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Exploring and understanding the Gboys rules following a mission for Preventers. YAOI (future)1x2 (enstabilished) 3x4,5xS,6x9,13xU,RxOC

Never break a house-rule

by livi

chapter 1

*#01 – Leave no man behind (01 included!)*

Duo was slowly making his way back at home, he had served undercover for the past twelve hour to get final proves on a high profile person. Such person was the Vice Minister of Humanitarian Care and Services, Randall Wickens.

For the last twelve hour Duo has been in his company not as the fine Preventer agent he was, but as the street kid running away from home and ready to do anything not to be sent back.

Of course under the guise of a malnourished child, only Duo – out of the five of them, former Gundam pilots – was the most credible and also he had the expertise for such a role. Not that Commander Une was happy about it, nor Colonel Po or Colonel Marquise, after five years from the war Duo was still young enough to be considered a child and thin enough to pass for a malnourished and runaway one.

Due to malnutrition and illness in his youth years Duo was in fact the shortest of the five young men working for Preventers. Trowa was still by far the tallest and Heero and Wufei were close in their heights. Even Quatre was taller than Duo and since he started to follow Heero's schedule he had outgrown Duo by muscular mass in both his upper and lower body.

Doctor Colonel Sally Po had studied all the pilots and of them all Duo was still the most affected by the wars and the chemistry used on them by the scientists. And even thought he had growth some, he has yet to reach his ideal eight. Something that bothered him constantly.

But being the shortest and the young-looking one has his advantage. For example no one suspect him to be the dangerous being he was and his superior, namely Une, Po and Marquise had a soft spot for him. In fact after the successfully mission he had been told to rest and to give his report with calm the following days. Not hurry at all.

He was glad that Colonel Po hadn't be part of the mission, if else she would have sent him directly to her clinic in HQ but Zechs accepted his quick assurance of well being and sent him on his way home.

Sighing to himself he took a peek at the house in front of him, the small four bedroom house he shared with the other pilots since they all accepted their place in the organization. It was small and cozy and Duo loved it just because. Never in his fantasy he would have hoped they would end up all together, maybe they could have worked together but actually living? That was a dream he had never dared hope.

Having grown as a part of a gang as a street rat Duo felt their group of pilots very much like a family. Quatre not being an effective agent but rather a politician and head of one of the largest company of the whole colony and earth sphere alike meant he was often away. And the other three were often sent on mission two per time as rules prescribed. Still each time he passed that threshold Duo felt at home.

Walking the small sideways to reach the door Duo felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. Snorting in annoyance he flipped it open without even looking at the ID caller.


The high tone of voice had him flinch away from the phone and look at it darkly. Wondering why the hell Relena was calling him he prepared himself for the lastest tiring thing of the day. "Relena, or is it Miss Peacecraft that is calling?"

"Only when I call you Agent Night."

With a snort he began to fumble with the door "What can I do for you?"

"Have you forgot already what day it is today?"

Frowning even more Duo stepped inside the dark house "What I'm forgetting here Relena? Sure is not Christmas, last I checked it was in December." and they were still in November, or so he hoped.

"Very funny," the voice had lost the small resemblance of warmth that had turning steel cold "my party was today, or rather IS today. In fact you should be here!"

Cursing to himself he quickly turned to flip on the light only to find himself pressed over the door by a hard and strong body. His phone slipped from his fingers as his head slam against the wood of the door. His hands were firmly pulled behind his back as a monotonous voice began to read his right as a pair of cuffs were locked on his wrists.

"What the hell is going on here?" he growled angrily trying to push himself away, only barely registering the monotonous voice finishing his speech and associate it as Trowa's. Of course the body pressed against his that was patting him down was Heero's and the calm voice thanking Relena through his phone was Wufei.

"Guys, what the hell...?" he struggle again only to stop short as Heero's hands began to search the front of his treasures. His eyes shot open forgetting the pain and the tiredness as slowly he was being divested of all of his weapons. "C...can someone tell me what's going on?"

"Have you not listen to what I said Maxwell?" Trowa's voice came too close to his ear for his taste as he began to search him along with Heero. "You are under arrest, shut up now or everything you are saying will be used against you."

Growling he tried again to push himself away from the door only to have his face pressed harder against the wooden surface by Heero. "Stop struggling."

