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Chapter 1: A Rift in Time

"You were destined to destroy me," Palpatine, laid on the ground, defeated. His opponent Galen Marek let his expression betray his emotions for only a moment, causing the emperor to smile. "Do it," He goaded. "Give into your hatred."

Galen watched silently, his emotions a mixture of disgust and anger. Drawing his lightsaber, he brought the blade to life, getting ready to strike down the bane and emperor of the galaxy. Watching the blade for only a moment, Galen glared back down at the fallen Palpatine; he knew what he wanted to do, for what he thought he was trained to do since he was a child.

"He's beaten," The gentle words of Kota greeted him, "Let it go." He persuaded.

Galen showed signs of anger, "It's a trick!" He spoke with an angry hushed voice. "He's stronger than you know, and he deserves to die for what he's done to me, to the galaxy."

"Maybe so," Kota argued. "But if you strike him down in anger, you'll be right back where you began, and you'll never escape the dark side!" Kota spoke with words of wisdom that most wouldn't surely obey.

Taking a second to calm himself Galen deactivated his lightsaber, the General was right though the dark side inside Galen was screaming at him to strike down Sidous. "Get Bail and the others out of here, I'll be right behind you." He could hear the Rouge Shadowlanding just behind them, ready to pick up its passengers.

Nodding Kota started to leave, when he felt an immense pain knock him off his feet.

"No!" Galen shouted, as he stepped in-between the emperor, and Kota effectively intercepting the Sith Lightning. "Go, hurry!" He shouted at Bail, who had come to help Kota to his feet. Briefly looking to Kota, Galen turned back to Palpatine, "Protect the senators!" He shouted over the sound of the lightning as he started to inch closer to the Emperor.

Galen's world was in pain as he, took those last few steps toward Palpatine. It felt as if a star was igniting in his chest, but amidst it all he could hear the sound of the stormtroopers' blasters, as they tried to stop the rebels. He saw some pass by them, hoping that none of the Senators got hit with the blasters. Screaming in pain and fury Galen did the only thing he could think of that would save his friends, he charged at the Sith Lord while holding back his lighting and then a bright light came, followed by a explosion.

Moments later after the explosion

"He is dead," Vader spoke with his voice modulator damaged from the battle with his former apprentice. He stared at Galen's body with a hint of sadness in his eyes for the boy who was basically his son for eighteen years. The Emperor approached Lord Vader.

"Than he is now more powerful than ever," Glancing around Palpatine notice that there was nothing left of the boy. "He was meant to root out the rebels," he spoke angrily. "His sacrifice will only inspire them."

"But now we know who they are, I will hunt them down, and destroy them. As you always intended, Master." Vader said hoping please the Emperor from his mistake. Vader watched as the Emperor turned and left, after seeing Galen beat the Emperor he knew the dark lord wasn't invincible, he knew he will have another chance to rule the galaxy and slay his master.

Pausing, the Emperor turned, "You must be relentless, Lord Vader. If even a single rebel survives, this alliance that we have unwillingly created… will be our undoing." With that said, Sidous left to continue his duties as the Emperor of the Galactic Empire.

Somewhere on a planet in a different timeline

Galen Marek, his name was all he could remember, as he stumbled around, his body was sore, and screamed in protest, but something was urging him to continue. He had woken up in a large field, dressed in an odd, yet comfortable, grey and white robe that was torn and singed in several places. He still had his blue lightsaber. Spying what appeared to be huts in the distance, Galen forced his body to move slightly faster, he didn't know how, but he knew that the ones living in them would do him no harm. Upon reaching the small village, Galen felt the last of his strength fade him, as he fell to his knees and collapsed. He was able to open his eyes for only for a few seconds to see small furry little creatures in clothes approach him. Before he passed out one of the creatures turned around and shouted "Father!"

"Father!" Wag Too called out, causing the elder Lurmen to turn around and face his son. "We have found a stranger and he is badly hurt!"

Tee Watt Kaa's eyes narrowed, "This stranger could be trouble," he murmured. Tee Watt sighed and said "Bring him to one of the huts and treat his wounds." Keeping to the helpful tradition of the Lurmen.

"Right away, father." His son spoke as he and a few other Lurmen dragged the boy's body back to their village. Little did they know that this stranger will make a difference in the lifestyle of the Lurmen and the whole war between the Republic and the CIS.


