Sweeter Than Chocolate

"That fucking albino.." Mello kept cursing. Matt rolled his eyes.

"Why are you so obsessed with Near?"

The blond glared at him, giving his chocolate bar a bite.

"Which side are you on, you asshole?"

"Shut up, Mello. Geez, you're so unbearable sometimes," the redhead uttered, he loved that bad-humored blue-eyed teenager, but sometimes his complaining was sickening.

"If I'm so unbearable, why are you here? This is my room. Go play your stupid videogames and leave me alone."

Matt turned around so the other couldn't see his blushing. The only thing he liked more than videogames was that blond teen, but he couldn't tell him the reason he was there: because he preferred to be with him more than anything else.

Mello smirked defiantly when noticing the redhead was speechless.

"…Now what? Won't you say anyth—"

He was silenced by Matt's lips over his. It was strange, but they were warm and tender. Nevertheless, he was frozen by the surprise.

The redhead moved away and sat on the floor, at the time he faked starting to play with his Nintendo; but actually he was waiting for Mello's shock to end and anticipating his reaction. If he punched him or yelled at him it wouldn't matter, that little contact had been worth it.

Nonetheless, the reaction he got wasn't what he expected.

Mello was touching his lips, his face was completely red, his blue eyes shining. Geez, I must look like a fifteen-year-old girl who just had her first kiss.. He thought, completely embarrassed. He couldn't believe Matt's action yet.

"…Matt?" he called him. The mentioned one raised his eyes, thanking the awkward silence was over. The blond didn't seem to be mad at him, which was weird.


"You're sweeter than chocolate."