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The sun blazed high in the sky over Ouran Academy. The Host Club eagerly prepared for this afternoon's theme, in which they were all motorcycle riders. The twins donned tight, leather body suits that were dark blue complete with helmets, which they propped on opposite hips. Tamaki wore a similar ensemble, but his was black with crimson accents. Kyoya refused to participate and sat in his uniform under a sakura tree. Hunny and Mori also wore similar ensembles to Tamaki, except theirs were white with black and midnight blue accents. Finally, Haruhi was given a skin-tight, leather body suit (to Tamaki's fantasy delight) that was completely black, save for silver stripes on her forearms and thighs.

They opened right after school, and the sun beat down on everyone. Couches were moved under the shade, and Haruhi was kept more than busy running back and forth between the school and the garden, delivering cakes, tea, and other assortments of food. It was just another form of torture inflicted upon poor Haruhi by the twins. On one of her trips, she caught a glimpse of the school's thermometer, which read an alarming 39 degrees Celsius (about 102 F).

At around her eighth trip, on her way back into the building, Haruhi began to feel very tired and had developed a pounding headache. She hadn't had a rest, or a drink for that matter, since the club opened. She set the fancy tea set on the tray for the millionth time that day and struggled to pick it up. Hoisting it up on her right shoulder, she walked lethargically out the back door to the school and back into the garden. As she walked along, Haruhi felt her strength slowly slipping from her. The tray wobbled, and the tea cups clinked together. After what seemed like hours, Haruhi arrived back at the club and began distributing tea. The fact that she was sweating profusely did not make the tight leather any more comfortable and did not go unnoticed by our favorite bespectacled host.

Haruhi reached Tamaki's table and set down the last of the tea cups. As she poured the tea, one of Tamaki's customers asked with concern, "Haruhi-kun…are you feeling okay? You look a little pale."

"Yes, Princess. I'm feeling perfectly fine. It's a tad bit too hot for me at the moment, though." Haruhi responded and excused herself.

As she arrived back to the school, Haruhi rushed over to the bushes guarding the back entrance to Ouran and proceeded to empty her stomach. She leaned heavily against a neighboring tree as the dizziness overwhelmed her.

Haruhi reached up to wipe the sweat from her forehead only to find that there was none. Her skin was hot and dry to the touch, and she had stopped sweating. Her stomach turned again, and she doubled over once more. Once she had finished, Haruhi glanced around nervously to make sure no one had seen her and walked back into the building. She set down the sterling silver tray and turned back toward the exit; however, the speed with which she did so made her head spin, and she leaned heavily against the wall as she tried to get her bearings.

Finally, feeling more stable, Haruhi set back out to the garden; however, she felt the bile rise in her throat again and ran over to nearby bushes and vomited again. Standing up straight, Haruhi wobbled back to the host club, finding it harder and harder to force air into her body. She looked around at her surroundings, confused as to where she was, but she saw the billowing sakura trees reaching out to grab her. Deeply afraid, Haruhi broke into a sprint and made her way back to the hosts.

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