Hey y'all. So this may or may not be the final chapter. It doesn't really matter because i can just end with this chapter or continue with what happens afterwards, but I'm just letting you guys know that I've been wanting to wrap up this story and start a new one. Thanks for all the reviews so far and I'll see if I find inspiration to continue this into MJ. So yea... i hope you guys read any new stories I post and i love you guys for reading my stuff. i dont own anything.

I woke up to a strange looking room, my head hurts and it takes me a moment to recall what happened to me. I remember Gale and I in the arena, I remember the water rushing on to us as we kissed... I remembered...

My head hurt when I got to that part as it became harder to remember and everything was fuzzy. There was a hovercraft, there were bright lights flashing all around as the force field of the arena fell apart and then...

it went black.

I sat up quickly as this last memory passed through my head, at least I tried because as soon as I lifted my body, hundreds of tubes that connect machines to me held me down. I heard something stir beside me and notice for the first time the silhouette of a man sitting beside me. As he woke and lifted his head to meet his eyes with mine, I realized that it was Haysmitch.

"Oh, look who's awake," he greeted me with a sly grin.

"You! what did you do? what happened, where am I?" I yelled at him, desperately wanting some answers to why I'm here instead of dying in the arena with Gale, not that I'm complaining about survival. Speaking of which... "Where's Gale?"

"Well good afternoon to you too sweetheart," he replied disapprovingly, "Shouldn't I be hearing a thank you Haysmitch for saving me from dying in the arena first?"

"Not unless you tell me what happened, and again, where's Gale?"

"Lover boy's fine, been awake for a few hours now. But I'll explain to you the situation first. See, since the quarter quell has been announced, there's been a lotta chaos throughout the districts, and some of my friends and I contacted and we planned this whole thing out. Even the gamemakers are involved in this. I knew you'd be able to win, but that doesn't mean that they were going to like you being victor again. We joined forces with district 13 rebels, and planned the rescue missions. There's a revolution starting, and whether you like it or not Katniss, you played the biggest part in starting it."

It took me a few minutes to process the information, I didn't know for sure if I was angry at Haysmitch for keeping all this for me, worried that a revolution is starting, guilty that I started something that could kills so many people, or relieved that the capitol was perhaps finally going to be taken down.

"There's a district 13? So it actually exists?"

"Afraid so sweetheart, we're headed there right now, it was the only place the capitol couldn't control during the war because of their nuclear bombs, so instead they kept it a secret."

"And you kept this all from me because?" there was no anger in my voice this time around, and I see Haysmitch's hard expression soften as he realized I wasn't fighting back.

"It was safer not to, we didn't want the capitol suspecting anything."

I nodded, and Haymitch starting fidgeting a bit, "There's something I have to tell you though, you're not gonna like this but they bombed district 12."

My eyes widened, but whatever words I was going to scream out was cut off by a deep voice coming from the doorway, "Your families fine Catnip, most of the district got out in time. Thanks to Peeta."

I breathed out a sigh of relief, just a small one knowing that hundreds of people, some of which I cared about, had died for me, yet again. I grabbed onto Gale as he walked towards me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

"You kids catch up," said Haysmitch as he stood up to leave, "We're landing in a few minutes."

"I'm scared," I admitted when Haysmitch was finally out the door.

"Me too Catnip, but it's okay. I'm here and I love, I'll protect you. There's nothing we can't do together.

I don't know what's in store for me, and the rest of Panem, but fire has been catching ever since that first day when I volunteered for my sister, and it has all led to this. Something big was going to happen, and I was going to do whatever I can to make sure the capitol falls, and no more innocent people die for me.

I'm kinda ehh about this ending, but I decided to kinda keep it similar to the CF ending, the events of MJ basically happens after but I guess with Gale being by her side and obviously Prim doesnt die and they stay together. I honestly still don't get why she blames him for that cuz its not like he set them or anything, he just designed them because he thought that would help the war. ANyways enough rambling. I hope you guys enjoyed this story as much as I liked writing it.

oh and I will be starting a Gale/Madge story soon because I'm kinda shippin them atm. so if you want check that out. loves