He couldn't understand, he felt panic rising over his body. Never before his friends had treated him like this, arresting? For what? He had done nothing. Was he being framed? But by who? And what were they going to do with him?

He was forcefully pulled away from the door and dragged over the couch where Wufei dumped him unceremoniously. "You better confess everything and face your righteous punishment."

"Punishment? Confessing? 'Fei... I...I really don't understand! I've done nothing, I swear!" he looked up pleadingly at his friends surrounding him. Trowa was standing in front of him, with Wufei and Heero beside him one on each side. "Tro? 'Ro?"

He looked first up Wufei's face, but he had to quickly look away because of the disappointment he saw there, Heero's too was impossible for him to look at, he was glowing with anger and something akin to disgust. Trowa was the safest to look at, being impossible for him to assume an expression that was not neutral. "Trowa... please can you tell me what..."

"What is the rule #8 Duo?" Heero's voice came strong and steady making him flinch by the anger he heard in it.

Looking at their unspoken leader with growing fear Duo shook his head softly "I... It was an order I couldn't not do it Heero."

Taking hold of his chin when he moved to look away Heero forced his gaze back to him again and spoke in a deadly whisper "The eighth rule Duo!"

Shutting his eyes as if to ready himself from a strike Duo recited one of their group basilar rules "Never go on a mission without backup... without one of you as backup."

The rules were twenty and almost every one of them has been created through painful experience. The eighth rule has appeared rather necessary when it was evident that no one in the agency was up to their level and no one could provide enough protection for them. Everyone of the rules came with experiences and those usually ended up with one of them in the hospital.

By omitting he had been called on a mission Duo had broken said rule and also...

"What is rule number six?" Trowa's voice spoke up calmly moving Heero's hand away and taking hold of Duo's face to turn him toward himself.

"To... to call if... if one has to stay late at work..." again Duo gulped softly now fully understanding what was going on.

"And what have you to say for yourself, Maxwell?" Now it was Wufei's hand under his chin and his eyes that were boring into his soul. "I suggest you to find a good enough excuse or else..."

Shaking his head as if to clear his mind and escape from the hand holding his chin Duo pushed himself back on the couch, only now trying to find a way out of the cuffs still imprisoning his wrists. "I... I was about to finish my report on our last case when Zechs called me in his office."

He could still remember entering their office not late than 16 hours ago and hear the clear and calm voice of Colonel Marquise saying "Vice Minister Wickens has found our spy in his office, Agent Dust was forced to high tail. We have to put someone in there quick enough or we will lose him. He is implicate, he is into this head straight. But we lack proof."


Stepping inside the office Duo struggled to find the chair and plopped himself in it rather unceremoniously. "So, what's up Zechs?"

"Vice Minister Wickens has found our spy in his office, Agent Dust was forced to high tail. We have to put someone in there quick enough or we will lose him. He is implicate, he is into this head straight. But we lack proof."

Duo hadn't follow the case having been concentrate on one of his own, but was vaguely aware that it revolted around kidnapping and rape victims. Zechs asked him to work an extra shift and he of course accepted, Quatre's birthday was fast approaching and Duo knew he needed more money to buy the antique book he had seen for his friend.

"And that has to do with me, why?"

Zechs sighed rubbing his face, equally tired as his young agent/friend. "Do you know anything about the L3 traffic?"

"You mean the high traffic problem on the colonies?" he frowned not understanding what car problems had to do with him.

Snickering the tall blond shooks his head "I meant the drug traffic, Duo." standing up he walked around his desk to stand in front of Duo. "I know you are tired, you have been pushing yourself too hard Duo."

"I know," sighing he rubbed again tiredly at his eyes "But Q's birthday is in a few days and I found the perfect gift for him."

"Only that it cost too much?" Zechs shook his head sadly amused "I would have lend you the money Duo, without working yourself to the grave. What are the others saying about it?"

Laughing tiredly the braided agent looked up at his commanding officer "You know better than me that they were occupied with cases. Q is working himself harder than me so he didn't notice, Fei and Heero have been with Relena to that conference on L1," frowning he realized that his two friends would return later that night. "And Tro has been on double shift here and at the hospital searching for that drug thief."

"Meaning, no one noticed you have been working like a maniac for the past two weeks?"

