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Radiant Garden.

Aerith hummed a little tune as she and Donald's nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, were walking back to Merlin's home with grocery bags.

"Thank you so much, boys." Aerith smiled. "I would to start making a big meal for everyone, once they come back with Sora and Riku."

"You're welcome, Miss Aerith!" Huey said, holding meat.

"Oh boy! I sure am hungry!" Dewey drooled, holding sweets.

"Save some for us!" Louie said, holding fruits.

Giggling at their behavior, Aerith said. "Now boys. Don't worry. There's plenty of enough for you too."

The 3 Ducks cheered at this.

With a smile, Aerith and the young ducklings made it back to Merlin's home. However...the door was shattered, and the inside looked like a wreck. Finally...Merlin and Cid were laying on the ground, unconscious!

"Oh my goodness!" Aerith gasped in horror before she and the duck siblings ran inside. Aerith quickly went over to Cid's side, slightly shaking him. "Cid? Wake up! Cid!"

Finally, Cid groaned as he coughed violently. He glanced over at Aerith and muttered. "Glad to see you're A-okay."

"What happened here?!" Huey asked, me and his brothers setting Merlin onto a couch. Cid grumbled as he took out a cigarette.

"A few fellows stormed in and assaulted us right away! I tried to lend a hand. Much help I was." Cid sighed. "Funny thing is...they were wearing those same clothes as Organization XIII."

Aerith and the Duck Brothers gasped. Aerith took a quick look around the ruined base. But immediately, she knew something else.

"Wait...where are Roxas and the others?" She asked.

The World that never was.

In a dungeon that was White...there were about 5 Cells...and they were filled with prisoners.

Terra, Aqua and Ventus were in # 1.

Leon, Auron and Tifa were in # 2.

Yuffie and the Gullwings were in # 3.

Master Xehanort smiled wickedly as he walked all the way to Cell # 4. He peered inside and smirked.

Roxas, Namine, Xion and Axel/Lea...were locked inside. They, along with everyone else was unconscious.

"Excellent. That takes care of those 3, along with Axel." Master Xehanort chuckled as he walked to Cell # 5.

Inside...was Zexion, Demyx and Larxene. They were awake, but they had their arms and legs chained to the wall.

"You three misguided children. You're quite erroneous to think that you would escape from me." Master Xehanort scolded. "Or perhaps...you knew that you would get caught, sooner or later."

The 3 prisoners remained quiet.

"Allow me to ask this. Why would you seek protection and security from your enemy, Sora, and his group? It bemuses me, considering the fact that you were eliminated, along with your former comrades, mostly by Sora, with a little aid from Riku." The elderly Keyblade Master added.

Zexion glared at him and said. "...It's simple. We're tired."

"...Please be a bit more explicit." Master Xehanort frowned.

"We're just tired, alright?!" Zexion asked. "We're tired of Organization! We're tired of Xemnas! We're tired of killing the Heartless! Finally...We're tired of trying to bring forth Kingdom Hearts! I don't care about that anymore!"

Zexion breathed heavily and said. "All I want...is my life back. My Home and...My Freedom."

"Yeah!" Demyx chimed in. "Plus, I'm tired of manual labor! I can't stand sweat, which is gross."

Larxene rolled her eyes and said. "As for me...I can't stand being ordered by that psycho Xemnas and X Face. Working for a wrinkly fossil with a bad sun tan? That's where I draw the line!"

"...Hmph." Master Xehanort scoffed and said. "Your answers are quite disappointing, to say the least. No matter, since your spots have been filled, you 3 are not required to join the True...Organization XIII."

Hearing made Demyx and Larxene sigh in relief. Zexion was quietly thinking before he looked up. "Wait, you said the 3 of us. You failed to mention Axel and Roxas. That leaves 5 opened spots in the Organization."

"Correct." Master Xehanort nodded with a smirk. "That includes me, Ansem, my younger self, and Vanitas."

