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Year 1998:

Husband and wife were taking a romantic walk in the park. It was getting darker and the lights in the park suddenly turn on. Mrs. Rahway kisses her husband on his cheek. They were so happy at the moment. There 14 years old sun John was sleeping at his friend. They had all night for there selves. Or so they thought.

They were just about to turn around and went home, when they heard screaming. It came from under the bridge. Mr. Rahway took his finger on his lips and showed his wife to be quiet and stay where she was. He slowly went to the bridge. He took his gun in his hands, when he saw a guy in black running from under the bridge. He didn't know who he was and he didn't want to take any risks at shooting. He could shoot an innocent person, who tried to help the person, witch was screaming and now went to find help.

Mr. Rahway slowly looked under the bridge. He was shocked, what he found. He turned around and shouted to his wife to call the ambulance. He didn't tell her, that under the bridge in the moonlight, there was a woman body without its head and that there was a junk girl all covered with blood and crying.

Little girl didn't heard him, all she knew at the moment was, that the only person she loved was dead. Even when the man took her in his hands it wasn't important. All her world collapsed on her head.

1. CHAPTER: I swore

Today (2010):

"Hey, why are you interested in your family history" a black haired girl looked at hear friend. When she didn't got any response she said loudly as she could: "Grace Rahway are you listening to me?"

Girl next to her took a quick look at her friend when she heard her name. "What?" she didn't have much time. She had just 3 hours, before her parents come home from work and she needed to look at all family photos. They never let her to look at them.

"Never mind" her friend said before turning around and taking a look at a junger photo album. (They were looking at the oldest ones). She was friend with Grace from first grade and she known her better than her own parents.

"Who is this?" she suddenly asked when she saw a photo of Grace and here parents and 17 years old boy.

"I don't know" Grace looked at really handsome boy. She took album in her hands and look at the picture, she took the photo out from the album and look at it closely.

"Something is written on the other side" Brooke notice.

Grace turned the picture and saw the hand written words:

John 18 years

Grace 5 years


"I remember this name" Grace pointed on John. "He was" she know who he was but really deep inside. She just couldn't remember it right now. "e HHHHH He was my… my…brother" the last word really shook bout of hem.

"What?" Brook couldn't help her self.

"I don't know, I just remembered it suddenly. I saw a flash of the past. He was sitting on the sofa and I was next to him. We watch cartoons. He didn't mind watching it with me." she slowly looked at her brothers face. "I don't know a lot about him, just what I just told you. Mom and dad don't talk about him. I didn't know that I had a brother. Till now" at the last two words she smiled.

"What happened to him?"

"I dint know, but I'm going to figure it up" she put the photo in her pocket "I swear" she took a white plastic bag from the box under her bed. "Let's go outside. I need a shot".

Brook went after her quietly. She was the only one who know, that Grace was addicted. When she told her, she thought that she'll get a heart attack. She tried to make her quid, but she was always unsuccessful. She actually gave up at tiring. Watching how Grace took a spoon and a lemon she took some of the weed that was in the bag. She made a cigarette and lightened it up. She swore she'll never do drugs except weed occasionally. So far so good. For now.

She watched the smoke, when it slowly disappears in the sky.