"Meaning I've wrapped up the six cases I had to finish, twenty two report to write, and started at least two cases on forgeries and credit card thieves."

Zechs leaned back against his desk sighing "I shouldn't ask you of this then."

"You need me, and I don't mind." Another shrug "But if you want to give me two days off after this I wouldn't complain too much." his grin spread all over his face, should he wrap it in a couple of days and having the next two off he would be able to organize the best surprise party for Quatre.

"If I assign you on this case you won't be able to call one of them for back-up."

Wincing at that the young man stood up and began to pace. "How long would it take?"

"Wickens has his men pick up the victim from the club in the night, he has his fun with them for a couple of days and drop them off dead on the third or forth." he sighed "We just need for him to pick you up. A couple of hours the most."

"And what if he doesn't pick me?"

Sighing again Zechs returned to the back of his desk pulling out a roll of pictures and showing them to Duo. Every single one of them had a young looking boy with dark long hair in it. "They are the victims." Duo looked up at Zechs when he said that.

"Where are they now?"

"As I told you before." the older man close his eyes tiredly "seven of them had their proper burial done. The last three are still here at the morgue."

Shivering lightly Duo returned to look at the boys in the pictures. He could easily pass for one of them, in fact those eyes and smiling faces looking back at him were forcing memories of his past to resurface. "What can I take with me?"

And so he accepted.

/End flashback/

He looked up at his three companion and sighed tiredly "I didn't have time to contact you, and you couldn't came and help me..." he shifted uncomfortably on the couch, his arms were starting to hurt because of the cuffs and of course the fact he had a bullet in his shoulder didn't help at all. Nor the knife wound on his left side nor the lacerations that Vice Minister enthusiasm in bed had caused. He shudder forcing those thoughts away from his mind, locking them away as nothing but another bad experience of his life. Another one.

"You are hurt." Duo's eyes quickly went up to Trowa's whose statement caught him off guard. "And before you start searching for one of your lies that is not a lie but is an half truth... I suggest you relent. You are already in a bad enough position."

"Trowa..." he tried but a sigh from behind the couch had him tense up involuntary. Only to relax when he recognized the voice.

"I've set the kitchen table, if you could hurry up. We are already late." Quatre's face was obviously unhappy, and Duo know that he was at fault there. He had worried his friends and now they were going to...

He frowned not really understanding the part with the kitchen table and the fact that Quatre was dressed in a tux. Then Relena's call came back to his mind and he sighed, of course they were late for her party. Groaning he sat up a little straighter ignoring the ache in his lower body. "Alright... I'm going to dress, be back in five minute, if you could remove those..." he looked up pleadingly at his three Preventer partners only to find the scowls back in their faces. "...uhm...what have I done now?"

"You are hurt Duo... where do you think you are going?" Heero moved forward and picked him up bridal style.

"But Relena..."

"Will understand," Wufei walked quickly before them showing Duo his cell phone, "She was in with us from the start, it was her that informed us where you were."

Frowning, Duo didn't protest – much -– when they brought him into the kitchen and set him on the table. Only then realizing what Quatre meant by having set the table. A soft blanket was laid over the wooden surface and a sterile sheet has been placed over it, making it warm and soft to be laid upon.

Heero sat him on the edge of the table and kept his hands on his waist to steady him. Wufei was rolling forward a cart with medical paraphernalia on top and Trowa was washing his hands in the sink. While Quatre was watching him with eyes full of sadness and concern. Gulping softly he tried to escape those baby blue eyes watching him, tried to hide pressing his face in Heero's broad chest, but it was impossible.

"Why did you accept this mission, Duo?"

"Quat..." he whimpered and Heero's arms tightened around his body, letting him know he was safe there.

"It's a simple question Duo, you knew what kind of mission it was. Why did you accept it?"

Shutting his eyes tight the braided man refuse to answer or looking back at his blond friend. He accepted without protesting as Heero gently laid him down on the table. His wrists were still locked behind his back so it was really useless for him to protest anymore. He just hoped Trowa would stop his check at the two obvious injuries. He was glad though of Heero's strong arms that were keeping him from being completely flat on his back. His wrist would seriously hurt if he had to press them down with his body.