"...That leaves only 1 Spot." Zexion noted. "Is that for Roxas or Sora?"

Master Xehanort merely chuckled and started to walk away. "You'll find out, quite soon. In the mean time...I brought you a new friend."

Walking in front of the exit, Master Xehanort turned to someone in the shadows. "This is your second chance. Your task is quite simple. But remember...do not fail me. Understood...Tsukishima?"

Then...Tsukishima came out of the shadows with his Fullbring: Book of the End.

"Yes...I understand, perfectly." Tsukishima chuckled.

Elsewhere, Xemnas was seen calmly sitting in his throne, in the chamber: Where Nothing Gathers.

He looked down and saw Saix, walking to the floor from below.

"Ah. Saix. Welcome back." Xemnas greeted, nodding his head. "Tell me...is our guest here?"

"...Yes." Saix nodded before he turned to the guest. "Come over here."

Xemnas smirked calmly as the guest appeared. "Welcome...to our Home. It's an pleasure to meet you...Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez."

Grimmjow was finally seen, narrowing his eyes.

Hueco Mundo.

Ichigo stared wide eyed, stunned from hearing Aizen's announcement. Sora and Riku also appeared surprised, though not as much.

Without a word...Ichigo turned and ran!

"Get your a*s back here, Ichigo!" Kenpachi called out, causing the Substitute Soul Reaper to stop. "What can you possibly do? Look at you, you're in worse shape than I am."

"What do you expect me to do then?!" Ichigo angrily questioned. "You heard what Aizen said! Karakura Town is in deep crap if I don't lend a hand, Dammit!"

Kenpachi only shook his head and said. "...Listen up, cause I ain't going to repeat myself. Since Old Man Yama decided to have the showdown in the winter, he gave Kisuke Urahara a few orders. One was to open a passage way for the Captains to enter Hueco Mundo. The other was..."

Karakura Town.

Suddenly...several Soul Reapers appeared in Karakura Town.

"To allow the remaining Captains passage to Karakura Town." Kenpachi finished.

Head Captain Yamamoto, Lieutenant Chōjirō Sasakibe, Captain Soi Fon, Lieutenant Marechiyo Ōmaeda, Captain Komamura, Lieutenant Tetsuzaemon Iba, Captain Kyoraku, Captain Ukitake, Captain Hitsugaya and Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto were all seen...in Karakura Town!

Uryū stood in shock. "Do you mean that-?!"

"Yes. The remaining Gotei 13 is in the Human World...waiting for the moment to strike." Mayuri confirmed.

"That's insane...!" Chad whispered in shock to Captain Unohana. "If the Captains were to unleash their full strength...Karakura Town will be nothing more than a Ghost Town!"

"However, the Head Captain came up with a solution." Byakuya noted. "That solution was..."

"Tenkai Kecchu." Mayuri answered. "To put it in simple terms, in order to make sure that Karakura Town to withstand the collateral damage that would follow...Kisuke Urahara was ordered to pick out four linked points in Karakura Town...and to create a custom made Senkaimon, that covered a wide enough area to envelop the entire town."

Mayuri cleared his throat and said. "As for me, I was ordered to create an exact replica of the entire Karakura Town. It was no easy task, I'll have you know. Therefore, because of our efforts...your Karakura Town is located on the outskirts...of the Rukongai."

"What about everyone else in Karakura Town?" Chad questioned.

"Asleep." Retsu answered. "While all of us are having this showdown with Aizen and his Arrancars in the Human World, Karakura Town and its citizens...are blissfully unaware of what's transpiring."

Captain Yamamoto hummed as he saw...Aizen, coming out of the Garganta. "Looks like we're here on time."

"...Is that right?" Aizen questioned, stepping forth with Kaname and Gin. "What makes you so sure of that? I am perfectly aware that the Karakura Town that I see with my own eyes...is a Fake."

