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chapter 3

*#03 – Speak your mind without fear of criticism*

"Stay still!" Wufei growled for the tenth time moving to intercept Duo's legs from swinging out of bed. The braided pilot was not happy with the early arrival of both of his former comrades, Heero was yet to be seen in his room but Wufei had been with him since the minute they came back at home.

"Damnit Chang! I need my laptop, I need to do something and I don't need a babysitter, especially not you!"

"Too bad Maxwell, you need one and you got me and you'll rest as Trowa said!"

After dropping him home said pilot has gone back to the hospital, with drug dealers and drug stealing inside their main hospital center the Preventer were in a uproar and Sally was not happy. Someone was stealing from their pharmacy and still they couldn't track down the culprit. Of course Trowa was working into the building as a doctor, but being also an agent had him following the tracks and searching for the thief.

Trowa being so busy means that Duo had to stay under someone else supervision while abed, and Wufei was the designed Duo-sitter for the day.

"Chang! You have pocked me with your damned needles saying they would help. I've let you do it and now you have to let me up!"

"Acupuncture needs time and repeating the procedure before it's effective." Wufei bristled having had this conversation before. "And if you hated it so much you should have said that, I wouldn't have offered."

"You didn't leave me with a choice!"

"I offered and you said yes."

"You said it would help me heal quicker and hurt less so that I could get out of this damned bed!"

"I said that and I meant it, but helping heal does not mean heal immediately!"

"You lied to me!"

"I certainly did not!"

Before Duo could retaliate another voice cut in clearing his throat. Both turned to the door where Heero stood leaning against it, arms crossed and a dark scowl on his face. Duo yelped softly and Wufei smirked seeing him there, knowing which side the Wing pilot would take.

"Did he is still try?" The leader of their small group asked walking closer to the bed.

Wufei's smirk grow a notch and he nodded "He can try as much as he wants, I will not let him."


Duo growled under his breath cursing them both and turning around so to give them his back not wanting to be subjected to Wufei smirks anymore. Damn them for that, he felt fine and he didn't have any more blackout episode, so he didn't really see the need to keep him abed. A small hole in his shoulder or cut on his side hadn't ever stopped him before.

Heero and Wufei exchanged glance behind his back and sighed to each other, then the Wing pilot walked over to the bed and sat down "Fei, go I'll take over for now."

"Are you sure?"

Nodding Heero kept his eyes fixed on Duo's back, he didn't glance up when the chinese pilot walked out of the door, nor when he cursed as he tripped over one of the things that Duo previously thrown him in a fit. He simply sat there watching the other man with a soft smile on his lips.

"Are you done sulking?"

Duo tensed up more and buried himself under the covers, he didn't want to be kept abed, nor he didn't want a sitter. And if Wufei had been bad, Heero was ten time worse.

"Duo, stop this childish act..."

"Childish act! Ah!" Duo threw the covers out and turned to look at him sitting up "Who are you calling childish, eh?"

"You." Heero met the heated gaze with a calm one awaiting for the explosion he was sure to product.

"Me? Me!" Duo took a swing at his friend and tried to push past him, since his bed was pulled completely against the wall that side was the only one that permitted him to get off "Let me stand and I'll show you who's a child."

"Figure," sighed Heero standing up and easily avoiding the punches thrown his way. "You can't beat me when you are whole, how can you pretend to do it now that you are at you half?"

"I can beat you anytime I want you...you... dumbshit!"

"Calling names isn't truly grow up."

"Ah! And..." Duo had to think fast but nothing came up and he pouted turning his head to the other side. Heero watched him pout for a couple of seconds before chuckling softly and sitting down again beside him taking hold of the end of the braid.

"You have to understand Duo, that you were hurt..."

"WAS is the main word Heero" Turning around and facing the other man with a deep sigh "Why can't you trust me?"

"We do trust you Duo, but we worry for you." Heero smiled slightly and used the end of the braid to gently tip his friend's nose. "Trowa wants to be sure you are fine."

"But I am, Ro! I feel fine. I swore." he sighed silently enjoying the other uncharacteristic behavior. It wasn't unusual for Heero to act like that when they were alone, in fact the usually stoic man had open up quite a lot for him in the past few years. And Duo loved him even more for that, even if he had never found the courage to tell him.

"We still don't know what they gave you, and you are still missing a few hours of your stay in their hands. What if they did something to you and we missed it?"

