If South Park was more realistic.

What would South Park be like if it was more realistic? Let me tell you this...not a very fun cartoon.

Let's take's a look at some of the situations in South Park and see what would happen if there were more realistic.

Shelley and Stan

"I'm gonna kill you turd!" Shelley snarled at Stan.

Shelley threw Stan on the floor and started punching him in the face.

"Ow! Ow! Ouch!" Stan cried in pain.

Shelley then took the televison and smashed it on Stan's head.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Stan screamed in pain.

Lifting the now broken television off Stan. Shelley then threw Stan out the window.

Stan then lay outside on the ground injured. Shelley then came outside.

"Get up, turd! Get up!" Shelley shouted at him. Stan didn't answer.

"Turd?" Shelley then said puzzled. She poked him a couple of times but no answer.

Shelley then turned Stan over to see him staring blankly with cuts everywhere from glass. He was dead.

"Oh shit!" Shelley then said shocked. It didn't help that the parents had just come home.

The next day, Shelley ended up in jail with the newspaper saying "SADISTIC GIRL MURDERS BROTHER."

The many disasters the town goes through.

South Park has been destroyed countless times. Turkeys, Mecha-Streisand and a huge firework snake are just a few examples. Now never mind being just a small town, the whole population of South park would be dead already, but having your town just attacked and destroyed once in real life, would be traumatizing enough, what would the boys be like having suffered so many disasters.

"I can't go on living anymore!" Kyle cried. "Our lives suck ass!"

"Yeh! God only knows how long it'll be before we're attacked again!" Stan also cried.

Cartman appeared holding a gun. "I found this in my mom's closet. Let's shoot ourselves."

Cartman then fired a bullet at Stan and Kyle's heads and then himself. There wasn't much point killing Kenny because well...I think you can guess.

"Mppppphhhhhhhhh" Kenny snarled. (Translation "What do you think it's like for me! I can't commit suicide!")

Kyle and Ike

"Kick the baby!" Kyle shouted out loud. and Kyle then kicked his brother through the window to where Sheila was sitting.

"What the hell!" Sheila shrieked. Ike lay motionless on the ground. Sheila looked through the window to find Kyle grinning with his leg still in the air.

"Kyle Broflovski! What the hell is wrong with you!" Sheila shouted

Kyle's smile dropped "Uh oh." he went.

Ike was put into hospital, he died a few days later of the injuries in his chest, Kyle was put in the mental home for his behaviour.

Kyle was wrapped up in a white jacket "Oh man." groaned Kyle. "As if being put in here for talking poo wasn't enough."

"They decided to send you here too?" Shelley said next to him also in the same jacket.