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The Secret Admirer

On the day of February 14, Ash, Misty, and Brock were traveling through an open field in Johto. There they decided to take a break so they could pass out their valentines. Brock had about 10,000 cards ready to give to every Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny in Kanto and Johto. Misty had one mushy one for Ash.

"Hey, I've got an idea," Ash said as he took out his pokeballs. "I'll send out my Pokémon to celebrate Valentine's Day and hang out." Ash threw out his Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Bulbasaur, and Noctowol. Little did the trainers know, the Pokémon also had Valentines to pass out to each other. The Pokémon all started passing out Valentines. Totodile had already gotten a bunch of Valentines from Pokémon they've met along the way.

"Totodile, how did you get so many Valentines?" Pikachu asked looking at the big stack of cards.

"I'm so handsome and so much suave all the Pokémon we've met that are girls sent me mushy cards." Totodile answered feeling a little bit honored.

Meanwhile, Chikorita was looking at her empty Valentines shoe box feeling sad. "Why didn't anybody (especially Ash) send me a Valentine?" thought Chikorita.

Suddenly, a Valentine fell in front of her face. By the time she could see again she couldn't see who sent it. She looked closely at the Valentine and the writing looked sloppy like the Pokémon was nervous when writing it.

"Dear Chikorita,

'I love you. Whenever I see you battle my heart starts battling for you. I always have fun training with you. Do you know attract? Because it is totally working on me.

I was just writing to say I really love and would want to marry you. Imagine what our kids would look like. They would look weird, but who needs kids anyway? As long as our love will last.

Love, your secret admirer."

Chikorita finished reading this and squealed, because she knew one thing: Ash wrote her a Valentine but didn't want to tell her. She decided that she should write him one, so they could confess their love for each other.

She grabbed a pencil and paper from Ash's bag and started writing it. As she started scribbling her feelings out, Cyndaquil came up to her, curious for what she's doing.

"What are you doing?" Cyndaquil asked.

"Writing a love letter to Ash," She replied.

"You do realize that you being a Pokémon it will never work out."

"Who says?"

"The laws of nature,"

"Phooey," Chikorita said to herself. She then added to Cyndaquil, "We'll be like Romeo and Juliet a pair of star-crossed lovers who live happily ever after."

Cyndaquil was thinking of she said and then realized something. He remarked, "Wait, didn't Romeo and Juliet die in the end?"

She then got angry and started scribbling furiously until she yelled, "WHAT'S IT TO YA?"

Cyndaquil was thrown off guard and by her sudden anger and left her alone to finish her letter. She wrote,

"My dearest Ash,

I love you. Our love can be so much stronger than anyone (especially Misty). And if you choose another (like Misty) I will live a sad, cold, lonely life.

I thank you for the letter you wrote and now this is the perfect chance to confess our love and live happily ever after

Love, your dearest Chikorita.

Chikorita then finished the love letter and skipped straight to Ash who was eating heart-shaped cookies that Misty gave him and Brock.

Chikorita yelled "Chika!" which made Ash notice her and the piece of paper she was holding.

"I wonder what this is." Ash thought as he grabbed the piece of paper form her vines. He read the letter out loud. "Chika Chkari Chika Chikikorita Chika Chikorita Chikori Chika Chikorita."

Ash looked at her and said, "Wow Chikorita your handwriting is really impressive for someone with no fingers."

Chikorita squealed and started to walk away. Brock went to Ash and asked, "Hey Ash, what did Chikorita give you?"

"I guess a card or a letter or something, too bad I didn't send any of my Pokémon Valentines. That would have been nice."

Chikorita stoped and couldn't believe what she just heard. Ash didn't send her the love letter. And so the search to find out who sent her the love letter was on.

She searched and searched and searched and searched. She started asking Pokémon, but they had no idea of a love letter and after an entire hour of searching, she sat on a stump and started crying in frustration.

Then Cyndaquil came over, sat next to her, and asked, "Why so sad?"

"Someone sent me a love letter and it wasn't Ash and I have no idea who it is." Chikorita replied still crying.

Cyndaquil sighed and thought for a second and said "I have a confession to make, I sent you that letter."


To be continued…