Sighing softly Duo shook his head "It's not as if they hurt me... not too much."

"For what we know they could have poisoned you, hypnotized you or Gods forbid cloned you!" Heero was quickly coming to the end of his patience. Duo simply refused to see reason, and he couldn't let his foolish baka hurt himself.

For his part Duo simply shrugged "I was trained like you to sustain a lot of things during the war. No subliminal control can have effect on me, there are just a few poison that could kill me and neither of them are slow acting and G tried to clone me but wasn't successful. So..."

"G tried to clone you?" Heero was speechless at this news, not even J had dared so much. "How did he do it?"

"Are you deaf? I told you he didn't." Duo sighed smirking at his friend "You are losing your touch Heero."

"What did G do, Duo? He could have succeeded and you wouldn't know it." Heero was truly worried now "And why did he want to clone you in the fist place?"

Duo rolled his eyes "In case I was killed,"


"Heero calm down, I wasn't killed. And I tampered with Deathshyte so much that only you apart for me would have been able to use it." Duo sighed rubbing his head tiredly looking up when the door opened and the other three walked inside. "Yo, Trowa can I get up now?"

"Nope." Trowa smirked and reached Heero's side "What were you talking about? We heard you shout."

"Nothing much," Duo hurried to answer before Heero did "We were talking about your idiotics idea to keep me abed while I am fine."

"Nh," The former pilot of Wing shook his head "G tried to clone him during the war."

A chorus of "What" erupted from around the three of them and Duo had to groan "Heero! I told you he never succeeded! I'm the only Duo Maxwell around here."

"We can't be sure about this!" Heero stood looking first at Trowa and then at Quatre surrounding the bed.

"Damn it," Wufei groaned "One Duo can give me an headache for a week, think what two or more of you can do!"

That phrase had even Heero smile amused, but strangely Duo was not laughing with them. "Didn't you all hear me? I wasn't cloned."

"G was a cunning bastard Duo," Trowa took the place vacated by Heero and took lazily Duo's wrist to check his pulse "better to be safe than sorry."

"And what if he had?" Duo frowned trying to pull away his hand from Trowa but the other pilot was just too strong. "Howard would have told me, and even if..."

"I'm going to call him." Quatre was already out of the door before Duo could finish his sentence or protest with his action.

Frowning even more the braided man threw a dirty look in the direction of the other three "I warn you," he growled and pushed his legs out of bed "Let me up, stop fussing and give me a laptop and a debrief on the case or I will start to use my knife on you."

Swiftly Trowa has his legs back on top of the bed, Heero had him pushed down on the mattress and Wufei was picking up gundanium cuffs to use to restrain him, the only material that could keep the God of Death from escaping. "Now Duo..." The Chinese man twirled the restraint in his hands "Are you going to be good or do we need to use those?"

"You wouldn't dare," growling deeply Duo tried to struggle against the other two "Damn you all, those are kidnapping kids, my kids!"

"They are not yours Duo," Heero pinned his partner with his own body, and with his free hand made to brush the hair from his face demanding his total attention "Those are not yours."

"They are from L2 'Ro," whined the trapped boy "they are mine, they are like me..."

"You are not like that anymore Duo," Trowa stroke gently the legs still in his hold "And you are helping many of those kids with your donations and the orphanages you have founded."

"Tro... they are, they are mine. I didn't save them."

"You did." Wufei seeing his friend calm down and on the verge of tears put down the restraint and moved to be in between Heero and Trowa "You helped create those foundation, the orphanages and the clinics. You are helping them even now, but you won't be able to do more if you don't help yourself first."

Sighing Duo felt his mind drift away again, Wufei's words pulling forth at something his mind was trying to remind him. A Ginger haired man kneeling in front of him, freeing his hands from his restraints. A pair of concerned eyes watching him with the same intensity of Heero's.

"We have to go!" a female voice was shouting behind him, Duo was hanging by his wrists chained together to the ceiling of his cell. And a man was standing in front of him trying to break his chain free.

"I won't go without him!" the voice was like velvet, smooth and rich and deep and had something familiar in his timber. "He saved me, I will not run away without him!"

"Cousin!" A woman's voice came from behind the man, a very familiar one.

"Doro, you go ahead I will follow you later."

"They will kill you if they find..."

The man frowned as he finally freed one of Duo's hands "I'll fight them." then he turned around and smiled at the blond girl "You go ahead Doro, I will follow you. I promise..."