"You were weak when I found you. Now your hatred has become your strength. Rise my apprentice" The voice was cold and calculating, it sent chills up Galen's spine and sound greatly familiar to him.

"If I have to go through you to get to Vader then so be it, boy." This voice was regretful, it made him cocky.

"Don't worry Masters, I will get rid of this Sith scum." This voice was old and groggy.

"Vader's assassin. Welcome to the Ancient Abyss. A place of sacrifice since time immemorial. Are you prepared to meet your fate?" This voice was pitying, it angered him.

"Yes ha ha ha kill him! Ha ha ha!" This voice was pure evil and caused him great pain.

"Your arrogance blinds you." This voice was evil, and it angered him.

"I never wanted this for you, any of this." This voiced brought him great sadness.

"We just embraced the power of the dark side." Said a confused voice.

"I have failed my primary programming, master." This voice sounded disappointed but brought him happiness and relieved.

"My name…my name is Galen Marek." This voice, it was his own, and it brought him peace.

"Am I going to see you again?" This voice echoed in his mind, this voice was worried, and it made him happy.

Galen stirred in his sleep, then he woke up and gasped a breath. He inhaled and exhaled air for a few moments, then finally calmed down.

Sitting up, Galen looked around and noticed that no one was around, but he was inside some sort of pod like object. Then a flap that must have been used as a door open and in came a small little creature that walked on its hands and legs. "Hey you're awake!" A voice called out to him. Looking around Galen noticed it was one of the small lemur creatures speaking to him.

Groaning and grabbing his aching head from suddenly waking up. "Ugh… where am I" Galen spoke tiredly.

"You're on the planet Maridun. We found you unconscious outside our village. My name is Wag Too, I am a Lurmen healer and son of our village's leader, Watt Kaa."

"If they found me unconscious, they probably won't know how I got here." Galen thought.

Then a Lurmen came and spoke to Wag Too, "Hurry! Come quick! There is a something falling out of the sky!" Both Lurmen rushed out of the pod to watch a flaming ball come into the atmosphere of their planet.

Galen got out of his bed and followed the Lurmen to see what is happening. Sure enough, a flaming ball in the shape of a ship was about to collide with the ground.

Earlier before the crash with the POV of the Jedi crashing on the ship (I thought I would put the introductions from the episode cause why not)

Greed and fear of loss are the roots that lead to the tree of evil

The Republic fleet is on the defensive and pushed to the brink! As war rages in the much contested Outer Rim Territories, chaos and fear mount as the Separatist army wages an epic battle against heavily outnumbered Republic ships in the far reaches of the Quell system. Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka race across the galaxy to aid Jedi Knight Aayla Secura who is in the midst of a fight for her life as the sinister droid army closes in

High in the rarified atmosphere of the cerulean planet Quell, a trio of Jedi cruisers is pelted by concentrated cannonades from a cluster of Separatist frigates. The occupants of the command ship's bridge are shaken by the repeated attacks. A bridge officer reports to Aayla Secura that the shields are gone. Before long, the command ship is the only Republic vessel still maintaining altitude. Its flanking cruisers are ablaze and being tugged into the clouds by gravity.

"Hurry Skywalker, we are counting on you!" Aayla says to no one in particular.

High above the atmosphere, the Jedi cruiser Resolute snaps out of hyperspace. A determined Anakin Skywalker orders the gunships to scramble. Meanwhile, aboard the lead Separatist frigate, a calculating tactical droid surveys the battle and dispatches rocket pack-equipped super battle droids.

The cloud of airborne droids spans the distance between Separatist and Republic vessels in no time. The super battle droids begin landing on her ship's battered hull, exploiting its breaches to board the perforated warship.

"Commander, get out there and stop those droids!" Aayla orders her clone officer, Commander Bly.

"I'm on it!" Commander Bly replies as he runs to execute his orders.

The ship starts to list and enter further into the atmosphere.

The Resolute arrives at the site of battle, and heavily armed gunships stream from its docking bays.

One of the officers' turns to Aayla, "General, Skywalker has arrived!"

"And not a second too soon!" The Twi'lek Jedi says as she tries to keep herself steady from when her ship takes fire from the enemy ships.

Skywalker's gunships streak toward Aayla's flagship, leaving the sky littered with contrails. The rocket droids spot the newcomers, and some blast off to intercept.

"Rocket droids, incoming!" A clone pilot reports."

