So in this story I used a little bit of Ooc in Ferb´s character, so I´m sorry. I tried to make him a little bit more romantic.

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Ferb tried to concentrate on the movie but the kisses between his brother and Isabella were too annoying. Ferb turn to see Phineas; he was almost eating Isabella, Ferb. After some more minutes Ferb left the movies and started walking his way home.

My first kiss went a little bit like this, sang Ferb in his head serious. He didn´t understood why everyone were so obsessed with sharing their salvias. In Ferb´s point of view it sounded and looked disgusting.

He entered to the park and he observed the variety of couples also kissing on the grass. Ferb tired to avoid the eye contact but when he saw Vanessa making out with his "dark" boyfriend, the little guy couldn´t stop himself for staring. He felt jealous , but he knew that what he had with Vanessa was only a good friendship. He kept walking.

Ferb entered to the house as quiet as usual using the emergency key, he had forgotten Phineas had his key in his jeans pocket. Suddenly he saw how his sister, Candace was making out with Jeremy; Candace was on top of Jeremy who was lying on the couch. None of them noticed when Ferb got into the house; they were too busy. They looked even grosser than Phineas and Isabella. Ferb coughed trying to get their attention; he had to repeat the process three times until Candace looked up.

"What?" asked angry, Jeremy just blushed ashamed. Ferb tried to say something but Candace interrupted him. "No, mom is not home. Now go to your room and don´t go out until I say you to." Ferb turned around and went to the kitchen, he needed a snack.

"Hey Ferb!" Ferb looked shocked at the scout girl; she was sitting on the kitchen table like if she was waiting for something, or someone.

"Sorry if I scared you. I´m waiting for Isabella; she forgot to give me the keys of the scout girl´s tree house." Ferb nodded and he stared at the drawing Gretchen had between her hands. It was only in black and white and it seemed it was made with a pen instead of pencil. It was a drawing of him. Ferb walked closer to Gretchen and sat next to her, the girl only blushed and looked away; Ferb took the drawing and stared at it.

"That is only…a project for school." She said nervously. "I know I suck at drawing."

"It´s nice." Ferb said as he smiled at the drawing.

"Well you would have made it better." Ferb blushed and looked at Gretchen; she was all red and still looking away. What the hell, thought Ferb as he kissed the red-haired girl in the right cheek.

"I like it." Said Ferb, Gretchen just blushed even more and started giggling nervously. "Have you ever kissed anyone?" Gretchen shook her head and started at Ferb´s big eyes.

Ferb tried to kiss her cheek again but the scout girl moved her head and their lips connected. It was only for a few seconds but Ferb had liked, now he understood why Isabella, Jeremy, Candace and Phineas did it all the time.

"I´m so sorry, it was an accident. I…I think I should go home." Gretchen stood up and grabbed her bag from the floor. She was so nervous that she didn´t noticed that it was open and when she pull it everything felt to the floor. "Oh no."

Ferb stood up and help her gather her things.

"I like it." Ferb touched slightly the left hand of Gretchen.

"You can keep the drawing if you want"

"I didn´t mean the drawing." Gretchen looked at Ferb shocked. "I like you." Gretchen smiled and blushed again; Ferb was also smiling at her.

"Do you want to go to the movies?"