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"Is it him?", Kisame asks.

"Yes, it is", Itachi answer "Pain sad it was a short guy with long, blond hair."

"B-but", Sasori tribes "he can't be that guy. He looks so… so cute."

The three Akatsuki members stares at the sleeping boy. His face looks so innocent, the shirt has gone up to the chest so you can see his trained stomach and his arms lies on each side of the head.

"He looks like he's ready to be raped", Kisame says and laughs a small, creepy laugh.

Itachi sighs and looks at Sasori.

"Wake him up before it gets more uncomfortable."

Sasori walks towards the blonde and pokes his tummy. It is soft and smooth.

"Yo brat, wake up", he orders.

Slowly, the blond starts to open his eyes. The moon shines perfectly at them and the blue color sparkles in the glow. At first, he looks quite peaceful but when he sees the three strangers in front of him, he starts to scream.


Before he can finish the sentence, Itachi puts a hand over his mouth.

"Don't scream", he says in a low, threatening voice "someone might discover that we are here… Deidara… Okay?"

The blonde stares with big, scared eyes at Itachi. He nods carefully and the black haired man backs of.

"W-why are you here, un", Deidara asks terrified "What do you want?"

"We were sent here to get you", Sasori says and stares out the window "by our leader. He wants you to be a member of Akatsuki."

Deidara looks shocked at the redhead. He never thought that an S-ranked organization full of criminals would want him to join. Sure, he is a criminal himself but he never thought he was strong enough to join Akatsuki. He is flattered but he has no interest in joining them.

"I'm sorry but I don't think so."

The three Akatsuki members stare's at him.

"It wasn't a question", Sasori says, a little bit annoyed "it's an order!"

"But I don't want to join your organization, un", Deidara almost yells "leave me alone, you old perverts!"

Sasori grabs the smaller boys arm and stares in his blue, frightened eyes. Deidara can fell something sting, as if a needle was pressed against his arm.

"Shut up", Sasori says with a dark voice "I don't care if you want it or not, you coming with us!"

"I said NO!"

"I don't care!"

Deidara stares at the taller man. At first he looks scared, but then he smiles.

"What are you smiling at?", Sasori asks, not knowing what's going through the blondes head.

Before anyone can react, Deidara puts his right hand against his chest, two fingers up and yells;



Sasori flies out through the window. Neither Kisame nor Itachi did expect that and looks shocked at the redhead who lands in a tree on his feet's.

"That bastard", he hisses "he tried to blow me up!"

The smoke that filled the room disappears and to no one's surprise, the blonde is gone.

"I don't know if I should call that kid smart or just stupid", Kisame says and looks through the room with his small, black eyes.

Itachi sighs again.

"I'm really not in the mood to play hide and seek", he says irritated.

"Itachi-san, Sasori is gone to", Kisame says and points to the tree where the puppet master had stood.


Deidara smiles as he runs through the village. He had managed to sneak away from the Akatsuki members of all people, how could he not be proud. But he is a little surprised that no one noticed him having clay in his hand. They may not be as powerful as people say. He jumps up on a roof and sits down, leaning against a small wall.

"Oh god, I'm so tired", he mumbles "I think I need to… NO, I can't fall asleep now, the Akatsuki is after me."

He stares at a streetlight as the light becomes fuzzier and fuzzier.

"What's wrong with me?", he ask himself.

He tries to stand up but the legs cannot carry him, and he just falls back to the roof.

"Looks like my poison works", says a smug voice.

Deidara looks to his left and ha can see Sasori walk towards him with a proud smile on his face.

"Poison…", Deidara says with a weak, questioning voice "when did you…"

"When I grabbed your arm, remember?", Sasori answers "The sting you probably felt was a needle with poison hide in my coat. Don't worry, you won't die, just sleep for some hours."

Deidara starts to breath heavily and he lies down slowly, not having enough power to even sit up.

"Bastard…" is the last thing he says before he falls asleep.


Deidara wakes up slowly.

'Ow, my head hurts', he thinks and makes a grimace 'stupid redhead who poisoned me.'

He opens his eyes but all he can see is black.

'Oh my god, that bastard made me blind!'

"Holly shit!"

"Looks who's finally waked up", a strange voice says.

Deidara tries to move his body but his hands and feet are tiedand he's being carried.

"Who is it?", Deidara asks.

He can feel something strange around his head.

'Am I wearing a blindfold?'

"Such a bad memory you have", the voice says "don't you remember us, the Akatsuki."

Deidara tries to move one more time, now much more violent.


"Well, now that you will be one of us, their is no point in not telling you our name. I am Hoshigaki Kisame. The redhead is Akasuna Sasori and the black haired is Uchiha Itachi."

Deidara knew he had recognized that man. All Uchiha's looked the same; tall, dark hair, creepy eyes… But to think that that man was Uchiha Itachi! The man who killed his own clan…

Deidara can feel a hand right under his butt and he starts to blush.

"C-can you please put me down?", Deidara asks nervously "I really don't like to being buried over your shoulder."

"Right… If I do it you will just run away", Kisame says and laugh at the question.

"No, I promise, I won't!"

"Don't whine like that, you start to sound like a woman."


Without any hands to punch the fish with or legs to kick him with, Deidara just does what he can do. Bite…

"OW! What the… the kid bit me!", Kisame roars in pain.

"We should maybe put that blindfold over his mouth instead so he can't bite you, and, we don't need to hear him whine", Sasori says and Deidara can feel his evil smirk.


After a long walk the Akatsuki members finally decides to find an inn and stay there for the night. Deidara smiles about the thought to not be carried anymore.

"Okay, we will have to sleep two and two. Who will sleep with the blonde?", Kisame asks.

"I won't", Itachi says, not because he cares.

"Me neither", Sasori says.

Kisame sighs.

"All right, I have carried him all the way so I won't do it. I think… Sasori would do it, because he will be your partner."

"Oh hell no", Sasori says angrily.

Before he can say anything else, Kisame and Itachi has already disappeared into their own room, leaving Deidara on floor in the hallway. Sasori stares at the younger boy.

"I think I might leave you here in the hallway", he says and walks towards his own room.

"What, you can't do that", Deidara says irritated "Someone can find me here and… By the way, that's a great idea, forget that I said something."

The blonde's right. Someone might discover him and help him get away and whose fault will it be? Sasoris. And it's not that funny when the blonde's want to stay. Sasori sighs and walks back to Deidara and lifts him up, bridal style.

"Why can't you just untie me so I can walk myself?", Deidara asks angrily.

Sasori doesn't answer. He walks in to the room and puts the blonde on the bed and then he walks to the door and locks it. The room has one desk, two chairs, two bedside tables and one double bed. Deidara lies down. He can't do much now when he is tied.

"Pleeease ~", Deidara begs "untie me!"

"No", Sasori says, trying to ignore the blonde.

"Come on."

"Shut up!"


Sasori sighs and walks towards the bed and sits down. He removes the blindfold from the blonde, who smiles.

"Finally", he says relieved.

"But don't think that I will tie up you're hands or feet's", the redhead says and leans closer to the smaller boy, now with a big smirk on his face "because that would spoil the fun."

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