Mr. Montgomery your wife is calling you on line two. Thank you Ezra and you know you can call me Byron. Ok Mr. Montgomery oh I mean Byron, as Bryon pick up the phone to hear what his wife had to say Ezra was about head back to his office. But Bryon told him to stay so he did and sat in a chair and waited for Bryon to get off the phone it felt like an hour has pass, then Byron got hang up the phone Byron have a big smile on his face with little tears coming down his face. Ezra got up from his seat and walk up to Bryon and asks if he was ok .Byron just shook and said my daughter is coming home from college I haven't seen her in four year, wow that's along time not seeing your daughter so where does she go to college? She goes to Reykjavik University, in Iceland? Yes when she was firth teen we live there for a year because her best friend went missing and we know it was hard I bet Byron, so Aria will be home at 5:30pm today man I am so happy I'm sorry Ezra I didn't mean to keep you so long, oh its ok Byron its happy new to hear your daughter is coming home after four long years, thanks Ezra, Ezra before you go I like you to meet my daughter when she gets here from Iceland. I yes to that sir bye, bye.