Song fic for: "I hate everything about you" by Three Days Grace. Hope you guys like it… -James

I struck the wall.

Screaming, yelling, crying out to no one.


Tears streamed down my face. I destroyed all my poisons, knocking the entire shelf down. I scream in pain again.

Why do I love you! I hate everything about you! Why do I love you?

I stop, thinking about you. Do you stop for me? Thinking of our shared memories?

More rivers and streams form down the porceilon of my face.

My façade finally coming apart; puppet mask breaking down.

Rage filled yells escape my being as I destroy everything. Holes in the wall, science and papers and splinters of other things litter my floor.

I don't care what the other members think. I continue to pummel and beat not only the furniture, but myself. Gripping my red locks forcefully.

I drop to my knees screaming.

You should hate everything about me! Why do you love me?

I hate everything about you! Why do I love you?

I collapse. A sobbing mess. Head in between my knees, hands entangled in my hair, I break. I can't do it.

Puppets don't feel; shouldn't feel.

But what is this? I don't understand!

I whisper, hoarse from my tantrum,

"Deidara, what is this…?"

A voice comes from my doorway. Unknown to me, the blonde had witnessed it all.

He stands, a single tear going down his cheek.

"It's love, Sasori-Danna." He left.

I'm left alone. Again.

Yeah um sorry for the really sad SasoDei fics as of late… ^^; just been listenin' to a lot of Three Days Grace and it's hard to not get involved in the song lol so um…if you have any ideas or want me to write something for you, just review/pm me/this story and I'll try my hardest! Also I'm trying to make my stories longer, soooo I hope that works xD -James