Warnings; Lime :) Get's rather saucy but some humor ;)

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Draco wandered down the Hogwarts corridors, rather absently; he hadn't seen Harry all day nor had he seen his followers, he shook his head softly and got back on track to the Slytherin Common Room.

He kept looking at the floor knowing people would part like the red sea if they saw him coming until he felt a tug, he frowned as he was plunged into darkness. Draco looked around worried, trying to work out where the hell he was.

He searched for his wand then felt around the room, until he touched someone else. He ran his hands down the front of whoever was there; working out it was a guy from his flat but toned chest and the bulge where his pants would be.

He frowned and let his hand search around farther, the boy was at least a Hogwarts student, Draco could tell from the feel of the cotton of the school jumper and the fact he was wearing a robe.

But yet he still had no idea who. Draco moved his hands farther feelings the silkiness of the school tie then skin. Draco frowned, running through names in his head, not many guys in Hogwarts would let him touch him as much, then again they wouldn't have dragged him into a small, dark space. He raised his hands farther then smiled.

"Harry Potter" the giveaway was the round framed glasses, the other boy laughed.

"That took you a while Mister Malfoy" Harry connected their lips not even giving Draco a chance to catch his breath, but the kiss was so good he didn't want to let go. Until of course he felt light headed and had to break apart. He panted as he felt Harry's hand on his chest.

"Why in a closet Potter?"

"A bit of fun irony" Draco laughed and shook his head.

"You're unbelievable" Harry laughed and connected their lips again, Draco pulled on Harry's tie trying to get it lose, forgetting how tight Harry actually tied it.

He broke apart and stuck his finger in the middle of the knot making the tie loosen. He smiled then connected their lips again. He felt Harry pull on his own tie and send it flying in any direction then fumble over Draco's shirt buttons.

Draco grinned into the kiss then licked Harry's lips lightly asking for access. Harry granted him it straight away connecting their tongues tasting each other, Harry moaned softly and laid his hands flat on Draco's stomach feeling the heat of Draco's skin radiate onto his hands. Draco grinned into the kiss and added a tiny bit more power into the kiss; they groaned in sync running their hands all over each other.

Sweat ran down both boys bodies making what they were doing even hotter. Draco nibbled on Harry's lip lightly making Harry groan even more. Draco held onto Harry's neck feeling the softness of Harry's skin whilst Harry's hands did their magic on Draco's torso.

They groaned in sync again then pulled apart breathing deeply and looking at each other, Harry's green eyes glittered as he looked into Draco's grey which where darkening with lust. Harry smiled and connected their bruised lips again, something nagged at the back of Harry mind, something he'd forgotten but in his current position he didn't care.

He felt Draco messing with his belt around the sliver buckle that was keeping Draco from his prize, Draco half growled as he tugged on the buckle trying to work out how it opened.

Harry laughed and pulled on the snake clasp on Draco's belt making the belt ping and fall open. Draco pushed his hips towards Harry making Harry buck his hips in reflex, they grinned at each other then pushed against each other again but froze; they heard the one sound they'd begged not to hear.

The sound of the handle of the dark, small space opening. They looked at each other eyes widen trying to collect their clothing and a tiny bit of dignity.

The door opened and both boys squinted from the light in the corridor, they looked towards the blackened figure giving both boys a disapproving stare. Draco had found Harry's tie and was in the mist of putting it on him, whilst Harry was holding Draco's, both shirts where still undone and Harry had his hand over his mouth.

"Are you going to explain why you are in a broom cupboard?" the low familiar vowels of Professor Snape hissed at them as they both flushed red and looked at each other.

Snape hummed slightly waiting for a reply then grabbed Draco's shoulder pulling him into the over populated and bright hallway. Draco squirmed trying to fasten his shirt then took the tie off Harry, who despite it all was giggling, whilst some Ravenclaw girls where giggling in a huddle after seeing Draco.

"I promised your father I'd protect you and what do you do? Rendezvous with the Golden Boy!" Draco gulped as Snape pulled him out down the corridor, Draco turned his head to see Harry coming out and standing laughing.

Draco mouthed to him 'You'll pay for this' Harry laughed and nodded 'I know', he mouthed back then walked down towards the Gryffindor common room.

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