Scissors were used to remove his jacket and shirt, and Wufei with Quatre's help began removing his pants. Licking his suddenly dry lips the former pilot of Deathshyte keep reminding himself those hands belonged to his friends and they weren't going to hurt him, much.

Trowa eyed the injured man on his table with something akin to concern. Not that he was willing to let it show on his face but still Duo was as much as a younger brother to him as if they were truly blood related. Moving his expert hands over his body he frowned noticing quickly the two obvious injures. A nasty stab in his side, not very deep but still in need of a pair of stitch and a bloody shoulder. He hissed softly when it was clear the bullet was still inside.

"Damn it." he grumbled softly making haste to check on Duo moving the hand scanner quickly over his upper body feeling his own hands trembling with concern. He had taken a liking on medical division as soon as the war ended. Even when he traveled with the circus he had always liked taking care of the others, and during the war he was the one appointed at sewing and healing his fellow pilots back to health.

It has been obvious when they all were forced to go back to study by the Govern that he would choose medicine as his field. And thanks to his training as a pilot and mercenary and thanks also to Sally Po, what other people studied in years Trowa got in just a couple, and now was in fact a doctor. A field doctor, as he prefer since he was still a full time agent doing shift at the Preventer clinic as well.

"I need to take him to the hospital. I can't operate here." his voice was calm and soft as he spoke to Heero on his left. The former Wing pilot was still holding Duo down, not with any actual force as the younger man had all but stopped his struggling. "His pulse is getting a little weak, pressure is dropping and his blood is still dripping out of him. I don't like his tempt as well, is slightly elevate. And that bullet needs to be removed."

Heero nodded his acceptance not taking his eyes away from Duo. The braided man had his eyes close and it was obvious to him as well that his breathing was starting to get swallow. "Alright, Relena will understand."

"No." Duo's eyes snapped open searching for Heero's making the former Wing pilot sigh softly knowing what was going to happen now. "I can survive with a bullet in my shoulder for a little bit longer. You go, she was looking forward to this party..."

"And who's gonna stay here and watch you die from blood loss?" Wufei has been on Trowa's other side the whole time helping moving Duo and handing over instrument for the tall pilots to conduct his check up. "Don't be a baby and grow up, you are going to the hospital and that's it."

"Sally would not be happy 'Fei." struggling to get up Duo sighed as Heero decided to help him pulling him against his chest. "and she is already there for certain. You should be there too, Relena won't mind if I'm not with you but she will be hurt if Heero and Quatre are not there, as well Sally would be if you and Trowa aren't."

"Sally will understand, you are injured."

"And she will feel the need to came and check me over herself, Tro." he smiled up tiredly at them "After all, am I not in detention? Have you not arrested me for breaking the house-rules?"

"Nh," Heero looked down at him shaking his head silently "do you want us to leave you here alone as punishment for your misbehavior?"

"And why not?" Duo forced a grin on his lips "I will rest, sleep a little and regain a little bit of strengths. After all you can't operate me without anesthesia."

Trowa leaned over to be at the same level with his eyes "And that's probably why I want to take you to the hospital asap."

"But... you could..." Duo frowned trying to shift slightly without wincing "go there, make Relena happy for a little bit. Make Sally happy as she would show her fiancé and her favorite pupil around and then you can tell her and came back here to take me."

"Or we could take you to HQ, Heero and Wufei could go to Relena's and drive Sally there to operate you." Quatre spoke up from his corner.

"Trowa can operate me." Duo said softly looking up at the still close Heavyarms pilot. "You don't have to ruin Sally's good time..."

Wufei smiled at his friend and ruffled his head "She won't have it any other way Duo, and you know it." then he frowned resuming his stern look "And you need one of them to sign you out of duty."

That has Duo about to protest but Heero's look stop him with his mouth open and no word to suffice his rant. The Japanese pilot turned to Trowa "Can you operate him alone?"

"I would prefer Sally to be there, I don't like to work with unknown doctors, the anesthetists always end up asking way to many questions when the patient woke up in the middle of the operation..."

Rolling his eyes Heero looked down at their injured friend "Have they not found a way to keep him under without hurting him?"

"Between you and him, Sally has found the perfect cocktail." Trowa almost grinned and then bent down again to look at Duo placing a cool hand on his forehead and frowning. "Fever..."

