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Journey To A Planet Reclaimed

"Righty-ho!" The Doctor raced around the console excitedly, beaming at his three companions. "We are off to a planet on the outer edges of the universe, far in your futures. Picture it: the year is 6386.001 and the human race, now experts in space travel, stumble across the peaceful – and frankly rather lovely – Acadessi race. Well, that year is now!" The Doctor grinned wider and flicked a final switch. The TARDIS engine whirred and they all grabbed onto the rail, wincing as the TARDIS took them across the universe and through time.

They had just returned from a visit home; Amy and Rory had stayed in Leadworth and Fred stopped with her parents for the weekend in Herefordshire. After some persuading, the Doctor consented to go with Fred to her family's home and stay there. Fred's mother loved him, feeding him cake and dinners and telling him stories about her time as a dancer in the sixties. Much to his surprise, the Doctor had rather enjoyed it and had been grateful for the company; he hadn't much relished the idea of being alone while his companions visited their families.

As much as Fred sometimes missed her family whilst travelling, she was very happy when she and the Doctor got back in the TARDIS and were reunited with Amy and Rory in Leadworth. They had set off again immediately, the Doctor desperate to be out of Leadworth because he claimed it was "so dull". When Amy glared at him he corrected himself hastily,

"I mean peaceful! Dull means peaceful! And quiet and...relaxing and very, very pleasant!"

No sooner had they unpacked the clothes they had with them for the weekend, the Doctor had announced that he knew a planet that would be perfect for their first adventure after their little break.

"It's nice and quiet! Just what we need to get us back into the swing of things!"

And so here they were, clinging onto the rail surrounding the console for dear life, waiting for the TARDIS to stop. At last, the TARDIS stilled and the Doctor clapped his hands excitedly.

"Right! Something a bit different this time! We are currently just outside Acadess' atmosphere. "Why?" I hear you ask!"

His three companions were silent.

"Alright, I don't but I'll tell you anyway! We haven't landed yet because I want you to see this planet from afar before we land. Honestly, it's such a magnificent colour! It's a sort of purpley/bluey colour and get this: it's glittery! Honestly! The seas glitter! How brilliant is that?"

"Wow!" Fred's eyes were wide. "Put it on the screen! Let's see!"

With a flourish, the Doctor pressed a glowing orange button and the live picture appeared behind him as he grinned, thinking he'd really impressed them this time. Instead he was surprised to see the three of them frown.

"Doctor," Rory began. "It's not glittery. In fact, it's not even bluey purple. It's just red. It's glowing, dark red."

The Doctor tutted. "Don't be a silly sausage, Rory! Of course it's – " He stopped as soon as he turned and saw the picture himself. Sure enough, the whole planet was now an eerie glowing red. "What? This can't be! We must have gone to the wrong place..."

"You are not in the wrong place, Doctor." A deep voice filled the air, making them all jump. As it spoke, the lights dimmed until their only source of light was the unnerving red glow of the planet Acadess.

"Who are you?" The Doctor demanded. "What do you want? What have you done to the Acadessi?"

"So many questions, Doctor. So many answers I will not give you. Not yet, at least."

As the TARDIS floated closer to Acadess, Fred noticed something inside the planet; something seemed to be living inside the planet itself.

"Doctor, what's that?" Fred pointed to the odd flesh colour concealed in the red glow.

"It is us, Winifred." The voice answered.

"Us?" Fred questioned, eyebrows raised. She huffed. "You know, I would feel a lot better if I could actually see who I was talking to."

The voice gave a chuckle. "Of course. Forgive me. Where are my manners?"

The red glow eased into a softer light and something emerged. Behind her, Fred heard Amy take in a breath. The thing that had appeared was very thin, like it had been stretched out and its skin was an off white and looked wet. As it came closer to the TARDIS' screen, Fred gaped as she saw that the thing's eyes were moving but seemingly unseeing as they were covered by a layer of skin, like they hadn't properly formed. Its mouth looked soft, too soft to be human.

"Doctor, they look like foetuses." Rory said from behind Fred and the Doctor. "They look like stretched foetuses."

The thing laughed, revealing just gums instead of teeth. "Perhaps to you, Rory Pond. But to us, we look just how we are supposed to but..."

Suddenly, there was a horrible squelching noise and they all jumped – except the Doctor who simply glared – and the thing appeared in the console room and in front of the live shot of Acadess.

"For you, Mr and Mrs Pond, Miss Knight, Doctor...for you, we will be whatever you like. If you would like us to blend in with you, we will."

And with that, the being began to change, its bones becoming more prominent and its height shrinking down to Rory's level. Hair began sprouting out of its head and its skin smoothed, becoming more matte; more human. The skin over its eyes slid away, revealing piercing green orbs. Lastly, dark smoke appeared around it. The smoke covered the being and formed into clothes. When it had cleared, a seemingly human man stood in front of them, a devilish grin on his face.

"You see?" It said, its voice still the same deep tone. "I can be like you if it makes you more comfortable. And I think you may need to be more at ease because I am about to change your little lives."

"What do want?" The Doctor growled, angry that something had entered his TARDIS without his permission.

The man looked at the Doctor and studied him, his head tilted to his side. He was sinister to watch, while his body was human, he didn't move like a human at all. He was far too slow, too precise to be human. "You do not like me, Doctor. Why? You know nothing about me yet."

The Doctor glanced at the man's hair. "You're ginger and I'm not. That's reason enough."

The man laughed. "Ah, yes. You've always wanted to be ginger, haven't you, Doctor? You've tried eleven times but still...no red hair."

"How do you know us?" Fred demanded.

"It's my job to know you, Winifred Knight. It's my job to know everything there is to know about you."


"Because only when I know you can I decide what your fate should be. Now I know you, your fate is very much in my hands now, travellers. It is now my decision whether you will live or die."

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