Duo tried desperately to follow their discussion but his mind was foggy and he couldn't seem to focus. Both their voices were familiar but he couldn't really place them. He groaned and the man turned sharply toward him placing two fingers over his lips. "Shush 02, don't make a sound or we'll be in deep danger."

That voice, he knew that voice he heard it somewhere before.

"Treize... we truly need to go, they are coming to get him..."

"Then we'll take him with us. Help me freed his other hand." Trize, that name sounded into Duo's mind like a bell, waking him slightly.

"A..Am I death?" he stuttered watching as Dorothy Catalonia came forward and started helping Treize freed him. It was surreal.

Chuckly the ginger haired man look directly in his eyes "I fear you are not, you are very much alive and will regret it in the morning."

Morning? Was it already night? How many hours have passed, what was Treize doing alive, and was he truly alive or was Duo seeing a ghost? Confused as he was that he missed when his other wrist was being released and he was lowered down.

"02, Status!"

That voice again snapped him out of his stupor, he blinked up and was met with two very concerned and blue eyes. Eyes that weren't Treize, but...


"Duo!" deep blue eyes were scanning his face inch by inch to make sure he was alright. The worry and concern was clear in Heero's face and the braided man felt himself melt under the protectiveness he saw there. "You are awake again,"

Not a question, Duo noticed but he was too tired to protest or even to try and say anything. But then suddenly he remember what his mind recovered for him and he sat upright like a bolt. "Kushrenada!"

Heero frowned even more worried, trying to push the smaller man to lie down again he hoped the noise they were making would make the others hurry up and return to their room. "Duo?"

"Heero, we...I... Kushrenada! I saw Kushrenada!"

"Duo, please calm down." Sighing in relief he heard the other three ran up to their room. "Kushrenada is death... you were dreaming in one of your fit..."

"My FIT, as you call them, are memories," Duo growled deeply hurt that Heero – out of everyone – would not believe in him. Even if he had to admit that he himself found it hard to believe what he just remembered. He sat up when the door opened and the other three came rushing inside.

"Duo!" Quatre sat gingerly on the bed silently pushing Heero away a little "You are awake at least, we were worried!"

"You are always worried," the braided man looked up at the Wing pilot with a frown "How long?"

"A little more than a hour." It was Trowa that answered sitting on the other side of the bed and taking hold of his wrist. "What was it?"

Immediately Duo's eyes sought Wufei and then rushed back to Heero for some help in delivery his news. "I..."

"I don't think it was a memory this time." Heero spoke coming to his help, or probably not since what he was saying. "He saw Treize Kushrenada."

Silence fell over the four pilots at the announcement and a quick game of exchanging glance began in between the four standing pilots. Something that made Duo angry "It was a memory!" feeling once again not taken seriously

Quatre was the first to recover and quickly patted his braided friend's blanket covered leg. "Of course it was a memory..." he used a tone of voice that Duo recognized almost instantly. It was the kind of voice used to calm a skittish animal, or fool a scared child.

"Quat, don't..." Duo growled turning completely to him "Don't try and fool me!" once again he tried to push himself up but Trowa was there and stopped him. "God damnit! Let me up from this bed!"

"Duo... calm down." Wufei spoke up for the first time and his tone of voice demanded attention. Every head in the room turned to him as he walked slowly to stand at the end of the bed. "I killed him, Duo. I saw him die...it's..."

"You saw his mobile suit explode!" Duo bit back without waiting for his friend to finish. "He was alive, Dorothy was with him, together they freed me! I was chained to the ceiling and they were running away, they saw me, they stopped and he went to unlock me."

Quatre rubbed his chest as if in pain, and in part it was true, Duo was hurting that no one of them believed him, and he was extremely sure of what he was saying. But it was impossible for Treize to be alive, or wasn't it?

He saw Trowa get impatient, it was difficult to say with his lover, but Quatre knew him well. He saw the skilled hands get ready and prepare a shot of something, probably some tranquilizer for Duo. Not that he truly believed the braided man but it does seems a little too harsh what Trowa was going to do.

"Duo, why don't you start from the beginning? What do you remember?" Wufei sat at the foot of the bed patting the covered foot there. Quatre was puzzled by this sudden change and together with what he saw Trowa doing he was starting to get angry on Duo's behalf.

