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Chloe POV

As I locked up the shop I checked my phone and realized I had a missed call from Mom.

I pressed #1 to play the voice-mail.

"Hey Sweetheart. Sorry I'm hung up at work. I made meatloaf last night so if you'd put it in the oven you're all set for dinner. I should be home around 11. Love you!" Mom's voice-mail said.

I smiled.

My phone beeped to let me know I had a text message, I looked at the screen.

From Jasmine: Hey! Hanging out with Tyler tonight. No training! Lol have a good night off! Get some sleep! It read.

I smiled, ever sense Tyler came onto the scene Jasmine's been a different person, sure she still pushes me and we train but she's been letting me have a few nights off here and there. I've actually been able to see Amy and Paul.

Just as I put my phone away I got another text.

This one from Alek: Hey! Jasmine just texted me. There's a game tonight so I'll be with the guys. Text me when you get home. It read.

I smiled and texted back."Why? You worried about me?"

10 seconds later

"Chloe. Just text me so that I know you got home safe. You say you don't need to be watched All the time so this is what you have to do. Just text me ok?" it read.

I smiled.

"Fine." I texted back.

As I walked down the street I just smiled as I enjoyed the cool breeze on my face.

I was few blocks from my house when I had a feeling I was being watched.

I looked around and saw nothing, but the feeling wouldn't go way.

I took out me phone.

"I thought you were hang out with the guys?" I wrote Alek.

15 seconds later

"I am" it read.

I looked around again, the feeling of being watched intensified.

My phone beeped.

I didn't bother to read it at the moment. I took off running.

Slam! My body was hit with such force I lost my footing and fell to the ground.

Looking up I saw man dressed all in black with a hood covering his eyes.

"Well lookie what we have here? The Uniter alone." the man said with a laugh.

I stared up at him wide eyed.

"That makes my job so much easier." the man said drawing a knife from behind his back.

That's when I went into Mai mode.

Seeing on how I was still on the ground I kicked both my legs causing the man to fall backwards himself. I jumped up and took off.

I heard him prosecuting me. I ran down an alley praying I could jump up on a roof top.


When I realized my grave mistake I heard laughter behind me.

Wiping around I faced my attacker.

"You're just making this way to easy!" the man shouted with laughter.

I squared my shoulders and got into a stance that Jasmine had taught me.

The man just laughed.

"Oh the kitten wants to fight huh? Well lets see what you got!" the man shouted as he advanced on me.

He raised the knife above his head and brought it down with force. I had drawn my claws and was about to deflect it from my face but my right hand still got sliced. I raised my left hand in turn and was able to slice his right shoulder.

The man cried out, I couldn't help but smirk.

"That was for calling me kitten!" I shouted at I continued to block the knife.

He curved the knife in his wrist and brought it down low, slicing my stomach.

It was my turn to cry out.

The man smiled.

"Did that hurt kitten?" the man said as he tried to slice me again. I dodged it.

Now I was pissed.

I did a roundhouse kick that sent him into the wall.

"Stop calling me that!" I shouted.

The man tried to recover but I was to quick. I used my claws and scratched him across the face and finished with another roundhouse kick knocking him out.

As the man slide to the ground I smiled.

Then I felt the pain in my stomach, placing my hand there I felt the wetness, moving my hand to look at it I realized that I was starting to bleed a lot.

I walked slow to the entrance of the alley way fully feeling the pain now that the adrenaline had worn off. Looking around I realized that I was only a few blocks from the penthouse.

In my panic I must have ran the wrong direction.

I grabbed my phone (thank goodness I always throw my purse over my shoulder) and dialed Valentina's number realizing she would be the only one home right now.

"Chloe? Are you alright?" Valentina said the moment she answered.

"Are you home?" I whispered as the pain started to be to much.

"Yes I am. What's wrong?" Valentina shouted again.

"I'll...I'll be there in a few." I said hanging up.

As I neared the apartment building I tried to stand up straight not wanting to draw attention to myself. I moved my purse, slowly of course, to try and hide the stab wound placing my hand on top of it, I smiled at the doorman and walked to the elevator.

As I pressed the button for the 18th floor I started to sway. Shaking my head to keep myself awake I waited for the door to open.

