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Chapter 4 preview: The Dark Side's Temptations

"It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that leads him to evil ways." -Budda

When we last saw Galen Marek, he had fought off Lok Durd's droid forces and saved the Lurmen village. Using the Separatist shuttle, he was finally able to leave the planet Maridun. But trouble always seems to follow him for a Conderate warship, owned by none other than Lord Tyranus, has trapped Galen in it's tractor beam. Will our anit-hero escape the Sith Lord's clutches or succumb to a fate worse than death?

With Galen Marek, piloting the stolen Separatists shuttle

Once the ship had broken through Maridun's atmosphere, the controls ceased its ragged shaking. Galen fell back in the seat, letting out a tired sigh. He ran his hands over his weary face, and then dropped them on his lap. So much had transpired in such a short time, and he still didn't know anything about his memories.

"What do I do now?" He asked to no one in particular.

He waited in silence for a moment as if he was expecting an answer to appear from thin air, but nothing happened.

The man had no idea where to go or even where to began searching for his past. His flashbacks never showed or told him where he was at the time. He had never felt so lost before until now.

He emitted a low groan when a spike of miserable pain came from his ribs. It almost felt like his torso was inflamed, easily reminding him of his recent injuries from the droids.

"First I need to find somewhere I can get these wounds treated." Galen muttered to himself. He silently hoped that talking to no one would not become a habit.

Out of nowhere, his head started to hurt like if it was being pounded with a hammer. He held his head with his hands in a excruciating amount of agony and discomfort. He was getting another flashback.

"You don't need to know anything about my missions except where I'm going. Now I need a jump to Nar Shaddaa, can you handle that?" He heard his voice, except it sounded like he was talking to someone in a very harsh commanding tone.

"Of course." It was her beautiful voice, but her words were obedient and smug.

And then the pain stopped. He was breathing hard from the intense experience, while more questions buzzed through his mind.

What were my missions? Hunting Jedi? Was she a pilot? Just who was this woman?

But this vision did give him one piece to the puzzle, a possible clue.

What did I do on Nar Shaddaa? I... I need to go there, now. The man concluded in thought.

Galen's thinking was cut off, when he saw a yellow button that blinked repeatedly. He raised his eyebrow in curiosity, debating if he should answer it. Coming to a conclusion, he pressed the button. It was then he heard a robotic high pitched voice that mimicked the bots he fought on Maridun.

"Shuttle 02-14-93, we are bringing you in through hangar one for inspection. Prepare for a tractor beam hold."

Before Galen could curse his own luck, the shuttle started to shake. He gripped the controls to prevent himself from falling, and then looked out of the cockpit's glass window. His jaw nearly dropped when he could see the ship that was pulling him in. The ship appeared to be around eight hundred meters in length, dull grey color scheme with three blue lines on it. The design characteristics appeared frightenly close to that of a skeleton or bony carcass, no doubt to scare their enemies. There was a large white emblem painted on the bow of the ship that was similar to the symbol he saw multiple times in the robot's fortress on Maridun.

As the skeletal ship continued to pull his shuttle in, Galen could only remark to words that he dreaded to say,

"Oh no."

Galen Marek held his breath nervously as he watched his own shuttle that flew towards the large strange ship, like if it had a mind of its own.

The lone Separatist shuttle decelerated the moment it entered the frigate's hangar bay. It hovered in the air for only a second, before it's three insect-like legs sprung out, and touched the cold metal floor. Though he wasn't able to pilot the vehicle anymore, he still had control of its only exit, to which he kept closed for obvious reasons.

Suddenly, more of those skinny tan droids burst into the room, like ants. They immediately surrounded the vessel, all with their blasters aimed in the same direction. By using the shuttle's outer camera, he saw that there were a numerous amount of those strange robots around the ship. There were far too many to count, and Galen knew he was too injured to fight them off by himself. He felt that the situation was growing rather hopeless and grim by the second.

It was then that an old, but rather demanding voice spoke up behind the mechanized crowd.

"Put your weapons down. Is that how we treat our guest?"

The droids separated themselves, making a clear runway for an elderly man to walk through. He had combed back white hair, a clear sign of his age, with a beard that circled his chin to match the color. He wore a brown-clasped cloak over a belted tunic and trousers in varying shades of black or brown. Anyone could had easily mistaken him for a noblemen from the fine clothes he wore. Despite his cryptic appearance, it was obvious by his pose that the man demanded complete respect and attention from anyone.

"Come on out, boy. I wish to have a word with you."


There it is, a taste of what is to come; Galen Marek meets Count Dooku.

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