Even Duo was suspicious of the change, he eyed Wufei carefully but the chinese didn't seem to be trying and play tricks with him. "I remember... I woke up in a cell, I was hanged by the wrists from the ceiling and my back was hurting, probably from the lashes I received before." he shivered at the memory. "The cell was cold, humid, water was spilling from a corner and I remember hearing the sound of mice scurrying around. I thought they would came and bit me, I was sure I would end up as mice dinner." again he shivered lost in his memory, the pain so real and the fear as well. The despair to be alone in his last instant and to have to go without a fight. Without a friend by his side, and without Heero knowing his feelings for him.

So lost was him in his memory and his despair that he didn't even feel the prick of the needle when Trowa injected him the sedative. "I... I was cold and then the door slipped open and I thought I saw a ghost. I asked him and... he..." his eyes became heavy with sleep as the drug started to make effect. "T..tro?" he turned to his friend shock evident in his face. "You...?"

"It's for your own good Duo. You needed..."

"I n'ded a f'iend!" hurt was plain in his eyes as he fought against the drug but he already know the battle was lost. "Y'll betr'ide me.."

"No! No Duo, no!" Quatre was quick to amend but already the violet's eyes were shut and slumber took their friend. Before he could crumble forward Trowa had him lowered back under the covers and checked him over to make sure he didn't re-open any wound.

"Well at least now he would stay calm." Wufei stood up stretching "I am worried about his willingness to believe his fantasies."

Quatre growled deeply in his throat and turned sharply to speak his mind but was beated up by Heero "And I'm worried about your luck of trust in him!"

The former Wing pilot stood from the bed and shot his two responsible friends murderous looks. "You just broke his trust... I hope you are happy when he will slip away to follow his heart."

"Heero! We needed to calm him down." Trowa stood as well matter of factly and approached his angry friend "His heart was beating too fast, he needed to calm down."

"He needed you to believe in him, more than you sedating him." Quatre stood as well moving to stand beside Heero "What you did was wrong, he was more hurt now than before!" he was vibrating rage when he finished hissing those last words and then without turning back he walked out of the room.

Heero simply shook his head and turned back, already trying to figure out how to believe Duo. Logically it would be impossible for Treize to be still alive. Where was until now? How could he survive such an explosion? Wufei saw him die, he killed the man. So actually it was believing Duo over Wufei and Heero felt guilty for doing so. Logically Duo had been through a traumatic experience, so he could be wrong. But, wasn't Wufei doing the same? Maybe his wish to see the man death had been far worse than his lucidity.

Shaking his head he went to his studio and started doing what he knew would calm him down, what could give him his security and understanding back. He began to work on his laptop and try to break once again into the facility videos that Duo and the other Preventers have just dismantled.

GWBOYS 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 SYOBWG

Quatre was so angry, so hurt on Duo's behalf that he locked himself into the kitchen to pace in total freedom. Aside from their rooms the kitchen and the bathroom where the only two room in the house to be able to be locked. To prevent the others from using the bathroom was out of question, and Quatre, even furious as he was, couldn't make himself do something nasty as this.

The kitchen thus was his actual sanctuary, the place where he was going to be left alone and to vent his frustration over what has took place upstairs.

How could Trowa and Wufei hurt Duo so was beyond his comprension but what was worse was the guilt he was feeling for not preventing them to do so.

The braided man would be hurt when he woke up next, and rightfully so. Quatre needed to find a way to ask forgiveness, something that Duo would recognize as such. Sitting down at the table the blond eagerly rubbed his chest, his heart was still beating fast thanks to his enphaty to Duo's feelings.

His eyes shifted to the kitchenette and a thought began to take form in his brain. Probably when he woke up again, Duo, would be hungry and what better offer than to make him something to eat?

With a grin the blond Arab hunt down some cooking book and busied himself in searching for the perfect peace offering for his best friend.

He calculated that he would be left alone for at least a couple of hours, Trowa would need to figure out where he had been wrong and how to ask nicely fogiveness before he would search for Quatre. Wufei would simply wait for him to came out, or for the right time to came and cook dinner.

A quick glance at the board show him that he was right, tonight was Wufei turn to cook, something that all of them looked forward to. The Chinese had show them what gourmet cusine was without too much effort. The former Shenlong pilot was a master chief and it was a pleasure eat each and every time he cooked.

