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Just the thought of losing her made him sick to his stomach. He dropped the empty cup in the trash and practically sprinted back to Haruhi's room. The caffeine had the opposite effect on him than it usually did, and as soon as his head hit the bed by Haruhi's hand, he fell into a fitful sleep.

"Haruhi? Haruhi, where are you?" Kyoya called out desperately. He knew she had been right in front of him just moments before. "Haruhi!"

"Kyoya? Is that you?" He heard a feminine voice in the distance.

"Haruhi! Oh, Haruhi…I've missed you…you have no idea…I'm not myself when you're not around…I'm falling apart at the seams."

"Kyoya…I know it's hard for you to grasp, but I might not be coming back…I'm still in a kind of limbo…I need to have a reason to come back to the other side. Kyoya…can you give me a reason?" She looked at him with eyes saturated with desperation.

"Your father needs you…he couldn't bear it if he lost the other woman in his life."

"Yeah, but…I need something more secretive…something my waking self doesn't know quite yet…if you get my meaning."

"Of course…well…the twins need you, they're going back to their secretive ways, and everyone is worried for them." At seeing Haruhi shake her head, he knew it had to be even deeper than that.

"I'm falling apart without you, Haruhi…I had a revelation today. If there's no you…there can never be a me…I cannot possibly live without you…I-I love you…"

"Oh, Kyoya…I have no doubt that the real me would love to hear those words…"

"Wait! You mean…"

"Yep! I'm just a figment of your imagination…a subconscious image." She had been growing closer to him, and he could almost feel her warm breath on his lips. Just as they were about to kiss, she whispered, "Now, Kyoya…I need you to wake up! It's time to wake up!"

And now...

Kyoya jerked awake, his hair tousled, and immediately looking to the subject of his dreams. Her eyes were still closed, and machinery still surrounded her bed. He heaved a heavy sigh and moved to push up his glasses only to find that they were no longer on his face. Frantically, he began to scour the room for his glasses and eventually found them on the bedside table.

He sighed in relief and put them back in their rightful place before taking Haruhi's hand and talking to her, as was his ritual.

"Hey, Haruhi…you would not believe the dream I just had…it was almost as though I could feel you there with me, running your fingers through my hair and…well, then I woke up and here you are…very much unmoving…and they wonder why I can't sleep. The disappointment is slowly killing me! I see you and talk to you when I'm asleep, but when I wake up, I can't hear your voice or see your eyes…I don't know how much longer I can take this…I need you here with me…I need you to wake up, Haruhi. Please…I love you…" He whispered the end and glanced at her face hopefully, but his face fell when he saw that she was still asleep.

"Well…it worked for Sleeping Beauty…" Kyoya shrugged and leaned over Haruhi, kissing her on the forehead. "Okay, so it may have been on the mouth, but that Princess wasn't hooked up to all of this crap." He sat back down and put his face in one hand, still grasping Haruhi's hand with the other.

Two minutes passed, and just as Kyoya began to drift off once more, he felt Haruhi's fingers twitch. All signs of exhaustion left his body as he gripped her hand tighter, fearing it may have been a fluke.

"Haruhi…? Haruhi, can you hear me?" He asked hopefully. The smile that lit up his face when she squeezed his hand once more was one for not just the Ootori record books but also for the world records. "Come on…open your eyes for me."

Very slowly, he watched as Haruhi's eyelids peeled back. He smiled at her, and she attempted to smile back but was cut off by the feeding and oxygen tubes. She gasped deeply, and Kyoya heard her heart monitor go haywire as she began to panic. He rushed into the hallway and called out for a nurse to help them. Feeling utterly useless, Kyoya stood in the corner he had been relegated to as the nurses tried to talk to Haruhi.

"Alright, honey. You're going to need to calm down a little bit for me. Can you do that?" One of the more matronly nurses asked her.

With tears rolling down her face, Haruhi lifted her hand off the bed and pointed to Kyoya, as though begging him to help her. He gladly obliged and kissed her knuckles before nodding at her. Haruhi began to calm down as the nurse continued to instruct her. Kyoya could not pay attention to a word the nurse said as he gazed at the girl. This had to be a dream…he would wake up any second and see her lying still once again. But if this was a dream, he was perfectly content for now, rubbing small circles into the back of her hand.