The former Wing pilot cursed softly and turned to Quatre "You and Wufei go and bring Sally to HQ, Trowa and I will take Duo there." then back to Trowa who was using the manual scan to check on Duo status "You are ready to help him, aren't you?"

"I am, and you can help me prep him there for Sally's arrival. Quatre can fill her in while driving her to the theater and take the full burnt of her rage..." he smiled at his blond lover from across the table, which Quatre answered with a sigh.

Heero was still looking at Duo not happy with the situation. "Let's go." he said picking up his best friend from the table.

"Uh, guys?"

Everyone turned to look at Duo safely enclosed in Heero's arms. "Can you remove the cuffs, they are truly cutting my circulation." he smirked weakly at the reddening of everyone's cheeks.


Wufei and Quatre were taking the steps to the castle in a hurry, neither of them has spoken much during the drive to the party. Both too worried about their braided friend to really spend time to voice their concern or fear. But before they could step inside the main hall Wufei placed a hand over Quatre's shoulder turning him over.

"What did you sensed?"

Frowning the blond tried to understand the request, ready to dig into the room on the other side of the door they were standing at, ready to pick up any different feeling coming from there. But his chinese friend was smiling softly and shaking his head slowly. "Why did you ask Duo about the mission."

"Oh," Quatre turned back to face the door a pained look crossing his face "I asked mostly because of his emotion, he was panicking."

"Why is that?"

Quatre wasn't sure how much he could tell Wufei without arising suspicious. During the past years since the end of the war his Space heart had became stronger and evolved in full empathy. He could now control his "gift" most of the time, even influence the people around him by projecting his own emotion into them.

Of course he was still experimenting with that, not really understanding how well and how strong his "gift" was.

"Has he told you something about his past?" Quatre tried to dodge the question the best he could, after all this was Duo's secret to tell.

Wufei snorted softly and turned back the blond man to face him "Should I remind you rules number seven?"

Rules #7 – Honesty at all cost to each other. Quatre sighed and shook his head, he didn't want to break any of their rules, but he didn't even want Wufei to worry about his empathy or about Duo's secrets if Duo hadn't told him before.

"What I meant, Quatre, is that rule number seven meant Duo and I have talked about our pasts." his black eyes shine with amusement "So, to answer your question, yes Duo told me about his life as a street kid and what kind of life was there for those like him."

Quatre sighed and shrugged at the same time "If you knew and if you know the mission, then you can understand why I asked him that."

Wufei nodded "But I wanted to know if you caught something from him that would..."

"Let's talk about this later, 'Fei. Now we need to take Sally to Duo and we are losing time." Quatre smiled sadly at him and Wufei let the matter drop for the moment. Both of them knew that discussion was far from over, but priority wanted the good Doctor to rush at their friend's side and that talk could wait.

No soon they walked into the hall that Sally was walking toward them, a frown marking her face as she took in the number of their party. "Wufei, Quatre." she smiled a little tiredly "Do I want to know where the other three are?"

"Probably you don't," Quatre smiled and looked around the hall spotting Relena in the far corner speaking with a couple of diplomats "but Wufei here will tell you everything, I'm going to say hello to Relena, and I'll meet you in ten by the car."

Quickly the blond move away and Wufei could only hiss a curse in his mother tongue and a stern "Winner!" in his direction before he was left alone with his girlfriend which by now was suspecting what was to came. Sighing he motioned for her to walk over the side of the door. "Duo was hurt during a mission, Trowa and Heero are taking him to your realm as we speak."

"How severe?" She tensed up as soon as he began to speak and now her mind was totally in motion ready to face whatever problem it was. Her heart was tugging in her chest, worry lacing her emotion for the smallest of the pilots. "And what mission are we talking about? He had the day off today."

"He did, but yesterday before he could return home Marquise asked him for a solo mission." the name was growled involuntary, but Wufei wasn't too concerned about it, he should have called for backup, or let Duo call for it. At least they should have let him call at home to warn he would be late and not to make them worry so much.

Sally's eyes narrowed and she turned to watch the crowd trying to spot the familiar long haired man among the people. "He sent Duo because,?"

"Vice Minister Wickens and his ring of street children." he supplied without remorse knowing full well that Sally's anger would stop in front of nothing to kick the blond's ass.

