5. CHAPTER: Drug dealer

"O my good, this is a big house!" Grace couldn't help herself.

"Yea, you kind of need a big house if you invite more than two hookers for a night" John laughed.

"Hey, you have a dirty mind" she smiled at what she just said, no matter if it wasn't funny. The pills still had the same affect as 30 minutes ago.

"Yea, I was born with it" he leaded her upstairs "looks like I had more luck at genes that you"

"I can see" she looked around the room John had just brought her in to. It was like the room you can see only in magazines and movies. It was mostly combination of violet, black and white. In the middle of the room was a big violet carped. Right next to it was a king size bed and in the other side of the room there was a white desk with a laptop on it. She could also see a large LCD television on the wall and two really big wardrobes.

"That's going to be you're room as long as you will want it" John smiled.

"What the hell"she couldn't believe her eyes. It was like she was in some movie or something or maybe there was a hidden camera somewhere.

"I'm going to go get you're stuff from the car" John said behind her.

She didn't sleep well that night. She couldn't fall asleep till two in the morning. And when she did she had a nightmare about John and Aj.

They were lying in the puddle of blood with a bullets in there heads. She could hear someone laughing behind her and when she turned around she saw a man with a gun pointing at her. She screamed when she heard a gun being launched.

She woke up screaming.

John was just thinking to wake her up, when he heard her screaming. He quickly ran into her room.

She was sitting on her bead and looking down. When she heard him she looked up. Her face was wet from tears. "What's wrong baby girl" John slowly approached her like he was afraid what she might do.

"I…I…." was all she said before jumping in his hug.

"It's going to be Ok, everything is going to be all right" he hugged her. "Want to talk about it?" He hugged her tighter.

"Not really" she said from under the tears.

An hour later Grace was sitting on her bed with a phone in her hand. John had already left saying that he need to do some business and he will be home at 18.00. She had almost all day for herself, but first she needed some supplies.

She type in the number of her usual dealer and press call.

"Hey, what's up Grace?" Tom said. He was 17 when he started dealing and now he was almost 30 but still out of jail.

"Hey, I need some shit"

"No problem, you know where to find me"

"Yea, that's the problem I'm in New York"

"How the hell did you get there?"

"Long story, don't have time to tell you. Are you coming to NY any time soon?"

"No, sorry baby, but I know someone who deals there"

"That's great"

"I'm going to call him and let you know, OK?"

"You're the best, thanks"

"Ok, bye baby"


She didn't really expect this to be so easy, but what the hell, life is full of surprise. Tom called her 10 minutes after theyr talk.

"Hey baby great news, he'll be in McDonalds on 7th street (A/N: I don't know how the streets in New York are called and if McDonalds is on that street. Sorry if I write anything wrong, but English isn't my first language and I haven't even been in any English speaking country )


"At 11.00. He has a long brown hair and he'll be wiring a black leader jacket, white shirt and jeans. his name is Blaze. You know the process? he's going to couse the strategy.

"Yea, thanks again"

"It's nothing baby, bye"


Grace looked at her watch it was 10.24. I need to hurry up. She taught and quickly changed in jeans and a t-shirt. She ran out of house to the nearest subway. She didn't know New York very well so it was a good thing that she found a map of the city on her desk this morning. John is the best.

It was 10.55 when she arrived in McDonalds. She didn't want to look suspicious so she ordered a milkshake and sat in the corner waiting for him.

She almost drank all of her milkshake when she saw a man in leader jacket and Jeans looking around the place. When he looked at her direction, she waved to him. Man smiled when he saw her. He want over to her.

"Yo, what's up Grace?" he said. Looks like were taking a friend strategy. She smiled at her thoughts.

"Nothing man, just chilling" he sat towards her. "How about you?" Grace couldn't help her self but staring at man opposite her. He was little taller than she was. He must be 5.9 or something like that. She was 5.8, little tall for girl her age.

"You know, just trying to survive. This boring job of mine is going to kill me." He smiled and sown his yellow teeth. Yuck, that's grows. "Yea, I almost forget. Happy birthday" he took a little present from his pocket.

"Oh, you didn't need" she smiled and took the present.

"It's you birthday what was I suppose to do?" he hugged her and whispered in her ear "Some H and LSD and little weed" he was really carful. "Thanks" grace whispered back. He let her go. She took money from her pocket and hided it under the serviette on the tray.

"Could you take care of the tray?" she looked at him for the last time before going to exit. "I'm in little hurry" She waived to him "It was nice seeing you again"

"You to"

The rest of the time she had before John came home she watched TV in her room. She was just watching American Pie when she heard someone calling her. She press pause and ran downstairs. She saw John closing the door.

