Warnings; Lime :) Get's rather saucy but some humour ;)

Disclaimer; I can safety say i don't own Harry Potter!

Draco looked at the banana flavoured yogurt running down Harry's chin, Harry was currently cleaning the spoon until he could see his face reflected in it. Once satisfactory Draco would dunk the spoon covering it in yogurt causing Harry to pout. But right now Draco was more interested in the piece if yogurt rolling down his boyfriends chin, he gave up moving forward and licking Harry's chin clean and connecting their lips in a hungry kiss. Harry laughed then opened his mouth asking for the next spoonful.

"Do you just want the yogurt?" Harry shrugged slightly and moved forward to lick the spoon.

"It's banana flavour" Harry said as if stating the plain obvious. Draco rolled his eyes and watched the little wet pink tongue sweep around Harry's lips collecting excess yogurt, Draco groaned - it didn't help that his boyfriend was sitting on his lap - just alluring him more. Draco swears Harry Potter will be the death of him. He gave up resisting and began covering Harry with the yogurt, all around his mouth, down his neck and across the visible part of his chest.

"Oh you seem to have gotten sticky" Harry looked down himself as if trying to work out how he'd gotten yogurt all over him.

"I'd better get a shower" Harry purred softly as Draco's grey eyes darkened.

"Now Harry that won't be needed" Draco jumped on Harry like a cat and began fanatically licking all the yogurt, Draco when satisfied connected their lips, nibbling on Harry's bottom lip asking for access, which he gained instantly. Their tongues connected and began a epic battle - which Draco won. Harry snaked his hand down Draco's torso unbuttoning his snake-clasp belt and sliding him hand into his pants, between his pants and boxers, Draco moaned into the kiss feeling Harry's fingers circling his member. He pulled away because he felt light headed and looked down towards Harry's hand.

"Oh do it" Harry frowned dramatically

"Do what?"

"If you want to remain known as the boy who lived jerk me off" Harry laughed

"Impatience" Draco growled and grabbed Harry's tie

"Harry Bloody Potter do it right now - or my actions will not be in my control" he growled then bit Harry's earlobe. Harry yelped slightly - his ears where sensitive - then he complied moving his fingers over the bulge in restricted by Draco's boxers, Harry tutted lightly then shredded Draco's boxers letting his rock hard member stand proud and out. Harry smiled and circled his fingers running it down from Draco's tip to his balls.

Draco made a low moan in his throat and shot daggers at Harry - if he didn't hurry up Draco would personally murder him. Harry grinned and grabbed hold of Draco's shaft adding a tiny bit of friction, Draco moaned out loud as Harry grinned maliciously, stopping the friction and blowing on Draco's rock hard member, Draco clenched his fists then grabbed Harry's hair.

"Do it now!" Harry laughed then almost suffocated in the hungry kiss Draco was supplying to him. He moved his hand absently being egged on by the moans and groans from Draco. Pumping his fist in time with their tangling tongues

"Jesus Christ Harry Potter I love you" Draco screamed out in the waves of his orgasm, Harry grinned and pumped faster, he felt the pre-cum dribble down his hand and smiled bowing his head and licking around Draco's tip making Draco buck and scream more. He swallowed around Draco then felt the warm slimily sperm slide down his throat, he swallowed licking his lips and looked at Draco.

"I still prefer Banana flavour"