Aizen chuckled and said. "Regardless, this means nothing to me. If the real Karakura Town is in the Soul Society, then we'll simply kill you all, right here, and I'll go create the Oken in the Soul Society. It's that simple."

"Stark, Baraggan, Halibel, come on out." Aizen ordered.

Then...3 Gargantas opened behind Aizen. Stark, Baraggan, Halibel and their Fracción came out!

"While I finish things on my end...I leave Las Noches in your hands...Ulquiorra." Aizen said.

Inside Aizen's throne room...A hand came out of nowhere, breaking the air like glass. Then...Ulquiorra came out.

"As you wish." Ulquiorra obeyed.

Orihime gasped in terror before facing Ulquiorra.

Ichigo remained quiet and said. "Kenpachi...what you said earlier, about protecting Karakura Town is my duty. Well...you're wrong."

"Hmm?" Kenpachi questioned.

"My duty...is to protect my friends!" Ichigo shouted as he left...running to the fifth tower to save Orihime...and fight Ulquiorra.

Sora, Riku, Donald and Goofy watched as Ichigo left.

"...So now what do we do?" Donald asked with a frown.

"Well..." Sora started, crossing his arms. "We do have to stop Aizen. But first, we need to get out of Hueco Mundo."

Riku nodded and said. "We should also take care of Ulquiorra too."

"Which means...we need to save Orihime!" Goofy added.

Sora nodded his head. "Then let's go!"


The 2 Keyblade Wielders turned to Mickey and Cloud running towards them!

"Your Majesty!" Donald and Goofy cried happily.

"King Mickey! Cloud!" Sora called out.

Riku simply nodded at them. It would be awhile before they could assist Ichigo.

Kagamino City: 22 km east of Karakura Town.

"KYAH!" A young Plus girl screamed as she was being chased by 2 Hollows. But then...they started to break apart before their bodies fell apart!

"Wha...?" The Plus questioned as a few Hollows hid. What they were hiding from...was the massive Spiritual pressure in the sky.

Aizen smirked as he, Gin and Kaname were stepping into the Human World.

"Tch...!" Marechiyo whispered with hidden fear. "Aizen's Spiritual energy...is monstrous...!

"If you're afraid, then go ahead and leave, coward." Soi Fon scoffed.

"So Captain, which we take out the boss first?" Tetsuzaemon questioned.

"Not yet." Sajin shook his head. "Aizen's abilities are very unique. First, we should take down the Espada before taking on their leader."

Shunsui hummed and asked. "So Jushiro, who would you say is the strongest out of those 3 Espada?"

"Hard to say." Jushiro answered. "We can ask Aizen, but I highly doubt we'll get an answer."

Toshiro narrowed his eyes and spoke. "Problem is, it's impossible to know if Aizen will get in the way when we fight the Espada."

"Yeah." Rangiku agreed.

Suddenly...Captain Yamamoto stepped forward and said. "All of you, stay back."

Everyone watched in surprise as Yamamoto's wooden cane disappeared, revealing his Zanpakuto. "Reduce All Creation to Ash: Ryūjin Jakka!"

"Whoa...!" Marechiyo gasped at the very intense flames.

"Get down Jushiro!" Shunsui warned as he dragged his fellow Captain. Everyone watched as Yamamoto threw a large burst of Fire at Aizen, Gin and Kaname...trapping them inside!

"Jōkaku Enjō...!" Yamamoto muttered, sheathing his Zanpakuto. "That will keep those 3 trapped inside those flames for awhile...more than enough time to crush those Espada."

Jushiro looked surprised. "Wow...the Head Captain can be pretty serious at times."

"Just goes to show you that he has a violent side." Shunsui noted.

"Aizen..." Toshiro muttered.

"Oh my...!" Gin chuckled in amusement. "It sure is HOT. The Head Captain is really going overboard with this."

He turned to Aizen and asked. "So Captain Aizen, what's our next move?"

"...We wait." Aizen answered. "This battle will be long finished...without us having to lift a finger. You'll see."