As it did and I stepped out I saw Valentina standing outside the apartment.

"Chloe?" she asked concerned.

I started to sway again, instantly she was by my side and caught me.

I looked up at her.

"I had a little mishap." I said as I removed my hand.

Valentina looked down and saw the blood.

"Chloe!" she shouted.

That's when every thing went black.

When I came to I heard raised voices.

Looking around I saw that I was in the guest bedroom, I started to sit up and instantly felt pain.

"Aaahh!" I shouted as I throw my hand over my stomach.

"Chloe!" I heard Alek's voice shout.

Then next thing I know the door is thrown open.

Valentina, Jasmine, and Alek all came reaching in.

"Chloe! Are you alright?" Alek asked as he sat down next to me.

I tried to smile but the pain caught up with me again. "Ouch!" I cried out.

"Lay back down." said Valentina as she placed her hands on my shoulders softly pressing down.

As I laid back down I looked at them.

"When did you two get here?" I asked Alek and Jasmine.

"The moment Mom texted me I ran here." said Jasmine as she walked closer to the bed.

"Some here." said Alek as he brushed a strain of hair from my face.

"Chloe, your stomach was cut rather deep. And you lost a lot of blood." said Valentina with a stern look.

"But I didn't die." I stated.

Valentina just continued to frown at me.

"Chloe. What happened?" asked Jasmine.

I turned to look at her.

"After I got your text, I started to walk home, the next thing I knew I was slammed into a building by this guy all dressed in black. He said that me being alone would make his job so much easier, then he drew a knife, I kicked him and ran but he followed. Long story short we fought, I sliced him, he sliced me, I kicked him into a wall, knocked him out, and ran here." I said looking around the room.

"Why were you alone?" Valentina asked.

I looked up to answer her but she wasn't looking at me; she was looking at Jasmine.

"It's not their fault. I'm the one who didn't want to be watched all the time. They were just trying to give me space." I said trying to come to my protectors' defense.

Valentina turned to look at me.

"Chloe. We have discussed this. You're lives are to important. You have to be protected at All times!" Valentina said then turned back to Jasmine.

"You were with that boy again, weren't you?" she said to her daughter.

Jasmine looked at the ground and nodded.

"And you?" Valentina asked turning to Alek.

Alek didn't take his eyes of me, "I was with friends." he whispered.

Valentina sighed.

"This isn't a game you two! Chloe is to important to us. Its your job to keep her safe! If you can't do that..." she said trailing off.

"Then maybe I overestimated you." she whispered looking at the ground.

She turned back to me.

"Get some rest Chloe. I already called your mom and said that you were doing homework with Jasmine. She said to just stay here tonight." Valentina said and walked out the door.

Jasmine sat down the other side of the bed opposite of Alek.

"Chloe. I am So sorry!" Jasmine whispered not looking me.

I took her hand to make her turn and look at me.

"You are aloud to have a life." I whispered.

"But..." she started but I interrupted.

"You train me for a reason. I got away because of it." I said.

"You still got hurt!" said Alek.

I turned to him and smirked.

"You should see the other guy!" I said.

Alek just shook his head at me not returning the smirk.

"It's our job to protect you! You shouldn't have to fight or get hurt!" he said looking me in the eye.

I looked right back.

"I repeat, you two train me for a reason. I think I handled myself pretty well." I said smiling.

"This..." Alek pointed to my stomach, "isn't handling it. This is you almost dieing because we neglected our duties!" Alek almost shouted.

I frowned at him.

"He's right Chloe. You could have died." Jasmine said looking at me.

I sighed.

"But I didn't!" I whispered.

"But you could have." Alek said back.

Jasmine sighed and stood up.

"Get some sleep Chloe. We'll see you in the morning." Jasmine as she walked to the door.

"I'm ok!" I said trying to reassure her.

Jasmine just gave me a sad smile, nodded, and walked out the door.

"Chloe. I am So sorry." Alek whispered.

I turned back to him.

"Alek. It was my idea to be alone. You and Jasmine did nothing wrong." I said looking him in the eye.

Alek sighed, "I should have been there." he whispered.

Just then Valentina came back into the room.

"The Council would like to talk with us." she said.

"The who?" I asked.

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