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"Arthur?" a voice woke Britain from his much needed sleep.

"Francis?" Britain said before opening his eyes to see America at his bedside.

"What are you doing here?"

"I…I just want to see her," America stated with true sadness. Britain saw the hurt and apology in his blue eyes behind his glasses. Britain had thought long and hard about this.

"Alright, Alfred….Alright." Britain took the little pink bundle next to him and handed her to America.

"Thank you!" America cradled Charlotte in his arms, "She's beautiful, Arthur." America was in awe at Charlotte's gleaming beauty. Britain smiled, America had joyful twinkles in his eyes, "I'm sorry." He paused and looked at Britain, "For everything. I should have never tried to tear apart your family, Britain…"

Britain smiled, "I do forgive you. You know, Alfred. I think Charlotte should see her uncle. She deserves to see you just as much as you deserve to see her. You belong in her life." America gave Charlotte back to Britain.

"Really? You mean it!" America was clearly thrilled. Britain nodded. America grinned.

"Well, see ya around, British dude" America winked and left the room. France entered.

"I am very proud of my little scone." France kissed Britain on the forehead. "Come along, lets go home."

Charlotte cried from the top of her lungs, her face beating red as a result from her excessive screaming.

"Arthur, the baby is crying for you!" France hollered from the couch.

"I'd like to know how you know she's crying for me. She does have a father, does she not?" Britain scolded as he picked Charlotte up from out of her crib and began rocking her as he was vacuuming the sitting room.

The doorbell rang.

"Oh, that'll be Alfred here to take Charlotte for a stroll." France got up to go to the door and swing it open.

"Alfred! Charlotte has been anxious for her stroll all day long!"

"Well, the hero of strolling has arrived!" America dashed into the house and swooped Charlotte from Britain's arms.

"Alfred! Do not scare me like that!" Britain screeched.

"Aw, come on, dude, that's no fun!"

"Be careful with her! Don't forget to cover her face from the sun! And make sure she stays warm! It is absolutely freezing out there!" Britain reminded him.

"Calm it, dude. I'll make sure of it." America began wrapped the blond-haired, green eyed bundle in long sleeved shirts and coats. Finishing off with two blankets covering her in the stroller. "She look warm enough?"

"Very. Have fun, and don't stay out too long! Be back by three!"

"Will do!" America exited the home with Charlotte.

Britain let out a sigh. France kisses his cheek and massaged his lover's shoulders.

"You know, everybody's gone now. We've some time to ourselves, you know," France trailed. Britain smirked sensually to him and took his hand, dragging his French husband back into the bedroom.