"I will deal with him later," she turned to him anger making her body vibrate and her voice drop a few tone. She was angry but Duo was hurt and she hadn't forgot about it. "Can you tell me how severe are his injury?"

"Trowa said a not so deep gash on his side and a bullet wound in his shoulder, the bullet is still inside and he was going to prep him for you."

Nodding she was already out of the door and asking a valet for her car. "Nothing else?"

"Can't tell you about his vitals but he said fever was kicking in." he looked behind his back at Quatre's approach "And he knows something more about his psyche."

Sally turned to Quatre at once and the blond took an involuntary step back. "Speak."

"I can't be sure Sal," Quatre sighed walking over the car that was brought back front for them "He was tired, afraid of something." he shrugged "Obviously in pain and still struggling to find an explanation to give. He felt almost," he frowned searching for the words "as if he was guilty about something."

"More than breaking our rules?" Wufei piped in from the driver seat, they were taking Sally's car, leaving their own back to Relena's sure that she would sent it at the hospital for them a little bit later.

Quatre seated in the back nodded "He wasn't thinking about the rules before we mentioned them to him." shaking his head "Sal, can you make sure he is..."

"I will check him over as soon as I remove that bullet." She trusted Trowa's judgment, he was her best man in the field and in the hospital. But he was too attached to Duo to even think about the possibility of his brother having suffered at the hands of their perp. "Who's gonna stay with him this time?"

She knew about the rules, granted she didn't know them by heart like they did, but she was aware of their existence. If she wasn't wrong rule #16 was Never leave one in the hospital without supervision (especially if he is unconscious). After Wufei has semi-destruct a part of her hospital and almost killed a too solicitous nurse they had decided that once one of them ended up in the hospital the others would take turn to stay with him constantly. And of course Sally has supported this decision of theirs creating a whole wing (courtesy of Quatre's money) appositely for them, training nurses and technicians to the best of their capacity to take care of the five of them, and Une and Zechs if necessary.

"I think Heero won't be moved from his bed." She sent a quick glance at Quatre smirking softly at his words. He shrugged curling his lips upward as well "They are still trying to hide their feelings but even Une knows they are madly in love."

"She knows and she has an hard time to assign the two of them together the last mission." Sally sighed leaning against her seat "They are good with you but when assigned together they always put stunt that are really not necessary to protect each other."

"That's why you changed me as Duo's partner?" Wufei throw a sidelong glance at his fiancée. "Wouldn't Barton be better?"

Shaking her head Sally smiled again "Trowa's too involved with Duo as well." she winked back at Quatre that smiled even more "It's not secret that he consider Duo his younger brother, he wouldn't be a perfect partner for him."

"But I argue constantly with Duo."

"Yet you respect his judgment and know when to step down from taking all the decisions."

Wufei sighed knowing what Sally was saying was true, then Quatre piped up "And you know Duo can take care of himself when needed."

He conceded their victory by nodding his head and sighing loudly as the Preventer Hospital Entrance came into view.


Heero maneuvered Duo through the door and into the stretcher Trowa had brought to them, laying him down with care he couldn't help but stroke a couple of curly hairs away from a over heated face. "Where to, Trowa?" looking up at the tall doctor Heero followed him toward the hospital wing reserved to them.

"I'm going to book a theater for us, and take some items," Trowa was already giving orders to the two nurses in charge of the wing. "Heero, can you help him put this on?" he was already showing in his hands the sterile gown and plastic cap for the surgery.

After a short nod from Heero, Trowa went away to prepare himself and give final instruction to the nurses, leaving the two alone.

Looking down at the now panting pilot of Deathscythe the Japanese Preventer let out a soft sigh. "Duo," he bend down slightly "Duo, do you hear me?"

Cracking one eye open the branded man licked his dry lips "I hear you..." he smiled weakly "and I see you. What can I do for you?"

Smiling Heero shook his head "Stay still and relax, I'm going to remove your clothes."

"Heero," Duo frowned "I didn't know you were such a pervert to do it in a Hospital."

Sighing and and again shaking his head Heero began the slow motion of removing his friend's clothes. "You are lucky I'm not Wufei."

"If you were..." a slight cough "Wufei, I wouldn't say it."

"So your horrible sense of humor is reserved only for me, I'm so lucky."

Duo let out a weak chuckle and slowly reach with his hand to grasp Heero's in his "Thanks."