GWBOYS 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 SYOBWG

Wufei and Trowa didn't move from their place on the bed beside the sleeping Duo. Both avoided the other gaze and kept their eyes locked on the figure laying on the bed. Neither was sure how long it was since the other two stormed out of the room. At least one hour has gone by but neither of them was ready to talk.

Another hour or two passed before either of them found the courage to confront the other. Clearing his throat softly Wufei decided to face the deed with his partner in crime "We did good, he needed it, right?"

"He needed to calm down." Trowa confirmed but didn't turn to look at Wufei.

"We didn't have any other choice..." The chinese sighed dry washing his face "He wouldn't listen..."

"Neither did we." Trowa sighed and gently stroke his patient's forehead brushing a stray lock of hair behind his ear. "He was sure of what he saw."

"But it... I killed him." Wufei stood and began to pace the room "I saw him die, Trowa, I saw him!"

"I know, and I believe you." sighing the doctor began the slow work to put his things inside his medical bag on the nightstand table "But so did he."

"But... but I killed him." Wufei Chang what at lost, he wanted to believe Duo, but his own beliefs were knocking against his. He knew he had killed Treize, and the thought hurt him even more. He was a noble man and it hurt to let him die. To make him die.

"Have you thought that perhaps Duo was drugged?" Trowa sighed and stroke his little brother's forehead "Or they could have cloned Treize."

Both men remain silent

"If that was true," Wufei frowned "which I highly doubt, the Treize he saw should have been what? Six? Seven year old?"

"He was the real one..." both turned sharply to the resting man, Duo sleepily looked at them both through half lid eyes "He was there, Dorothy was with him. She wanted him to leave me..."

Wufei was about to reply and tell him it was impossible but Trowa stopped him "Duo, I'm sorry I didn't believe you."

"You drugged me."

"I... I'm sorry for that too, but your heart was beating too fast, and I was worried about your health."

"You drugged me." Duo was getting angry and becoming more lucid each passing second. "You didn't believe me Tro!"

Sighing the doctor bowed his head "I know, but... try to put yourself in my shoes Duo. I..."

"I would have believed you." Duo was adamant on this, his motto was to never lie and his brothers in arm should have know that by now."

"I do trust you Duo." Wufei spoke up feeling left out "I know you don't lie, but..."

"Shut up Fei! You... you don't believe me, you still don't!" Duo felt the prick of tears and angrily curled up under the covers "Go away!"

"Duo..." Sighing the chinese man moved closer to the bed slowly but steadily pulling the covers out of his friend's hands and uncovering his face to look into his eyes. "I'm sorry I didn't believe you, and I'm sorry I still find the thing to be a little difficult to accept. Can you forgive me?"

"I don't know..." Duo sighed shaking his head "I want to stay alone for a while.." he turned to Trowa "I need to think."

"I'm not sure this is a good idea little brother." with a sad smile the doctor stroke his head before turning sharply to the door where Heero was standing with a smug grin on his face and his laptop in hands. "what?"

"He may speak the truth." The former Wing pilot advanced toward the bed opening his laptop and turning the screen toward them. Without seeing he pushed a couple of button and the screen light up with a demo of a mobile suite battle. "I searched for some videos from that battle," he sat on the bed glad to see the light return in Duo's eyes as he pushed himself up curious and in awe from what Heero has done. "And I calculated a quite disturbing yet possible outcome that we didn't thouht of."

"Heero, I killed the man!" Wufei was getting angry, why was Heero dubting his words?

"I know you did Fei," The former Wing pilot nodded "But, what if someone extracted his body from the damaged suit?" He pressed another couple of bottom to demostrade his theory. "See... when the flames invaded his cockpit he was hidden from you, you were then distracted by the fight and the sorrow..." sighing he stopped the flow of words he was sure the chinese was about to say "We all know you felt grief when you had to kill him."

"He... listed the exact number of people that die under his orders... because of his orders!" Grief caught up with him again, killing Kushrenada would forever hunt him.

"He was a good man, what he did may have been a little too rash but..." Trowa sighed "But I think his goal was the right one."

"It was the same as Relena," Duo spoke up for the first time "He tried to show us all the wrong of War..."

Heero nodded "And to end this discussion, look what I found." he pressed again buttoms of his laptop and the screen show up a record from that battle, it was afraction of seconds, but before Treize's suite exploded and while Wufei was engaged in another fight with a battle suit, a mobil doll approached the burning mecha and flow away soon after that.