Hueco Mundo.

Inside the fifth tower, Ulquiorra was seen, walking over to Orihime.

"...Are you...afraid of me?" Ulquiorra asked.

Orihime only remained silent.

"...Lord Aizen doesn't need you, anymore. There's no one here to protect you. It's over. You're going to die here...alone...like a dog."

Ulquiorra was in front of the healer as he asked. "Now tell me...are you afraid?"

"...No." Orihime finally answered. "Everyone came here...to rescue me. My Heart and Spirit...are with them at this very moment."

Ichigo was seen, fighting off Hollows as he raced towards Orihime.

"...Ridiculous." Ulquiorra spoke. "Are you telling me that you're not afraid...because your comrades are here?"

"...Yes." Orihime nodded. "When I heard that Ichigo and the rest of my friends arrived to rescue me, I was happy...but also very sad. I thought to myself: Why did they come for me, despite the hardships and battles that they would have to face? But then...When Rukia got hurt...and when I saw Ichigo fighting...none of that mattered to me, anymore. I just didn't want them to get hurt, anymore. I wanted them to be alive. Then I realized...that they must've felt the same way that I felt. If anyone of them were to disappear...then I would have the same thing."

Ichigo growled as he saw the Exequias and their leader: Rudbornn Chelute.

"The intruder: Ichigo Kurosaki has arrived." Rudbornn commented as he took out his sword.

KLANG! He clashed blades with Ichigo!

"I am Rudbornn Chelute: Leader of the Exequias. It's a honor...!" Rudbornn said.

Ichigo growled before pushing him back. "Sorry, I don't have time for small fry like you!"

Then, all of the Exequias went and charged right at Ichigo, all attacking him at the same time!

"Huh?!" Ichigo hissed. "Just how many of them are there?!"

Then...a few of them were sliced in half! Ichigo turned and saw Renji, wielding Zabimaru in its Shikai state.

"Just a lot more to go!" Renji smirked.

Ichigo gasped before he heard a shout. "El Directo...!"

Then Chad, wielding the second arm of his Fullbring: Brazo Derecha de Gigante, came and destroyed more Exequias!

"Chad!" Ichigo called out with a smile, causing the larger teen to smile back with a thumbs up.

"Tsugi no mai, Hakuren...!"

Rudbornn gasped as one of his arms got froze solid! Ichigo turned and smiled. "Rukia!"

The petite Soul Reaper looked down and shouted. "Save the reunion greetings for later! Right now, go get Orihime...Ichigo!"

"...Gotcha!" Ichigo nodded as he raced to the fifth tower. Rukia secretly smiled before turning her attention to Rudbornn, who freed his arm.


"Whoa~!" Sora cried as he held onto Riku's left leg. The Keyblade Master was currently flying to the fifth tower with the Star Shard that Mickey let him borrow.

"Was it a good idea to just leave King Mickey and the others like that?!" Sora questioned.

"They'll be fine!" Riku answered. "While we take care of Ulquiorra, they'll figure out a way to leave Hueco Mundo!"

Sora groaned before covering his mouth, gagging.

"And don't you DARE throw up, anywhere near me!" Riku ordered.

Orihime smiled and said. "That's right. Maybe it's impossible to feel exactly the same way as another person, or the one right next to you. but...it's possible for people to care about one another and to place their hearts as close together as they can manage. I'm sure that's what it means to...make your hearts as one."

Ulquiorra only stared at her and asked. "...Hearts, you say? You Humans are always so quick to speak of such nonsense. As though you carry your hearts in the very palms of your hands. But...this eye of mine perceives all. There is nothing that it overlooks. If this eye cannot see a thing, then it does not exist. That is the assumption under which I have always fought. What is this "heart"?

Ulquiorra stepped towards Orihime and asked. "If I tear open that chest of yours...will I see it there? If I smash open that skull of yours, will I see it there?"

