E/O Drabble Challenge wow "Late" Words - 100

A.N. Just want to say a sincere Thank You to everyone who has been kind enough to review any of the bits I have submitted to these challenges. Being so new I'm not sure what the etiquette is, so don't know if I'm supposed to respond to each person individually or not? Anyway, really, thank you, your reviews mean a lot. Chick Feed xxx

Maybe this time Sam will be on time?


"Hurry Sam! We're late, so late. We can't be late today, it's too important!"

"I can't run any faster….Please….stop looking at that stupid watch!"

"I can't help it. We're so late."

The figure running ahead unexpectedly stopped. Sam collided with him, both falling to the floor. Rodger looked sadly at his watch,

"Too late…..again."

He and Sam looked up from where they lay.

Sam was still screaming as Dean woke him,

"Sam…You're dreaming again."

Sam sobbed, grabbing onto his brother,

"Jessica! We can't save them, either of them. Rodger and me, we're always too late to save them."


A.N. Having written this I'm left thinking how much I would love to see an episode where live action Sam & Dean end up in Rodger Rabbit's cartoon world and have to defeat the cartoon baddy!