At some point, the offending tubes were removed, and the nurses left the room. Haruhi had fallen into a light sleep shortly after getting a short drink and a quick checkup. Kyoya sat next to her, gazing at her peaceful face. He had been so scared earlier, but he was relieved to know that the worst was over and she was back with him.

Then he remembered that he was not the only one looking forward to her awakening, and he left the room to use his cell phone.

"Hello?" Came a sing-song voice from the other end.

"Ranka Fujioka, please." Kyoya answered, barely containing himself.

"May I ask who is calling?"

"Kyoya Ootori."

The line went completely silent before he heard frantic whispers and rustling from the other end. "Hello? Kyoya? What's wrong? Is it Haruhi? Is she okay? What hap-"

"Ranka…I have some news…but you may want to come to the hospital as soon as you can." Kyoya's monotone effortlessly fell into place.

"Did something happen? What's wrong?!" Ranka was frantic.

"Just…come to the hospital as soon as possible, please." Kyoya hung up and returned to the room. The host club could wait to find out the good news until after school.

"Haruhi…you have no idea how scared I…er…we were…don't ever do that to us again!" Kyoya whispered to her, squeezing her hand lightly.

She returned the pressure and opened her eyes. Kyoya smiled down at her, and she looked at him with a confused expression before being taken over by a harsh coughing fit. He offered her water, which she greedily drank before testing out her voice.

"Kyoya-senpai…w-why are you…smiling?" She asked weakly.

"You had us all very worried, Haruhi. And I couldn't bear the thought of losing profits from the club just because you decided to pass out on us." Kyoya muttered, dropping his smile back into a firm and unemotional face.

Haruhi's face noticeably fell at his statement, and she looked away from him.

"I h-hope you don't mind…I took your g-glasses off while you were asleep…you just seemed l-like you would be…more comfortable…without them…" Her voice was still raspy and it took her some time to huff through the words.

"Why didn't you tell me you were awake then?" He wondered aloud.

"I-I was…so drained from…taking them off…off of you…I didn't e-even notice…the tubes…I m-might have passed…passed out after that…" She coughed. The removal process had not gone as smoothly as the nurses had hoped, and she still found it rather hard to breathe. It was also painful for her to swallow. Kyoya could see the way her breathing became erratic the more she talked, and every time she tried to swallow, he saw her wince.

"K-Kyo-Kyoya-senpai…" She rasped as she took his hand and clenched it. He looked to her to see her grasping her throat and chest area. "C-Can't…b-br-bre…"

Kyoya's eyes widened as he pushed the call button.

"What is it?" The matronly nurse from before asked before seeing the young woman gasping for air. "I'll be right back!" She shouted as she wrestled her way down the hall to get some oxygen for the poor girl.

Once the nurse returned, Kyoya looked back to Haruhi, noticing she had gone from red to purple in color. The oxygen mask was placed over her nose and mouth, and slowly Haruhi began to regain color. Kyoya saw her eyes begin to droop as she succumbed to the sleep that was beckoning her to it.

"What was that?" He asked the nurse, afraid of the answer.

"It's a somewhat common reaction. She was so used to breathing with oxygen that not having it was too hard for her body to cope with right now. The rough removal process probably did not help at all. She should be fine, though! With a little rest and some TLC, she should be right as rain in no time!" She cheerily replied before puttering out the door.

"Kami, Haruhi! Didn't I just say not to scare me like that again?" He asked her sleeping form as he sat beside her once more. All was quiet for the next few minutes before he heard a ruckus from down the hall.

"Where's my Haruhi?! What's happened to my baby girl?!" A frantic Ranka, still in his work clothes was trying to get any information he could out of the hospital staff before he saw Kyoya peeking out of his daughter's room.

"Kyoya! Where is she? Is she alright?" Ranka asked, rushing up to him.

"Why don't you see for yourself?" Kyoya smiled as he stepped aside.

"Ha-Haruhi…she…she woke up?" Ranka asked, disbelief evident on his face.