"You are still in detention, Maxwell. Don't forget it." Bending down the former pilot of Wing surprised the both of them leaving a small kiss on the other's forehead. "Now let's put this fancy cap on."

The joke served to break Duo out of the shock the kiss produced "I feel so stupid each time I have to wear it."

"Then why do you insist on being hit every mission?" Heero smirked helping his friend placing all of his hair inside the cap and then throwing over his body the bareback gown to cover him. "Cold?"

Shivering Duo nodded and smiled softly with his eyes half closed as Heero covered him with a blanket. "What's my punishment gonna be?"

"I think staying in the hospital as long as Sally wants is going to be punishment enough." Heero smiled "But you know the others might have other ideas."

Sighing Duo turned to look at the still closed door "I wonder why is taking so long for Trowa to came back." he shivered again "And why I feel so much like crap. It's not the first time I got shot but I never felt so cold before."

Shrugging Heero placed his hand over the other's forehead "Probably because you have a fever, were you feeling alright before the mission?" he lifted one eyebrow at this, should Duo reply negatively he would have broken yet another rule of theirs.

"No," sighing he forced his eyes open to look back at Heero "I was fine, tired but fine." he frowned "Why do you think I feel like this now?"

Shrugging again Heero sat on the side of the gurney musing over the event of the day "Trowa will tell us, he took your blood to be examined in the lab."

"That's probably what's taking so long." scratching the tip of his nose he made a face "Neh, 'Ro... how is your last case going? Do you think you're going to wrap it soon?"

"Nh," looking down at him Heero has to wonder at Duo's ability to jump from one discussion to the other, loosing himself by studying the too bright violet eyes he was almost startled when Trowa came back inside the room. "his fever is getting worse."

"I expected it," Trowa moved closer to the gurney shooing Heero away and taking his place before listening to Duo's chest and taking his temperature. "Your blood sample came back with traces of a toxin we couldn't identify. I suspect your fever is induced by it." looking at the thermometer in his hand he frowned "Luckily is almost gone, this fever is just an effect of it and blood loss."

"The anesthesia won't cause any damage?"

Looking up at Heero, Trowa nodded his head "We have analyzed it and we can exclude reaction against the anesthesia."

Snorting the braided man remind them of his presence "So... can we go yet? I want to sleep, and sincerely my shoulder is hurting a little..."

"For you to admit it, it must hurt a lot." standing up Trowa went to the cabinet across the room and picked up a bottle of solution and rolled closer an IV stand. "You know the drill, this needle goes in and you will not remove it until I say so."

Rolling his eyes Duo offers his arm up at the taller man "I'll be good, I promise." he smiled at Heero "See how he treat me every time?"

"Your fault to make him work so much."

Trowa snorted in amusement at Heero's sentence and quickly insert the IV inside Duo's vein taping it down to hold it still. "This will help you relax and take some of the pain away. Let me know when it start to take effect, alright?"

"Alright, Tro?" Duo's eyes sought his and the doctor came back to sit beside him "How's your case with the drug thieves going? Are you gonna finish it soon?"

Looking back at Heero with a confused frown Trowa shook his head "No Duo, I don't think is gonna wrap soon. It came to my desk only three days ago. I dare say at least a couple of week. Why?"

With a tired yawn the braided pilot shrugged "I wanted to do something, that's all." tired violet eyes sought Heero's blue ones "Same as for you 'Ro?"

"Nh, same for me." walking closer again he frowned down at him "Wufei and I will escort Relena to L1 and then L4 for her new batches of conferences."

"Oh! Yes," he remember now Heero telling him about those plans four days ago when he was planing the roaster for their kitchen duties at home. How came he has forget it, he wasn't sure. He wanted to ask them to came with him to L2, he needed to go there because during his mission with the corrupt Vice Minister he had discovered that things on his colony were getting worse by the day.

Preventers have open a new division there, but Vice Minister Wickens has told him, believing him to be another kid from the streets, that many of his harem came from the lowlife of L2. He really didn't want to broke rule #8 again but he couldn't wait for them to finish with their missions. And Quatre was always so busy it wouldn't be right to disturb him, but maybe...

The last thing he remember seeing was Heero's cobalt blue eyes looking down at him with concern, then sleep overcame him and everything got dark.