Order and Chaos

The upset blonde slammed the door with violence. Furrowing his pale eyebrows, he passed next to the redhead waiting for him, completely ignoring him. Matt felt immediately uncomfortable and worried for the recent tension in the atmosphere. He adjusted his goggles again, and followed the youngster right behind him like a dog, through the empty hallway, not saying anything. A while ago, Roger had called the bright pair of L's successors to his office, to discuss with them a secretly important subject. Now Mello abandoned the place fiercely, and that couldn't mean anything good. After all, he tended to get into a lot of trouble due to his temper, but usually he didn't care. And to see him so altered caused the green-eyed boy to get in his nerves.

After some moments, he dared to speak.

"Mello?" he murmured with a certain hint of shyness in his voice, repeatedly fingering his shoulder with his index. They had reached the room; the blue-eyed youth had flung a suitcase over his bed and was rudely throwing the few belongings he had in his closet.

"Mellooooo!" the videogame lover was beginning to lose his patience, exasperating the blonde. He applied the old technique that the other had used once to calm him down, grabbing his arms and giving him a modest kiss on the lips. After the contact, Matt was dazed. You're sweeter than chocolate, had been the first line the bad-humored youth had told him after their first kiss. And Matt always kept that in mind.

"I'll miss you, Matt," the other male uttered, grabbing the valise and turning around, because the tears were approaching and he couldn't let no one, absolutely no one to see his vulnerable side —not even Matt. Because that was Mello's way of being, and he wasn't going to change.

But the redheaded knew him even better than he knew about videogames and technology.

"W-What?" was the only thing he could say. His lower lip was getting ridiculously trembling.

"I'm leaving Wammy's."


Silence. A silence too heavy to assimilate. Mello was the first one to end up with the agony.

"L is dead. Kira has killed him, and I swear I'll avenge him, and I'll do it before that Near bastard, I swear." He emphasized. And when Mello emphasized something, damn he was serious.

L's death didn't affect Matt. Not a bit, the truth is he didn't mind at all. Nevertheless he knew Near and Mello had considered L as a father; even when all he had been was no more, no less than an absent figure they venerated.

But he did mind about the blonde, and he wouldn't let him escape that easily.

"Okay," he sentenced. "So, do you already have a plan for us?" he whispered with a smirk. Mello turned and met his eyes.


"You sure are stupid if you think you'll leave me here, alone like an idiot."

The blue-eyed youth gave him a cold glare, however he was smiling inside.

"You won't go. It's too dangerous," he was concerned, and he blushed slightly when he admitted that weakness, but it was the truth. He wouldn't let anything or anyone to hurt his Matt —not even touch one of those precious threads of red hair he loved.

"Since the moment you kissed me, you have condemned your damned existence to stay with me for the rest of your days, whether you like it or not. We shall not be apart."

Those words, pronounced by Matt drew a wicked smile, somewhat scary, on the face of the chocolate addict.

"I guess you're right."

Matt grabbed him by the arm, rubbing his head against him, like a cat clamoring for his master.

"You're stuck on me," he purred.

Mello nodded, knowing he had been blessed.

Because they could be as different as order and chaos; however, more than being opposites, they complemented each other.

They couldn't exist without their contrary.

Matt and Mello.

Order and chaos.