"Those droids are boarding the ship!" Anakin shouts as he sees the Super Battle droids board Aayla's ship.

One droid lands atop Anakin's gunship, and begins to tear apart the cockpit canopy. Anakin orders Rex to save the pilot, while he impetuously leaps out the open door and into the sky.

Anakin lands on a rocket droid, riding the out-of-control automaton down to Aayla's cruiser. Meanwhile, the gunship pilot bails from his compromised cockpit, landing in the gunship's open troop bay. Anakin lands his rocket droid in a hull breach, and continues his fight aboard Aayla's ship, not missing a single step as he cuts down battle droids.

The gunship that Anakin jumped out was on fire and was crashing towards Aayla's ship.

Onboard the gunship was a squad of clones, Captain Rex and young Padawan Tano. Captain Rex, turns to Ahsoka, 'Hey kid…"

"I know I know… I'm hanging on!" Ahsoka shouts to the clone captain through the high speeds of the crash gunship.

The pilotless gunship slams into the hull breach moments later, and its occupants Ahsoka, Rex and more clones from the 501st, spill onto the scorched deck.

Inside one of the CIS warships, the commanding officer tactical droid is growing impatient and changes plans. He orders his gunners to blow the cruiser out of the sky, regardless of the hundreds of rocket droids now crawling over its surface. Inside the ship, Ahsoka and Rex catch up to Anakin, and they in turn find Aayla and Bly.

Anakin pulls a Super Battle droid with the force onto his lightsaber and then throws it with the force onto other droids in the hallway. Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex and the squad of clones run with Aayla and her clones.

"Nice entrance, Skywalker." Aayla says as she blocks any stray blaster fire heading towards her. "How do you plan on getting us out of this mess?"

Running with Aayla and blocking any blaster fire that was coming at him he reports his plan, "Well, I have a ship docking with the lower hangar."

The plummeting cruiser's ventral hull begins to glow from atmospheric friction. A Republic frigate matches speed and eases into the belly hold, extending the docking port. The Jedi arrive at the lower hold, extending the gangway. Just then a series of explosions tear through the corridors, consuming clones and droids alike. Anakin alone spots the growing fireball. He uses the Force to push his fellow escapes into the gangway airlock, which seals shut.

"Master!" Ahsoka shouts as she watches the door shuts, to make her wonder what will happen to her master's fate.

Anakin then turns as the blast doors close on the explosion, but he knows the bulkheads won't be enough to contain the blast. He offers what reinforcement he can through the Force, but the hatch buckles, and the force of the blast slams him against the airlock.

Ahsoka refuses to leave Anakin behind. She orders the clone pilots aboard the frigate to not to move the ship. She then tries to open the blast door, but it will budge only enough for her to peer through and see him unconscious and gravely wounded. She uses her lightsaber to slice through the door. She pulls Anakin's inert form, but time is running out as the plummeting cruiser continues to convulse and shudder around them. They make their way onto the frigate, which drops from the cruiser's hold and rockets away toward the Resolute. Aayla Secura makes her way to the cockpit to contact Admiral Yurlaren aboard the Resolute.

"You will never be able to dock with our ship in the midst of this battle." The Admiral informs the desperate Twi'lek Jedi.

"We have no choice Admiral. General Skywalker's condition may be critical. We must get him onboard the Resolute."

"Are all Jedi so reckless?" Yurlaren replies with disdain in his voice.

"Only the good ones" Secura answers with a smirk.

As the frigate begins docking with the Resolute, vulture droids fire at it. A hit shakes the cockpit, throwing the pilot forward into the controls, accidentally activating the hyperdrive. Bly can't shut it down. With the ship gearing for lightspeed while still in the Resolute's hold, it risks severe damage to the cruiser. Yularen orders evasive maneuvers. The Resolute turns away from the volatile frigate just as the smaller ship's hyperdrives engage, rocketing away from Quell at unimaginable speeds. Yularen orders the frigate's trajectories plotted, though he knows the odds of their survival are slim, a jump like that through a gravity well is extremely dangerous.

The crippled frigate tunnels its way through hyperspace. Ahsoka will not leave Anakin's side as he lies in the ship's abbreviated medical suite. Aayla arrives, "Ahsoka, I need you and Commander Bly in the bridge right now."

"I should stay. Commander Bly doesn't need my help." Ahsoka says as she does not want to leave her wounded master's side.

