"Well, well, well, Regulus. I must say I didn't expect to be seeing you like this. Your family has quite a good reputation, except of course for your miserable brother. It is a shame that I am the one who has to do this. Although, it is such an honor to be personally asked by the Dark Lord to kill you. Still, such a shame." I silently cursed the voice. Like all death eaters, he was wearing a mask. I didn't recognize his voice, either. What did it matter, I asked myself. I was going to die anyway.

"I will ask you once, Regulus. Where. Is. The. Locket?" The voice hissed at me angrily. I considered playing dumb, but decided against it. For the first time in my life, I was truly proud of what I had done. I hadn't done it on someone else's orders. I hadn't been frightened into doing it. I had done it because it was the right thing to do. And that felt damn good.

"I destroyed it. Do you know what your so called 'Lord' is doing? Do you have any idea? He's using you; he's using all of you! He doesn't give a damn about anyone other than himself! I know you have to kill me, but listen to this. Hear me out. He's splitting his soul. He's making himself unstoppable. And once he's done that, he won't need you. He won't need anyone! Find the rest of them. Find the rest of the Horcruxes. Find them and destroy them."

"Silence!" I finally recognized the voice. Of course this would be who the Dark Lord sent.

"Listen to me. If you love her, and I know you do, you'll do this." Ignoring me, he put a full body bind curse on me.

"I'm sorry." He vanished. I thought about what this meant. Would he finish my job? Why didn't he kill me? As arms, legs, and other body parts began to rise up out of the water, I knew it was over. It had been over from the start. Yet even as I drowned, I felt happiness. I had hope that perhaps someone else would figure out what was going on and end it. And, if not, I was okay. I was proud. I was happy.