Before Orihime could answer, someone came crashing out of the floor, causing a massive hole. Ulquiorra turned and saw...Ichigo.

"Ichigo...!" Orihime whispered.

The Substitute Soul Reaper narrowed his eyes and said. "Step away from Orihime, right now."

"...Of course." Ulquiorra said, stepping back. "Lord Aizen merely tasked me to look over Las Noches. I don't have any orders to harm that woman. She will live until Lord Aizen says otherwise."

Ichigo remained silent as Ulquiorra started to draw his sword. "You...are a different story. Killing you is equivalent to protecting Las Noches."

Ulquiorra finally took out his sword. "I will erase you...with my own blade...Ichigo Kurosaki."

Hearing this, Ichigo seemed surprised before he smirked. "Tch. I'm surprised that you would draw your sword so soon. Here I thought I would have to force you. Does that mean you see me as a worthy opponent?"

"...At the very least, you're someone who needs to be eliminated." Ulquiorra answered.

"Good enough for me." Ichigo smirked before he and Ulquorra clashed blades!

Fake Karakura Town.

Baraggan stepped up and said. "So...what should be done about this? There's a mountain load of Soul Reapers, and the Boss himself is trapped."

"You're being disrespectful to Lord Aizen, Baraggan." Halibel scolded.

"Right back at you, Shark Queen." Baraggan retorted before snapping his fingers. His Fraccion took out a curtain, and a pile of bones started to form into a large bone chair, allowing Baraggan to sit down.

"With the boss out of commission, I'll be taking command." Baraggan explained. "No complaint. Got it? Stark and Halibel?"

"Do what you want." Stark yawned before Lilynette kicked him from behind. "You moron!"

Halibel merely stayed silent over the matter.

Ignoring the noise, Baraggan said. "This entire town...is fake, right? The boss said that you switched the real town with a replica. Boss said that we just needed to kill all of you and invade the Soul Society for the real town. But...there's no need to go through so much trouble."

Yamamoto remained quiet as the Espada continued. "Here's how you did it. You created 4 pillars in 4 directions of this town to switch the real town with a fake. So...what would happen if we destroyed those pillars?"

"Findorr. Do it." Baraggan ordered.

"Yes." Findorr nodded before whistling. Then...4 Large Hollows came out of the sky, heading towards the pillars!

"I already know their locations." Baraggan added. "North, South, East and West. Predictable."

"Oh crap! They found out!" Marechiyo gasped in horror. "If they destroyed those pillars...the real Karakura Town will come back, and it'll be a wasteland! All of our efforts will be for nothing~!"

Yamamoto stood quiet before he said. "...Idiot."

Then suddenly...the 4 Hollows were killed instantly!

"Wha?" Marechiyo questioned, confused.

"I would have never left such important areas unprotected." Yamamoto explained. "It's a good thing...that those pillars are in capable hands."

Then...4 Soul Reapers appeared on each of the pillars. Lieutenant Shuhei Hisagi. Lieutenant Izuru Kira. 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame. 5th Seat Yumichika Ayasegawa.

"...Eh?" Marechiyo questioned in shock. "EH?! Shuhei! Izuru! Ikkaku! Yumichika! What are those 4 doing here?! I thought they were supposed to stay in the Soul Society! I didn't see them at the meeting, so I thought, Ha! You snooze, you lose!"

The chubby Lieutenant turned to everyone and asked. "Did everyone else know this except me?!"

"Yeah." Shunsui chuckled, rubbing the back of his head.

"Hmph. Don't think that we're as brainless as you are." Rangiku scolded.

Soi Fon rolled her eyes and said. "You were probably too busy, stuffing more chips into your mouth. You didn't pay any attention at all."

"That's gotta be it! Marechiyo, you fat lard!" Rangiku shouted.

"Hey! I'm not fat! I'm plump!" Marechiyo defended.

"Hmm...maybe I did forget to mention it to him." Soi Fon thought.