"A few times, actually. She's still on oxygen because her body had an adverse reaction to the removal process of the tubes and…are you alright?"

Ranka had fallen to his knees, tears streaming down his face. He kept muttering to himself, and Kyoya had to lean down to hear what he was saying.

"Thank you, Kotoko…Haruhi woke up…she's going to be okay…thank you, Kotoko…thank you…"

Kyoya let a small smile grace his features as he pulled the man to his feet. "I think she would really love to see her father when she wakes up again…" He said, pushing Ranka to Haruhi's bedside.

Ranka nodded and took his daughter's hand, and the waiting game began.

Almost an hour passed before Haruhi woke up again. She did not see Kyoya standing in the far corner, but she did see her father gazing at her.


"Shh, it's okay, Haruhi. You don't need to talk. I'm so glad you're awake, baby girl. You really had all of us worried. Especially Kyoya." When he saw Haruhi's eyes widen in surprise he continued. "He only left your side when he was forced to. You should have seen him…he was a wreck without you."

"L-Lost p-prof-profits…" She muttered, getting misty-eyed.

"What? Whoever told you that is a loony. That boy is crazy about you! He was so scared for you because he cares so much about you! He slept right next to you every night, unless one of us dragged him away and locked him up." He smiled fondly. "Kyoya even read to you during a thunderstorm to make sure you didn't feel scared. He didn't go to school unless forced, and he hardly ate or slept. Sweetheart, he adores you, and he was so relieved when you woke up, I'm sure."

In the meantime, Kyoya stood in the corner watching the interaction. His eyes were wide. I did tell her that she was losing profits for the host club…way to go, moron…she probably thinks you hate her…

Kyoya did not choose to step out of his hiding place until he noticed the tears slipping down Haruhi's face. "Dad…he…h-he probably…h-hates m-me…"

"Actually, Haruhi, it is quite the opposite. You see, I find you intriguing and amazing, and I was so terribly worried when you passed out the other day. At first I thought Tamaki was just being his regular drama queen, but when I noticed the panic in his voice, I knew something was wrong…Haruhi, why didn't you tell me that you were not feeling well?"

Haruhi shrugged her shoulders weakly. "Don't know…wan-wanted to make…y-you all ha-happy…" She muttered hoarsely, tears still cascading down her cheeks.

"Well, in the future, you need to tell someone when you start to feel under the weather, okay? You had all of us very scared. I thought I was going to lose you right when I finally figured out how I felt." He took her hand and looked into her eyes. "Haruhi Fujioka, you mean more to me than anyone ever has. I've watched you go from a shy, invisible girl to a strong, temperamental woman. You have become my entire world, and I would not want it any other way. I mean, you can be infuriating at times, but you single-handedly broke me out of my shell and changed me for the better. I cannot see myself as being happy with anyone else. Will you please be my girlfriend?"

When she remained silent, Kyoya let go of her hand and made to stand up. He dropped his gaze to the floor and desperately tried to keep from releasing his sadness. But as he began to walk away, a small hand grasped his wrist.

"Ky-Kyoya…I would…l-love to be…your gi-girl-girlfriend…" She told him as she smiled brightly.

Kyoya glanced to the other side of the bed for Ranka's approval and, seeing him nod, Kyoya leaned down to Haruhi and kissed her on the mouth. It was a chaste kiss but one that was long overdue for the two lovers.

"Well, Haruhi! I'm just gonna get home and take a shower. I'll be back later, alright?" Ranka asked as he stood up to stretch his back. When he saw his daughter nod, he continued. "I love you so much, baby girl…I will be forever thankful to whatever amazing force sent you back to me." Giving her a kiss on the forehead and patting Kyoya's shoulder, he took his leave.

"So, Haruhi, what shall we do until your father and the host club return?" Kyoya asked once the door had shut.

Haruhi patted the bed beside her, and Kyoya lightly placed himself next to her. "Well I have an idea…" She told him, her voice beginning to come back to her.

Kyoya felt a small package being placed into his hands, and he looked down to see what it was.

"Read to me, Kyoya?" She pleaded. "And don't skimp on the voices. I know you're a genius at the voices…" She winked.

Kyoya nodded firmly and began the tale. "Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much…"

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