"You can help Anakin by getting this ship to safety." Aayla suggests.

Bly arrives with grim news. The result of the overhasty jump has plotted the ship on a direct collision course with a star.

The crew returns to the bridge, desperately flipping switches to revert the ship from superluminal velocities. Aayla orders a complete power down of the ship, but Ahsoka objects: such a move would shut off Anakin's life support. Regardless, Ahsoka carries out Aayla's command.

They cut power, and the frigate drops out of lightspeed. Its forward momentum still hurtles it towards the star. Aayla switches the power back on in time for the ship's drives to fire up, and it begins to vector away from the searing stellar furnace. Ahsoka slingshots the ship around the star, sending it hurtling towards a nearby grass planet.

"Well, we are not going to crash in the star, but we are definitely going to hit crash on that planet." Ahsoka points out as they descend into the atmosphere within the planet, with the ship on fire from the re-entry.

The ship plows into the plains, bursting into flames. The clones and the Jedi blow the escape hatches and flee the burning wreckage. Ahsoka and Aayla carry Anakin's limp but living form. The twisted metal eventually burns itself out.

Ahsoka and Aayla lay the injured Anakin gently on the ground, and both of them sit on the ground themselves to catch a breather from the recent events.

"Well, we made it and Master Skywalker is still alive." Aayla says as she observes Anakin's injured body.

Ahsoka lets out a sigh of relief, "I'm glad he wasn't awake to see that landing." Ahsoka says as she turns her head to look at the Twi'lek Jedi.

"He would have been proud." Aayla tries to make Ahsoka feel better for the bad landing. Both of them then stand up from the ground, and dust themselves off from the dirt or any debris.

"Certainly perfected the art of demolishing ships and almost getting my master killed." Ahsoka jokes under the stressful situation. They both look down the unconscious chosen one.

The Republic castaways erect a makeshift shelter to tend to Anakin. His condition is worsening. He will need help that night if he is to make it to morning.

Ahsoka suggests Aayla and Bly head to the south while she and Rex stay with Anakin. Aayla disagrees; the Jedi must work together, even if that means Ahsoka must leave Anakin behind. With difficulty, Ahsoka concurs.

Bly's cursory search of the surrounding area has uncovered a carved tablet with a crude illustration of a humanoid fending off a predator. There are intelligent inhabitants on this grassland planet. Using the tablet as their only clue, the Jedi head out to seek the giant trees depicted in the carving. Captain Rex stays behind at the camp to watch over Anakin while the rest of the team leaves to the west. Aayla looks to her side to see a troubled Ahsoka.

"I can still sense your worry for Anakin., your attachment to him". Aayla says. (Not a romantic attachment if anyone is wondering or confused.)

"It's just… I get so confused sometimes. It's forbidden for Jedi to form attachments, yet we are suppose to be compassionate." Ahsoka explains her troubled mind.

"It is nothing to be ashamed of Ahsoka. I went through the same process at your age with my own master." Aayla says as she recalls her padawan days with her master Quinlan Vos.

"Really? You?" Ahsoka asks not completely believing that a experienced Jedi like Aayla has gone through the same process that Ahsoka is going through.

"Yes, my master was like a father to me. I realized that for the greater good, I had to let him go. Don't give up a thousand lives just to save one." Aayla explains the very important lesson.

"Maybe, but that doesn't mean that I can't try to save his life." Ahsoka says, not wanting to give up on her teacher.

Night falls. The scouting party arrives at an enormous tree that looks greatly familiar from the bark that Bly showed Aayla Secura. The group walks up to the giant tree and examine it, only to see nothing, no life forms.

Commander Bly touches the tree with his hand, "I see no life forms General."

Unfortunately, when the clone touched the tree, it let loose enormous falling seedpods that nearly crush them. Aalya sees the pod closing in on the clone commander, and pushes him out of the way, narrowly missing both of them. More pods fall, but the scouting party quickly gets out of the way and in a safe distance from the seeds of doom.

"No wonder it is deserted, it's a deathtrap! You would have to be crazy to dodge those on a daily bases!" Ahsoka shouts as she too was almost crushed from the pods.

Aayla observes her surroundings and spots a path in the grass suggesting that an intelligent culture has found use for the pods and has dragged them away from the tree.

"It looks like someone or something intelligent enough figured out a use for the pods and dragged them that way." Aayla points out where the pods could have been drugged. "All we have to do is follow the trail. Let's go!"