Baraggan scoffed and said. "4 Ants are hardly a problem. If they're guarding those pillars, I'll just send over 4 Dragons."

"Charlotte. Findorr. Abirama. Choe. Crush them. Baraggan ordered.

"YES YOUR HIGHNESS!" They obeyed before going over to the 4 Pillars.

Ikkaku smirked and said. "Tch. You're quite the big guy. Aren't you, Arrancar?"

Choe just stayed quiet as Ikkaku added. "I just pray that your size isn't just for show in the end."

"...Pray? To what? You Soul Reaper scum have a god to pray to?" Choe questioned.

"...Huh?" Ikkaku questioned in confusion, looking down in thought. "Now that you mention it...there's really nobody to pray to, isn't there?"

Then Ikkaku just grinned and shouted. "Ah, who gives a damn?! I'll even pray to your gods!"

"...Is that right?" Choe asked. "Not a problem. You and I will fight for the only god around here. Lord Baraggan."

"Oh really?" Ikkaku asked.

Findorr walked over to Shuhei and asked. "Before we can begin, can you be so kind to introduce yourself?"

"Shuhei Hisagi: Lieutenant of Squad 9." Shuhei answered.

"...I see." Findorr muttered. "Therefore...I'll fight on the same level as a Lieutenant then."

"Hmm?" Shuhei questioned.

"Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello~!" Charlotte sang. "Please paid attention~! Lord Baraggan's Number 1 Fraccion: Charlotte Chuhlhourne...HAS ARRIVED~!"

However...Yumichika remained silent.

"Hmm?" Charlotte questioned, looking over at his face.

Yumichika had his eyes closed, very tightly. "I have a rule to never see anything so ugly and hideous."

Charlotte growled before slapping Yumichika across the face!

"YOWCH!" Yumichika screamed as he held his bruised cheek. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, YOU PSYCHO WOLF BI*CH?!"

"How dare you?!" Charlotte questioned angrily. "You meet someone for the first time, and the first thing you do is call them hideous?! Now you listen here! What I find truly hideous in this world...is those who judge others by their appearances. Yes, I'm talking about the likes of you...and your heart."

However, Yumichika simply closed his eyes again.

"BASTARD!" Charlotte snapped as he charged at the 5th Seat with his sword. "At least look at me when I'm making such a meaningful speech!"

"Screw you!" Yumichika shouted as he blocked the attack. "I don't look at ugly people! And your speech is crap anyway!"

"Oh yeah...I'm gonna do you in! I'm gonna do you in!" Abirama shouted violently. He saw that Izuru was quiet. "Well?! Why aren't you following along, eh?!"

"...Huh?" Izuru questioned.

"Dumb Soul Reaper." Abirama muttered. "Here's how it goes! Two Fighters must shout out to one another on how they plan on killing them and causing them pain! Now we're going to do it again! Here we go~!"

Abirama started to yell. "I'll hit you! Kick you! Clean out your body'a blood! Bash your skull open! Finally, I'll split your THROAT! Now it's your turn!"

"...No." Izuru said, bluntly. "Why would I shout out about kicking your a*s? Your little ritual is completely savage."

"Screw you then!" Abirama shouted. "Damn coward. Anyway, I'm Abirama Redder: One of Lord Baraggan's Fraccion. And you?"

"...Izuru Kira: Lieutenant of Squad 3." Izuru answered.

Hearing this, Abirama smirked and said. "Oh yeah? So that means...you were once under Gin Ichimaru, correct?"

Izuru appeared stunned as Abirama continued. "I'd heard all about how he just left you and his squad behind in the Soul Society, but I get it now. Who the hell wouldn't want to leave behind a useless piece of turd like-"

SLICE! Izuru appeared behind the Arrancar as he left a bleeding cut on his cheek.

"Don't ever...mention his name in such a manner." Izuru coldly ordered. "I suggest you watch what you say...as I take your life."