"Oh my god." The three on the bed watched the repeating of the recorder and then looked at each other. "He..." Duo couldn't speak, his eyes searching Heero's "He is not... he may not... I mean..."

"Yes Duo, there's a possibility that he is alive and that you saw him." Heero turned to Wufei "It's not your fault."

"M...my fault... but..." the Chinese man blinked at his friend "He..." shaking his head he fell silent and togheter with the other three watched again the scene repeating on the laptop. "Gods, he may still be alive."

After that silence fell over them, each of them mulling over part of that story. Duo trying to figure out where Kushrenada may have gone after they broke apart. Trowa was feeling sorry to have doubted the braided man. Heero was planning how to write the report to Une, knowing full well how affected their commander would be. And Wufei was trying to grasp with the realization that his guilt had been for nothing.

Suddenly the silence was broken, a loud booming sound and a sharp cry from the kitchen had them all on their feet and running toward the room. "What the hell... The door is locked!" Trowa, the first to arrive tried again to turn the knob without success, he had recognized the cry as Quatre's and his heart was beating furiously in his throat out of worry. "QUAT! Are you in there?"

"Out of my way Tro," Heero pushed their tall friend away and without another word slammed his shoulder against the door, effectively opening it.

"Geez," Duo went after him snorting at the damage "I could have open it without further damage of proprierty." Then he turned his gaze around and gasped.

The kitchen seemed a war zone, there was dirty rest of something greesy splattered all over the walls, smoke was coming from the oven, a pot of something was smashed on the floor and the same greesy substance was coming from it. And in the middle of it all Quatre.

Trowa rushed to his side kneeling beside his distraught lover taking his face in his hands "Q? Are you ok?"

Wufei blinked looking around silently taking note of the damage, Heero as well was mentally calculating how much time it would take to put it all back together. Duo was simply standing there puzzling over the gleesing thing wondering what it was and what Quatre had wanted to do.

"I...I'm sorry guys." The blond was slowly coming out of his shocked state "I...tried to make something for Duo to eat, to ask forgiveness for before..."

Heero calmly walked over the oven and turned it off, before opening it and taking the smoking casserole inside out of the window to clear the air from the smoke. Then he turned to their millionaire friend "Quatre... can you remind me of rule #9?"

"Err..." The blond ducked his head and tried to cover behind Trowa that was still trying to make sure he was alright. "I...I'm truly sorry Heero, I didn't mean for this to happen."

Tapping his lover on the forehead Trowa sought his attention "What is rule #9 love?"

"Tro... really...I..." clearing his throat the arab tried to move away only to be stopped as Wufei moved behind him. "Fei..."

"If I'm not wrong, rule #9 is the follow: Never leave Quatre in the kitchen without supervision." The chinese man, grief forgotten for a moment let his gaze wander around the kitchen. "We wrote those rules for a motive Q..."

"I... I know, but Duo must be angry and I wanted to show him I was sorry."

"Oh, Quat!" Duo smiled and moved to kneel at the other side of his blond friend "Thank you. I do forgave you, don't worry."

"Duo..." smiling the arab throw his arms around him hugging him fiercely "Thank you. I'm sorry I should have stopped them."

"Yes you should have," pulling apart Duo smiled "still you didn't and then you broke a rule..." raising his eyebrow the braided man smirked "I think you should take my cleaning duty for a week." he turned to the other three "What do you say?"

"You won't have cleaning duties for another couple of days Duo," Trowa reminded him pulling himself to his feet "But I agree, Quat should have cleaning duties for a week..."

"And he must clean this room." Wufei added quickly moving out of the way of a large blob of half smashed thing falling from the ceiling.

Heero sighed dry washing his face "So be it, Quatre you are hereby sentenced to one week of cleaning duty not counting the time it would take for you to clean this room, no Maguanacs allowed to help you. Got it?" He walked over and tapped the blond on the forehead before turning to Duo "And you..." he nodded for him to follow before he made his way out of the room.

Duo sighed softly knowing full well they would ask him to return to bed and having seen the sign of Heero getting annoyed he follow without complaining. Much.

"Came on 'Ro... I'm fine..." he caught up with him on the stairs toward their room but Heero kept walking without saying a thing. Sighing again Duo let himself be led to their room and sat heavily on the bed. "'Ro..."

"I know you are fine, we all know." sitting on the chair beside the bed Heero began "But I want you to rest for another day and try to remember as much as you can. Start telling me from the start what you remember. It's high time we know the full report as well."