WOW late: waking up in hospital, Dean discovers the disturbing truth about his condition ...

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"Dean, the doctor's gonna check your wound later."

A weary nod.

"What? No protestin'? No whinin' about leavin' hospital?"

A blink.

"Dude, do you remember the rattlesnake bite?"

"No ..." green eyes drift closed.

"s'okay, they said the venom might cause temporary amnesia and loss of feeling."

Green eyes snap open; "loss of feeling? Not …"

"no, dude, not there; only around the wound."

Reassured, the eyes close.

"Anyway, the doctor's gotta check your wound."


"No, your ankle's bandaged because you sprained it when you fell on your ass."

"You didn't step on the snake, dude; you sat on it."


"Sammy, wanna leave!"