaine had on earlier, with the same glint in his eyes.

"Nothing, dear." Blaine forced himself to drag his eyes away from Kurt's tongue and how it would feel if Kurt's tongue was doing that to – ice cream, ice cream, yum, yum, yum.

He concentrated started to lick up the ice cream that had been slowly dripping down his hands, leaving pinkish trails, and a beautiful swan in the lake, not the noises coming from Kurt as he swirled his tongue around the pop. Not the noises the seemed to be getting louder and louder, the slurps making Blaine wish more than anything he hadn't worn skintight jeans that day.

He had just crossed his legs to try and hide his ever-growing problem when an actual moan and an odd popping noise caught his attention. His eyes flickered back to Kurt where he witnessed Kurt plunging the entirety of the popsicle into –

"Alright, that's it," Blaine snapped, scrambling to his feet. He slung the picnic basket over the arm that wasn't carrying his ice cream and grabbed Kurt's hand, tugging him to his feet without a seconds warning.

He ignored Kurt's anger and yells of "What the hell, Blaine!" until they reached far enough in the wood that Blaine guessed they wouldn't be disturbed in and, letting the picnic basket slide off his arm, practically slammed him into the nearest tree.

Blaine was moaning as they kissed, sending vibrations through his and Kurt's chests, and was running his hands over Kurt's body. The anger was dispelled as quickly as it came and Kurt was groaning too, letting Blaine slip his tongue his mouth as all the blood in his body swept to an area very much pressed against him.

Feeling this, Blaine shifted slightly until they were flat, torso to foot, so Kurt felt something hard move against him, over him, over where surely all the blood was right at that second so he realized what was the cause of Blaine breaking. Kurt wrenched his head away, finding it suddenly difficult to breathe, Blaine being completely satisfied with attacking his neck instead.

He drew a ragged breath but it wasn't enough; he drew in enough but still felt dizzy. It was real, this was all real: those were his hands tightly grasping his hips, that was his erection grinding up against him, that was his voice practically growling in my ear,

"You feel that? You feel me on you? You feel -" he moved his hips closer, increasing the pressure, " - how good I feel on you?"

Kurt shuddered, the friction sending electric jolts through him. Blaine recaptured his lips, slow and somehow romantic as he ground their hips together even harder so that Kurt's knees would have given way if he hadn't been so furiously pinned against the wall.

"Blainewe can't do this… not here"

Blaine drew his own mouth away. "I want to make you come." The harsh heat of his whisper, the feel of him rubbing against him made Kurt collapse completely, only being held up by Blaine's body. "I'm going to make you come."

Kurt wanted to argue with him, his head screaming at him to stop – what if somebody sees? – but he couldn't reason with him. Most of all, he didn't want to.

He felt his hand move from his hips, from his hold that Kurt knew would leave bruises, loosening his grip, making Kurt practically whine at the sudden loss of friction. It didn't last for long, his fingers soon brushing them over the rise in his jeans.

"You're… such… a… fucking… tease…" Kurt panted, tightening his arms around Blaine's neck.

Blaine growled at the swear word and finally cupped him, his fingers wrapping around his shape, and drew their lips back together when Kurt's hips jolted forward, bucking into his hand. It wasn't long after Kurt begged him to do something, anything, that he slid his hand up his shirt, his fingers briefly flitting over his hot stomach, and unbuttoned his jeans.

Achingly slow, achingly hesitant, his hand slid down and curled himself around Kurt, his thumb brushed over the tip making Kurt –


Blaine laughed, capturing his mouth again so he could feel the hoarse moans rumbling from his throat he drew from him that increased every time he let his thumb pass over his tip.

With one final moan, one final cry of Blaine's name, he flung his head back as he exploded; not caring about the fact he flung it into a tree, not caring that they were in the middle of a public park: feeling him slow his movements, feeling him wrap his other arm around him so he wouldn't collapse, feeling his forehead press against his.

Their eyes met as he slipped his hand out of his pants, Kurt trying to regain his breath as Blaine smiled, his eyes lighting up as Kurt smiled back.


Blaine pressed his lips ever so lightly against Kurt, not even kissing, just letting him feel the light pressure. His arms wrapped around his waist and pulled them closer, ignoring the wetness in both their jeans – the moans that Kurt had been creating were more than enough to send him over the edge – and whispered, "I know. I love you… so much."

"I know. I love you too."

When they had finally stopped panting and their noses felt weird after too much nuzzling, Blaine remembered the damp formed in his boxers. "You don't happen to have any napkins or anything by any chance, do you?"

When they had cleaned themselves up as much as they could with several giggles and one or two innuendos (from Blaine), they decided to lay make down on the grass, with the blanket this time, trying to dry out their jeans a little more.

Kurt was snuggled up against Blaine, making the most of being able to touch him again by running his fingers across all the unclothed parts of his body.

"You lost."

"You really care about that now?"


"You think I was just supposed to sit there as you gave a blowjob to that popsicle?" he replied casually.

Kurt lifted up his head to stare at his boyfriend, but he gave no sign of being embarrassed. They hadn't even discussed hand or blowjobs, but Kurt was pretty sure that if or when they progressed to 'sucking each other off', as one person kept on asking if they were(*cough* Santana *cough*), it would just… happen.

"But that means I win."

"I know. I'm excited."

"You're going to take me shopping." Blaine furrowed his eyebrows. "No, you're going to take me, Mercedes and Tina shopping. In fact, all of the girls; and you're going to carry all of our bags," Kurt rambled, his face brightening. "Like your our slave."

"Kurt, you know when I said 'submit', I meant sexually?"

Blaine could practically see his face dropping. "No… no, I didn't."

Blaine smiled and tugged Kurt closer. "Don't worry," he assured him, leaning his head closer to Kurt so he could whisper in his ear. "I can still be your slave for the day."

Kurt slapped his arm. "You are disgusting. One day, Blaine Anderson, you will take me and all of the New Directions girls shopping and you will carry all of our bags, you filthy pig."

"I know, Kurt. I know."

Kurt won! But Kurt thought by 'submit' he meant he could make Blaine be his shopping slave for the day. He needs to make an unbreakable vow with him that goes like this.

"I promise to love you forever and ever," Blaine says, clutching Kurts hand (insert sap)

"I promise to love you forever and ever," Kurt repeats before saying "!" at lightening speed and breaking his hold right after.

"NOOO. Thats the second time thats happened!" Blaine squeals.

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