Epilogue: Ominous Shadows

Led side by side next to the crackling fire, Fred Knight and Aric Shaw were resting far away from where they came; they had landed on a beautiful planet called Sille a few hours ago. Aric had been eager to explore immediately, suggesting a hike across the mountains in the distance but Fred had protested, far too tired. She had drifted into a pleasant sleep almost as soon as they had started the fire, enjoying the warmth and the quiet company of Aric.

Aric himself found sleep eluded him and frankly, he had no desire to chase it. He was content to watch the stunning glow of the three moons bouncing across the glittering still of the lake to his left. He was excited; excited about the adventures that were coming to them. He was excited to be sharing them with her, this extraordinary young woman from the past.

Suddenly, she woke with a gasp, her green eyes wide as her hands gripped the thin blanket covering her. Aric frowned.

"What's wrong, Knight? Bad dream?"

"Yeah." She settled down again but her knuckles were still white and her mind was racing.

"What was it about?" He enquired idly, leaning behind to stoke the fire. She paused for a while, as though she was deciding what to tell him.

"Nothing." She said finally. "Nothing important anyway. Just a shadow of the past."

She flashed him a smile and he smiled back and turned back to the fire, satisfied that everything was fine with her. But as soon as he looked away, Fred's face dropped. She blinked and shook her head but her mind refused to stop flashing the images of her dream behind her eyes.

Centuries and light-years away, Cresak trod the familiar path to his boss' room; past the harem of beautiful, exotic women in pools of glittering water, past the clocks that were all set at different times and past the lethal stack of weapons piled up along the increasingly narrowing corridor. When he finally reached the dark door, Cresak raised one of his small hands and flicked the knocker with his third – and last – finger. A voice called for him to enter and Cresak pushed open the door.

The living embodiment of Fred's dream was sat on the edge of an ebony bed, a glass of deep red liquid in his left hand. Cresak handed his boss a glowing golden orb proudly. His boss twirled it in his right hand, admiring the images inside as the light bounced off his white blonde hair. A feral grin tore across his face and his velvety dark eyes shone.

"She has left him, sir." Cresak said, nervously fiddling with his belt. "The plan has gone as we hoped."

A deep laugh rumbled in his boss' chest. "Yes. Well done, Cresak. Soon she will be with us. Soon she will be back with her Master."

The Master! Didn't you just know he was behind this somehow?

So there we are! 'Parted Minds' is all over! A sequel is very much in the works as long as everyone is still on board. I have already gone as far to plan out the chapters...I think there's going to be 11 (rather fitting!)

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