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Chloe's POV

After leaving the penthouse, Liam let go of my waist and the three of us walked out of the apartment building. As we walked I couldn't help but think of Alek and Jasmine, what was I going to do with brand new protectors? They didn't know me or my mom or my friends. They didn't know how important or how fiercely protective I was of them. Alek and Jasmine did, they understood.

"So where do you live?" asked Sofia with a smile.

I shook my head to clear it and smiled back, "Just a few blocks from here." I said as we continued walking.

"We were told you were raised by human parents." said Liam from my left.

I turned to him, "I was. Its just me and my mom now though." I said turning the corner.

"Interesting." He muttered.

I gave him a look. "She's the best mom I could've asked for!" I almost shouted.

Sofia put her hand on my shoulder, "He didn't mean anything by that Uniter, its just we haven't met anyone that was raised by humans before." she said gently.

I turned back to Liam, who nodded.

"Sorry….and its Chloe…please." I said back.

Both Sofia and Liam nodded and smiled.

"So did your parents come with you guys or something?" I asked as we neared my street.

"I haven't seen my parents sense I started training." said Liam.

"Nor have I." said Sofia.

I stopped walking, Liam and Sofia stopped as well and looked back at me. "You haven't seen your parents sense you started training? When was that?" I asked dumbfounded.

Liam shrugged and looked at Sofia, "About what? Nine months ago, right?" he asked. Sofia nodded.

I blinked my eyes and then stared at them, "You haven't seen your families in nine months? Why?" I asked.

Sofia stepped back to stand right by me, "Once we found out you existed our pride throw those around your age into training. Liam and I were the best in that group." she said as she swung her arm over my shoulders and continued our walk.

I looked at her, "Did all the prides do that?" I asked.

Sofia smiled, "Of course, we all wanted to be prepared if we were called upon to protect you." she said just as we reached my house.

I looked at the drive way and saw no car, guess Mom went to work already, I thought.

"This is it." I said starting up the steps only to be stopped by Liam's hand on my arm. "Let us check it out first, Uniter, I mean Chloe." he said as he stepped in front of me. "But its my house." I said taking my key out of my purse.

Sofia took it from me and handed it to Liam, "Exactly, it should always be checked before you enter it, didn't Alek and Jasmine do that?" she asked as Liam opened the door.

I shook my head. Sofia frowned, "Not cool." She said under her breath.

Liam opened the door and walked inside. Sofia stepped in front of me, I guess incase of an attack.

A few minutes passed when Liam came back to the door, "All clear." He said opening the door wider.

Sofia still walked in front of me though.

After a tour of the lower half I took them upstairs to my room.

Sofia walked over to my windows and shook them. "They weren't locked when I checked them. So I did it." said Liam who was frowning at me. Sofia followed suit and frowned as well.

I sat down on my bed and shrugged, "I normally don't lock them, Alek or Jasmine normally stayed on the roof and I left it open incase it rained at night." I said.

"Chloe, you always need to lock them." said Sofia as she too sat on the bed.

Liam took my desk chair and sat backwards on it.

"For all you know some one could have come in here and hide in your closet or something." Liam said as he looked around my room.

"My room is on the second floor though." I said.

"Still, Chloe, its better to be safe then sorry. Jasmine and Alek should have taught you that." said Sofia.

"They taught me a lot of stuff! Just because my windows weren't locked doesn't mean they were bad teachers. It was my fault. It won't happen again." I said defended my old protectors.

Liam stood up and came over to me to take my hand. "We're sorry Chloe, we mean no disrespect, Alek and Jasmine just had a different way of doing things (looking at Sofia) and we need to understand that." He said.

Sofia sighed, "Sorry Chloe, I know they are your friends, its just, we have been specially trained to be your protectors. And we were trained a different way as well." She added.

I looked at both her and Liam, "They were good protectors. Good teachers. I'm just not the best student." I said.

Liam smiled, "We'll work on that." He said letting go of my hand.

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