AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hello sweeties! So, this is a new thing I thought about doing, basically just entries/memories from River's diary. Completely unconnected one-shots about River and the Doctor, not in linear order. Admittedly, this was not actually my idea, I have seen quite a lot of people do little snippets of River's diary, and I thought it was such a cool idea! I just couldn't resist giving it a go. So credit to whoever started this idea first, it's amazing! :D So how it works, is it's written from River's point of view, as if she was actually writing it in her diary. The bold italics are me, the plain italics are River writing her thoughts, and the normal writing is her telling the story/memory in her diary. Hopefully that makes sense! This is an introduction on the first page of River's diary, not an actual memory, I will start writing those very soon, but I hope you enjoy this intro all the same! Please R&R and tell me if you think it's a good idea and I should continue. x

DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately I do not own any of the characters mentioned in this fanfic, and I do not own Doctor Who. Doctor Who belongs to the BBC and this is purely for fun and non-profitable purposes!

INTRODUCTION: Not my diary, ours.


I've never had a diary before. I'm not sure why, I've had quite an eventful life, enough things have happened to me and the people I love, enough things to write about that is. Enough to fill this whole diary in fact. But that's not what I'm going to use it for. This diary wasn't destined to be all about my story, and my complicated time travelling life, but mine and the Doctor's. It's not my diary, it's ours. This diary is for one thing and one thing only...

My Doctor.

All my life I've lived for the days when I see him. And I have – and will – record every single one of our many adventures together. So that one day, they won't be spoilers anymore, they'll be memories, for both of us. Memories that we can share together.

Each entry is – and will be - different, unconnected, and out of order. But each one will be treasured for its own reason. Between the ivory pages, protected by the sturdy TARDIS blue shell, memories written out carefully, the blue ink sculpted into words in my italic hand-writing, forever preserved on the once blank pages of this little blue book.

Each memory written with as much detail and precision as possible, so that when they're being read, you can lose yourself in the moment, so that you can imagine the atmosphere and the voices of the people, as if you were actually there, even if you weren't.

And on the days when I'm alone, when I long to see my Doctor again, I'll open up this little blue book and I'll indulge myself with the memories of the days we've spent together. I'll smile at the happy memories, and let my tears fall at the sad ones.

The once pristine little diary coloured the famous and familiar TARDIS blue won't stay brand new and fresh for long. The sides are worn and the spine is battered already, but it's been loved, and used. Because there's no way I am ever going to let those memories fade away. Not ever.

Because as long as I have the one-off meetings with my Doctor and the memories contained in my little blue book, I'll be ok. I'll always be ok. I will never let my memories fade away, not one line, not one word. And no matter how many times I read them, the adventures will always leap off the page and cause every tiny little detail to come flooding back. But I'll just sit here, waiting, waiting for my Doctor to come back for me. Just me, all alone, me and my little blue book of spoilers.

- River Song.

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