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Hidan smirks at the uncomfortable blonde in front of him. He can see the fear in the blue eyes, which only makes the needs to have sex bigger. Deidara don't know what to do. He's not good at fighting close to his opponent, but which choice does he have? He has no clay so he cannot fight long distance. All he can do is to run away. But how? His stuck between the wall and the tall, white haired man.

Hidan leans closer to Deidara and just when their lips are about to touch each other the door to the room flies open and in comes Sasori.

"Hidan, what the hell!" he screams and runs towards the taller man and pushes him away from Deidara.

He grabs the blondes arm and drags him out of the room, leaving a confused Hidan on the floor.

"Sasori", Deidara says when they are out of the room "Why-?"

"I knew something like this would happen" Sasori hisses to himself, not listening to Deidara "Hidan, that idio-."

"SASORI" Deidara yells to get the red hairs attention "How could you know something like this would happen?"

"Well, you see brat" Sasori says, ignoring the blondes' evil glare he gets from calling him brat "Hidan likes to have sex, he thought you were hot, and you would be alone with him while changing your clothes… Well, I didn't find anything suspiciously about it. It was Kakuzu who told me to go."

He looks at Deidara and sees that he smiles.

"Why are you smiling, brat?" he asks.

"I never thought you really cared about me, un" the blonde says happily, for the moment ignoring the nickname.

"I don't!" the red head snorts and looks away "Just because I saved you from being raped doesn't mean I care."

He then looks back at Deidara who still smiles.

"What's wrong with you?" he asks "Why are you smiling like that to me? I thought you hated me."

"I do", Deidara says and looks down to the floor "It's just that, no one have ever cared about me. No one would ever save me, but you did, and I guess it just makes me happy."

Sasori sighs. He really can't understand that kid. He then discovers something he didn't think about before.

"Come on brat" he says to the younger boy as he starts to walk away.

"Where are we going, un?" Deidara asks and walks after the red head.

"We need to find you some clothes" Sasori says and turns to Deidara with a smirk "or do you want to go around like that?"

Deidara starts to blush when he realize that he is almost naked.

"O-of course not" he answers without looking at Sasori, still blushing.

One year later

Itachi sits in the kitchen, drinking some hot tea. He has just finished a mission and is now relaxing before he's going to do the next one. Just when he's about to put down the cup with tea, a kunai comes flying from nowhere and lands on the table right in front of him. He doesn't seem to be so surprised, it's like he knew it would happen. He puts down the cup calmly and sighs.

"Not today, Deidara", he says tiredly.

He looks up to the door on the other side of the room and there stands Deidara.

"Oh, come on now!" the blonde begs excited "I know I'm going to win this time, un!"

For over a month ago, Deidara wanted to fight against Itachi, to see if he was as good as everybody was saying. And, yes, he was. Deidara lost the fight but that didn't stop him from challenge the Uchiha, over and over again. And he won't stop until the day he wins.

"You said that last time" Itachi says monotonously "And the time before that, and all the other times."

Deidara lift his hand and points to Itachi with a serious face.

"Today, I will win!"

Itachi really miss the time when the blonde was shyer and wouldn't dare to do something against the other Akatsuki members. Now, he's just loud mouthed and he has a really bad temper. Well, he has always been loud mouthed and annoying but now, when he's growing up, it's even worse! Who knew a person could change so much in only a year.

"I won't fight against you" Itachi says as he stands up from the chair.

He walks towards Deidara and looks down at him.

"I don't hit girls."

"Hey!" the blonde shouts "I'm not a girl!"

"Well" Itachi says and puts a hand on the Deidaras head "Maybe if you did something about the hair you wouldn't look like one."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean, un?"

But before Deidara gets any answer, Itachi is gone. He stands now alone in the hallway and pulls his hands through his long, blonde hair. He never though it made him look like a girl, he never tough anything about it. That's why he never did something with it. His hair had always been very long and down, almost covering his body. He puts his hand on his head were Itachi had touched him. The Uchihas hand was so soft and warm and… what's this? Deidara can feel something strange on his head. He takes the object in his right hand and looks at it. It's a dark grey ribbon. For some reason the blonde recognize it. It most come from Itachi, but where did the Uchiha get it from? It's not like he goes around with ribbons in his pocket…?


"Shit… Fuck… Crap…!"

Sasori walks in to his and Deidaras room. Everyone in Akatsuki shares room with their partner, and for one's, Sasori is happy about that. It's amusing to watch the blonde who's trying to put up his hair in a ponytail. Because he fails!

"How's it going, brat?" the red head asks and smiles amused.

"Hey danna" Deidara says, not considering to answer or look at him.

No one in Akatsuki really knows when Deidara started to call Sasori for danna, but they all think it was when the puppet told the blonde about his art. And from that moment, the arguing about art also began. Deidara thinks art is fleeting and Sasori thinks it's eternal. Even if they have different views of art, Deidara somehow always accepted Sasoris opinion, while the red head never could do the same. And he still can't.

"You need some help?" Sasori asks and walks towards the blonde.

Without waiting for an answer, he takes the ribbon from Deidaras hand and looks into the mirror that's in front of them.

"Hmm… I think this will look good on you" Sasori says and takes some hair from the right side of Deidaras head.

Deidara likes Sasori. Even if they always are fighting about art he can't stop himself from smiling when the puppet master is near. Not even when Sasori is angry and insults him Deidara gets mad at him. Sasori is his Danna, and nothing can change that.

"What do you think?" Sasori asks after a while with a prod voice.

Deidara looks into the mirror with big eyes. His face screams impressed.

"Wow Danna" he says without looking away from the mirror "It's… fantastic, un!"

All of the hair on the right side of the head is tied up in a ponytail, revealing his ear. A bang covers his left eye and the rest of the hair is down on the left side of his head. The blonde looks more like a guy now, even he thinks so.

"I'm glad you like it" Sasori says and smiles an unusual smile, a smile you don't see very often.


Sasori is alone in what the members of Akatsuki call a living room. There is one big, grey couch, a brown, round table in front of it and a TV against the wall. A fat, old one. He lies down in the couch and stars at the ceiling. Ever since Deidara was forced to join the Akatsuki he have felt kind of weird, and it scares him that the feelings can be more than he want them to be for the blonde. When the incident with Hidan happened for a year ago Sasori felt that he just wanted to kill him, but he knows that's impossible. That guy is immortal. And the dream he had! Sasori sighs. This is really annoying.

'I'm trying to be mean but when I see him…' the puppet master thinks and closes his eyes 'I'll guess I only have to be colder against him. I mean, he would never feel the same for me..?'

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