She ran and hugged him. "Hey, what's up bro?"

John looked at her with a weird look, but didn't suspect anything. "Hi, how's my favorite sister?"

Grace laugh "You meant you're only sister"

"Yea what ever" he messed up her hair "Are you hungry?"

"Like a wolf" they both laugh.

They went to a Japanese restaurant. It was Graces first time there, so she ordered sushi, the only thing she thought she know what is. She was really surprised when she got a row fish.

"You have any dresses with you?" John asked Grace when they were eating.

"Not really" she made a sad face.

"Than we need to go shopping"

"Why do I need a dress?"

"I'm going to take you to the club to meet some people"

"They won't let me in, I'm too young"

"The club owner is a good friend of mine"

"Ooooooo" Grace was hopping that she wouldn't need to go and that John was just joking but she realized that her hopes are for nothing when John took her to the shopping center.

"Try this one on" John showed her a green dress, which was above the knee.

"Do I really need to?" She had already tried 15 dresses.

"Ok, I give up. I'll be in the bar right behind the corner" he took his wallet from his pocket and handed her 500$ "if you need more money you know where to find me"

"Where the fuck do you get so much money. Are you robbing bangs or what?" she looked at him smiling.

"Watch your mouth" was all he said before he left the store.

Time to get your self together she thought I've got some serious shit to do.

After one hour she found a black dress above the knee with a rock belt good thing I took my black all stars. She bought the dress and went looking for John.

He was where he said he'll be waiting, but he wasn't waiting alone. Grace saw AJ sitting opposite John. She took a deep breath and went over to them.

"I'm all done" she said when she was near the table they were sitting.

"Hey little person" AJ greeted her.

"Hey ink dic….." she quickly covered her mouth with her hands.

"Looks like little Grace is playing a good girl" AJ smiled evilly.

"You can laugh till John is here, when he wont I won't…." She didn't have enough time.

She heard Johns voice coming from her right. "Grace, I'm still hire"

"O hay John" she smiled like a good girl. AJ laughed. Grace was able to see his white teeth. How does he have white teeth and smoke? She looked at AJ who was still laughing. But I need to admit he's kind of sexy when he's smiling. What the hell am I thinking?

"See you guys latter, I need some shopping to do, but first I need to caught a smoke." He took his hat of. His hand went thru his blond hair.

What the hell. His hair are blond? OMG! Grace couldn't help herself. When he left Grace sat on his chair and looked at John. "Can we go home already?"

John smiled at his younger sister. "Sure, but first you need to show me the dress you bought"

"O, ye I completely forget" She took something from her pocket and handed it to John "Hers your money"

"You can keep the money" gave the money back to Grace. "Can I see the dress now?"

Grace took the dress from the bag and showed it to John.

"Grace, were late, hurry up!" John jelled from the front door.

"I'm almost ready" she jelled back. Stupid shoe, why is so hard to find you? She had already found one, but it was really hard to find another one. Here you are, you damn shoe. She found it under the bed.

"Ok, I'm ready, lets go!" grace yelled running down the stairs.

John just smiled when he saw her. "What?" Grace looked at him.

"All stars, really?" he looked at her shoes "For the night club?"

"I'm wiring them. So it's my problem"

"If you say so"

The ride to the Club wasn't really long, so they didn't have a lot of time to talk. John parked his car next to Black land rower.

"Welcome to my world" John said to Grace.

She looked around. "I can see" she looked at two woman's waving to John. All they wore were really short shorts, bra and leather jacket.

"If you would be a man, you would understood" he smiled and whistle to the hooker

"Common, let's go, others are waiting for us" he leaded his sister into the club.

"Oh John" they saw a skinny black woman walking there way. John stooped and hugged her.

"Hey Lily, where are the guys?" he let go of her.

"They are upstairs" she looked at Grace "you must be Grace, nice to meet you, I'm Lily"

"Nice to meet you to" Grace looked at her and shook her hand.

"John told me all about you. AJ and I were the only one he told you're coming so I can't wait to see the guys faces, when they see you" she smiled like a child who just done what he's parents were telling him not to. "You don't mind if I go with you upstairs don't you?" she looked at John.

"No, of curse not" he took Graces hand like she was a little child. "This way sis."

They went upstairs and to the VIP part of the club. Grace could hear AJ talking to someone with an English accent.

John smiled at Grace and squeezed her hand, but didn't let go. He took one small step in the room. If he could turn back the time he would never took that step. But the time goes on and he had already made that mistake.