Naruto and Raven


Naruto x Raven


Story Start


She couldn't do anything.

She was helpless.

She was powerless against the man who held her paralyzed in her arms. The burning red runes of the Mark of Scath were layered all over her body. Her arms, legs, and torso were covered by the arrangement as her clothing began to disintegrate. Raven strayed against the grip of her captor as the searing marks continued their spread across ashen skin. Her crop of long violet hair that grew to waist length as she violently thrashed against the grip of this man. Her outfit, her cloak had long since evaporated and her leotard had nearly all but shredded as the black outfit greatly resembled a raggedly cut halter top and briefs, and her wrist guards and bands have gone-but her belt is still askew on her hips.

His powerful arms wrapped around her as his hot breath stung the back of her neck and his tongue brushing against her skin caused her to shiver in disgust. Hot tears stung her eye as the man purred huskily in her ear. One arm was wrapped around her breasts and the hand of his other arm rested on her thigh as a dark, corrupted power radiated from him. ''You're mine now little Raven!'' he whispered into her ear followed by the sound of a zipper unzipping.

Raven woke up in her room in a panicked fright. Her face was paler than usual and her body trembling. That that nightmare was far too vivid and familiar for it to just be a dream. But who the hell was that and why couldn't she see his face? Why wasn't she able to fight back? The thought of some man, some demon getting his hands on her when she was helpless caused a shiver of disgust and fear to course through her.

So maybe it was time...maybe she could no longer keep this to herself. 'I can't just hope or wish this will go away. As unlikely as this maybe the others can help me.' though Raven still had her doubts. It was like they had the power or resources of the Justice League, Raven's first choice which ended up with her just being dismissed. 'It's not my fault...I tried to tell them. I tried to tell someone but no one would listen to me. No one would listen to the daughter of that...THING!'' Raven cupped her face as she sat up in the bed and tried to keep herself calm.

''Mother...what should I do?'' Raven thought as the closer 'that day' came the more helpless she felt. If only there was someone or something that could help her. Though a familiar bright light radiated from off the tower shore drew her attention. It looked like it was time for the Teen Titans to jump into action.

The light of the full moon continued to shine down on the area known as Jump City. From an offshore oil rig bright sparks of electricity and rays of light illuminated. Current crackles up and down as a man in a form-fitting black suit stands up into view. The outfit also had thick armored gloves, each with a light set in its back, reinforcing chest and shoulder plates. This man was an enemy the Teen Titans encountered not too long ago. Dr. Light.

"Once I've drained the energy from fifty thousand barrels of oil…" his hands glowed brilliant. "I'll flood the city in never-ending daylight!" his self-important exclamation continued. The mentality stability of this man was one of a mystery as he seemed to brag about his plans out loud. Though his joy was short live as his gloves fizzled out as the cables were yanked loose by black energy. "Huh?"

Two yellow and red bird shapes objects hissed towards him as they flew through the air. Dr. Light leaped out of the clear just in time as they slice into the base of his device. Before he can get his feet planted on the glowing sphere, a shot from Cyborg's sonic cannon blasts it into dust. As the smoke clears, he finds all five Titans gathered on a lower platform, ready to mix it up with him one more time.

"You know, Dr. Light, for a guy obsessed with illumination, you're not very bright." The spiky haired leader of the Teen Titans quipped.

"Next time you're looking to steal something, you might want to pick a target we can't see from our living room." Raven gestured as sure enough the Teen Titans home and base of operations were within a few kilometers of sight.

Dr. Light's face goes slack as he realized his tactical error. "Oh. Well, um..." he indecisively stammered over his words. He seemed to have regained his nerve and fired a pair of blinding blasts from his hands, forcing the group to scatter in all directions. The beam exploded upon impact with the deck plates.

"That's a real pretty light show…" Cyborg began as he morphed his right hand into his signature weapon, the sonic cannon. "…but sound packs a bigger punch!"

Dr. Light was able to react and create a bright barrier to stop the burst that came his way. Once it was deflected, he hurled back a fierce shot; who let out a panicked yell just as he was blast off into the water below. Back to the battle zone, where Starfire moves in, zigzagging to avoid the shots that flash toward her. A steep climb carries her up past his ledge, whereupon she retaliated with a merciless starbolt salvo that leaves the area full of smoke. It dissipated to show the target intact within a hemispherical shield, which he took down with a grin before firing a huge beam from the light bulb on his chest. The Tamaranean takes it in the mush and drops screaming to the platform as Robin and Beast Boy watch from their hiding places.

"We need to draw his fire." Robin devised.

"You got it." Beast Boy immediately responded. "Dude, nice pajamas! Do they glow in the dark?" he mocked the villain only to quickly follow with a panicked yell and a split-second change into a vampire bat, allowing him to flap away from the blasts that flash down. Dr. Light lets off a cry of his own, tries to cover his head, and shoots again-and Robin takes advantage of the distraction to move in with his fighting staff. A few swings put the walking floodlight off balance for a moment, but he quickly produced a glowing whip and starts to crack away, breaking the staff in two. Robin throws the pieces aside and backs up before Dr. Light's offensive until he reached the end of the ledge; he then leaped overhead, kicks the man in the back and heads back the way he came.

Dr. Light straightened up to fire again, but emited a frightened cry and jumped out of the way just in time to avoid a dinosaur tail crashing down. Pulling back as he goes flying through the air; Beast Boy changed into a stegosaurus. The leap carrieed Dr. Light down to the main platform, where he flops dazedly onto his face. The two boys and Starfire jump/fly down here and Beast Boy resumed his human form.

"No one defeats Dr. Light! No one-" began angrily rounding as he stood up.

A swirl of black starts to form behind him; his tirade gives way to a scared little noise as he turned toward it. He looked up to see that Raven morphed into an imposingly tall with a forest of tentacles snaking out from beneath her cloak. "Remember me?"

The color drained from his face, indicating that he does indeed have a very clear memory of his first run-in with this particular Titan. She towers impassively over him and withdraws all the tentacles as he turns to the others.

"I'd like to go to jail now, please."

Starfire applauds both the defeat and the restraint Raven has exercised this time around, and Cyborg climbs up over the side and spits out a mouthful of Jump City Bay. A look at his forearm panel brings a huge grin to his face. "All right! The butt-kicking's over and it's almost midnight! Time for donuts! Yeah!" he cheered as Robin and Starfire began escorting Dr. Light away, Raven-back to normal size-turns began her trek home.

"I'll see you back at the Tower." All the others stop.

"But, Raven..."

"You do not wish to enjoy the nuts of dough? It is like eating sweet tiny wheels."

"I just want to get home before tomorrow comes." Raven took off. Silently chided herself on the fact that she wasn't able to do what she planned on. Tonight for sure she was going to inform her team mates on what was going to happen before it was too late.