The team continues along this new direction.

Meanwhile, the sound of animals stirring in the grass keeps Rex on alert. Anakin begins to awaken just as a mastif phalone, a deadly turkey-headed quadruped, lunges at Rex. The wicked animal pins Rex, but he manages to squeeze off a blaster shot that startles the monster and causes it to run away into the grasses.

Aayla, Bly, Ahsoka and the rest of the team continue their trek through the tall grasses, but stop when they hear a strange animal cry close to the open field they were in. They hear creatures running through the grass at a fast pace, but they cannot see them through the tall grass. Then two mastif phalones lunge at them, bowling over the Jedi and tearing into the clones. One phalone launches a clone in the air with its head, while another grabs the throat of a clone with its beak and thrashes him around like a chew toy. The other creature does the same method with the last remaining clone recruit. The Jedi use the Force to call their lightsabers to them and activate them, though they did not get to use them for Bly shoots one dead in the head. The other scampers away at the loss of his comrade, but the damage has been done. The clones Cameron, Lucky and Flash are dead.

"We have to keep moving." Aayla suggests though if listen closely you can tell there was a hint of sadness in her voice from the recently dead clones.

The team, now half their previous size, keeps moving for they had no time to mourn the loss. Meanwhile at camp, Rex continues his vigil guard, protecting his commanding officer.

Dawn breaks. Bly, Ahsoka and Aayla discover a clearing with a village made of enormous seed pods.

"Pod central, we made." Ahsoka says.

The three remaining Republicans slide down the dirt path to greet the villagers of said of village and ask for their help for their wounded Jedi friend.

Lurmen villagers, small, furred bipeds with huge, expressive eyes, warily watch the outlanders as they approach.

"Hello?" Ahsoka calls out, only to not to receive an answer. The Lurmen back away nervously as they were not use to strange visitors, they got one and he was waiting in a tent. A Lurmen with a beard and little yellow clothing of a robe and a cane walks up to the strangers.

The village elder, Tee Watt Kaa, greets them not with hospitality, but with suspicion. "What have you come here for?" He asks to know their business.

Aayla responds, "We are peacekeepers. We are Jedi from the Galactic Republic. Our ship crashed not too far away, and one of us is gravely injured. We need your help."

"Violence breeds violence. Jedi are no peacekeepers." Tee Watt argues as he looks at their weapons, the lightsaber. Aayla notices this and so does Ahsoka so she made her move to talk.

"We are fighting for peace and freedom.

"Does freedom and peace require fear and death? We colonized this system, in an attempt to escape the Clone Wars. We came here to find peace. You must leave; you will only destroy what small amount of peace that is left in the galaxy. You will only bring destruction." Tee Watt argues and demands.

"Regardless of the Clone Wars and our part in them, we still need your help." Aayla says as she takes a few steps closer to the Lurmen leader, though he was not backing down.

"I'm afraid I must do what is best for my people. We cannot help you." Tee Watt says that was quite familiar to what the Twi'lek Jedi said earlier. The village leader turns around and starts to walk back.

"Please! Can you at least give us some medical supplies. My friend is dying" Ahsoka pleads.

Tee Watt pauses and thinks. He thought that he should help them, but he also thought that maybe he should sick their other stranger on them, but that thought was perished as 'violence breeds violence'. The stranger pulled off impressive feats with his force powers such as carrying some pods with the force with ease and warding off a Mastif Phalones with no problem at all while shooting lighting out of his hands and he didn't kill them like he commanded. He may have another use for this stranger after all. Tee Watt looks at his people and his son and gestures his son to come to him.

"I cannot ignore a plea for help. I will send my son Watt Tuu and another person help you." Tee Watt says. Tee Watt then looks at a pod and brings up his hand as if to call out to someone. "You can come out now, boy."

The Jedi and Commander Bly look to the pod and saw a sight that surprised them. Someone, a human, came out the pod. It was a boy no older than nineteen maybe. Aayla and Ahsoka could sense the Force in him and it was very powerful, almost terrifying. He was wearing a white Jedi robe (It's the robe on the Death Star level if anyone is confused.) He had very short brown hair and had a lightsaber on his waist. The boy walks up to them with a stern face.

Tee Watt looks at him, "Young Galen, I have task for you to accomplish."

Galen Marek looks at the group and then at Tee Kaa, "What will you have me to do?"

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