Hey guys, so this is going to be a multi chapter story which is a sequel to my story "some bonds just can't be broken", you don't have to go read that one to understand this. Thanks again for all the support you guys gave me on the other one, and I hope you like this one.

Gale and Katniss story, I chose to ignore Mockingjay completely, no offence but I didn't like how it was going. So this is happening in catching fire,

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It has been months since me and Gale's "confessions" in the forest, through this time we have gotten in a lot of bad times but we always made up and now we are stronger than ever.

It was nearing the time of the year for the games again, and as the day drew near, I felt more and more uneasy, knowing that I was going to have to mentor with Peeta, and potentially watch 2 kids die. What made it worse is that this year, is the year of the quarter quell, which happens every 25 years, and from what I heard, the twists in these make the normal games seem peaceful. I shuddered at these thoughts, having been through the games myself, it's hard to imagine what could make these games worse.

Today, it was the reading of the card, they were going to announce this year's theme, for the quarter quell, some kind of twist that will make these games more "exciting". I sat down in front of the television with my family along with Gale's. Gale put an arm around me protectively, seeing my pale expression and obvious uneasiness.

The anthem played, followed by President Snows usual speech. Then a little boy steps forward, holding out a box which the president opens revealing tidy rows of yellow envelopes. He reached his hands and pulled one envelope out. He opened it then said, "Now, to honour our third Quarter Quell." He pauses "On the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Hunger Games, as a reminder that by rebelling against the capitol, your lovers will be hurt and sacrificed. The female and male tributes, will be the loved one of each of the tributes of the seventy-fourth games."

My heart stopped as I heard this, everybody in the room had their eyes on Gale and I, we had all heard what Snow had just read out. The tributes from 12 will be the lovers of me and Peeta. Which means….Gale.

Okay this was probably pretty short but I thought that this might a good place to end the chapter, next chapter will be the reaping and what happens. Reviews please and I am open to suggestions


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