Part 1: Through Sickness and Health

Chapter 1: I Make Alien Vomit Look Good

Authors Note: Ever since I watched Starship and read some Fan Fictions, this had been stuck in my head. It will be divided into at least two parts. Each part will probably be at least 4 or 5 chapters long. Ok I'm currently writing another story so I'm going to try and divide my time between them. I just wanted to get this out before I forgot:) Hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: Up and Taz would have kissed if I owned Starship.

P.S. this takes place maybe a few days after Starship and everyone still has their accents they are just very hard to write.

"I'm going to die here, just laying here in my bed in my underwear. It will probably take a week, maybe two or three days if I don't eat." Taz thought to herself as she lay there in a small puddle of her own sweat. Her ice pack was on her dresser across the room and it hurt to move anything and that had to be 10 feet away. She would be passed out on the floor by the time she had moved to the edge of her bed.

"Why didn't I go to de infirmary after I overheard that doctor saying dat de patient could have died if he had come a few days later? Dat estúpido alien!" She was so mad at herself. Taz went quiet for a minute to listen to her friends beg to be let in. She knew they cared about her but she couldn't let them see her like this, plus the only person who could help was out on a date.

"Jou would be so proud of me. I got back up and kept going until the end. I was strong." Taz knew she was lying to herself, but she just didn't want to picture Up's face as one of disappointment as she slowly lost conciseness.


3 Months Ago

"Vamos pedazo de mierda!" Taz shouted at the bugs that were following her. She turned around and shot, killing a few. There were only three bugs tailing her now and two of them were injured. Finally they dropped to the ground, dead and Taz only had to deal with one bug.

After leaving Bug World, the gang ran into a particularly nasty group of bugs inhabiting a different planet. Apparently, letting February and Bug be alone in the control room was not a good idea.

The yellow insect grabbed Taz by her legs and held her up to its face. As much as the bugs were vicious, they weren't very smart. Taz whipped her knife out of its case and stabbed the bug in the eyes. It dropped her and she stabbed it in the stomach and twisted. The wounds were oozing out pus-like stuff and Taz held back a gag. Right before the fell to the ground, it made a gurgling noise and threw up on her.


She made it back to the drop pod and when she arrived, Taz immediately threw up. Up came over and rubbed her back, while the others gave her some space. After she had emptied her stomach, she looked around and noticed another ranger covered in the same colored puke- looking stuff she was. He looked pale, like he had just finished doing the same thing she had.

"Tazzie, come on the ships leaving." February jogged over to her. Close enough to have a conversation, but still distancing herself from the lieutenant. Taz's eyes flashed at the nickname February insisted on calling her. Casually she mentioned, "I saw you looking at that other puke covered guy."

"So? I just wanted to know if any of dose hijos de putas did this- she gestured to herself- to anyone else." She knew the schience officer meant well, but February knew Taz wasn't looking for a guy.

"Whatever. Hey when you get yourself de-ickified, come down to my room. No! I'm not going to give you a makeover." February said as she sat daintily on the couch, two cushions between her and Taz. Taz had given her a look and glanced down at February's hand. There was a small scar still there from the last time she had tried to give Taz a makeover.

"Well den what do jou want?"

"I just need someone to talk to. All you have to do is listen." She rushed in after Taz gave her another look. "I would talk to Specs but she and Krayonder are always making out."

They both looked at the couple and there they were with their lips locked so tight it was like they were stuck like that.

"And I don't think that Megagirl really has to deal with what I need to talk about." The blonde said, beating Taz to the punch.

"Fine, but if jou drag me off to do some shopping….."

"I promise that that won't happen." February said sweetly as she got up to leave, the smell was getting to her. "Oh wait, Taz, just one more question. What bra size are you? I would say 34B but…"

"Why does dat matter?" Taz shot back, holding her head. She knew was beginning to feel nauseated again.

"No reason! I'll just go find Bug now. See you later, Tazzie." The girl began to skip away only to return to the room a minute later, turn in a circle and leave back out the same door muttering about 'how confusing this pod was.'


Up and Taz were sitting in the mess hall waiting for the rest of their friends show up. Taz was picking at her food, still not trusting her stomach. Up looked distant but he managed to say something first.

"Where were you after we got back? I checked the gym, the library, and your room."

"I was with dat idiota, February." Taz said as she stabbed her chicken. When Up raised his eyebrows, she elaborated, "When I got out of de shower she had stolen all of my under garments and replaced them with these frilly, bright things. Then I went to her room and she gave me a whole talk on boys and what to wear. Isn't dat right, February?"

"Right, Tazzie." The schience officer, who had just sat down, said cheerily.

"WOAH! February, how are you still here to tell us the tale?" Krayonder was now looking at February with a new found respect.

"Well I promised Taz I wouldn't take her out shopping and I didn't. She couldn't hurt me then." Everyone was silent, for once she made sense.

Taz looked over and saw Up glancing at a pretty blonde. She seemed to be doing the same thing.

"Jou should talk to her after dinner." Taz casually mentioned, making Up visibly jump. "She's pretty and looks like she's into jou too."

"Taz, you know that you don't tell a girl you like them 'cause it makes you look like an idiot."

"Jeah, that's for if de girl doesn't seem interested in jou. Dis girl clearly is. How do you know her?"

"When I was lookin' for you, she came around the corner and asked me a question. We talked for maybe 5 minutes." Up said nonchalantly.

"Are you talking about Lieutenant Jessica?" Specs asked. The whole group was now listening to their conversation.

"She's uber nice, but she wears a bombshell, if you don't like false advertising." February added. Everyone was giving her a confused look. "It makes you look two sizes bigger. Her uniform should be looser and less form fitting. Less flattering."

She said that like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Everyone was still giving her confused looks.

"Most girls want guys to see them looking their best. If you're in an oversized uniform, you feel like guys don't look at you. Most girls on the Starship wear bombshells for that reason. Our uniforms are so not cute, except for Taz's. Hers in super fitting and makes her look good. No wonder half the guys here want you." Taz got up after that statement. She slid her tray into the middle of the table, all her food still on it.

Up followed her out into the hall and called, "Taz! Wait up!"

She waited for him to catch up to her. She was surprised when he wrapped her in a hug.

"Thank you." He told her. She wished she could have stayed to hear what he had to say next, but that hug had thrown her off. She dashed down the hall and into the bathroom.

"Dead God! What is wrong with me?" she exclaimed.

Hey! Sorry for all the filler seeming stuff with February, but all this will come around in a different chapter, maybe even a different part. I know everyone is probably very OOC and I apologize. Starship is really hard to right for! Until next chapter…. This might not be that far away.

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