Abirama grinned and said. "...I get it. So you ain't such a wuss after all."

"...Oh my." Gin remarked.

"Something the matter, Gin?" Kaname questioned.

"Hmm...I feel Izuru's Spiritual energy rising up. He seems a bit pissed off at the moment." Gin answered.

Kaname looked interested as he asked. "Does mean that you're concerned about his well being?"

"...Nah." Gin smiled. "I'm just happy...that he's doing just fine on his own."

Landing on the pillar with his cheek still bleeding, Abirama grinned and said. "That's it. That's the expression I wanted to see. The expression...suited for battle!"

Izuru watched as Abirama released his Resurrección. "Scalp: Águila!"

Like in his last battle with Riku, Abirama turned into a humanoid bird. He had an white eagle's head, with black streaks running down it, his black hair extended to an extensive length. His body was covered in red feathers and his arms and feet became bird-like with sharp talons, as well as large bird-wings from his back, and his chest is was left exposed and covered in various tattoo markings.

"Die...Soul Reaper...!" Abirama smirked.


Yumichika and Charlotte fought as they insulted one another.

"I'll break your Heart!" Charlotte declared.

"I'll break your nose in an instant!" Yumichika snapped. Eventually, they jumped back, panting.



"UGLY BEAST!" They both yelled, clashing against each other!

"You just keep on shouting ugly, ugly, over and over again! Well let me give you a food for thought! it's always the ugly ones who call other people ugly!" Charlotte shouted.

Yumichika just smirked and asked. "Don't you know how to count?! You just said Ugly 4 Times! If you're calling someone who's ugly, when you're ugly yourself, that means you're 4 times uglier!"

Charlotte hissed as he attacked Yumichika, who jumped out of the way. "This...is getting absolutely nowhere. How about...we make this more simple?"

He licked his blade and said. "Whoever dies first...is the ugly one."

"Fine. This means that I'll prove my superior beauty and strength." Yumichika grinned.

The Arrancar frowned and said. "You sure have a big mouth, not that I'm complaining. Maybe now...I'll be a little more serious."

Yumichika gasped as Charlotte held his sword and screamed.

The Arrancar flew at Yumichika while rolling at a rapid pace as he attacked! The Soul Reaper blocked his attack as Charlotte shouted. "Beautiful Charlotte Chuhlhourne's Miracle Sweet Ultra Funky Fantastic Dramatic Romantic Sadistic Erotic Exotic Athletic Guillotine Attack~!"

BAM! Charlotte sent him flying down above in a crash!

"Oh, excuse me." Charlotte said. "I guess I put a LITTLE too much power into that attack."

KLANG! Charlotte blocked Yumichika's attack from behind, pushing him back further away!

Yumichika panted as he held his broken arm. "Crap! He broke my arm in three places! What a monster...!"

"Oh! So you're alive?" Charlotte asked, pleased. "Excellent! You are quite the fighter, my Rival!"

"Rival, huh?" Yumichika asked, sarcastically. "You talk like you've acknowledged my strength. Sorry, but I'm not interested in flattery from someone with such a messed-up hairstyle as that."

Charlotte looked confused, but then...he turned and gasped in horror as some of his long hair was cut off!

"You...YOU UGLY BASTARD~!" Charlotte roared in rage. "I can't forgive you! NO! I WON'T FORGIVE THIS! I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU~!"

"Okay, looks like he's about to go all out at this point." Yumichika thought as he readied himself.

Charlotte growled as he shouted. "Sparkle: Reina De Rosas~!"

Then...Charlotte's appearance changed. He was now dressed in a white crop top with extended wing-like shoulder pads and a short pink cape attached to the back. He had white underwear with extended wings at his hips, and a pink flowing miniskirt. He had large, white, disk-like bracelets on his ankles and wrists, and he wore heeled shoes. He had a pink heart outline with a smaller heart above it, located on his lower area, and he completed the outfit with a tiara with horns.

"Wha...What?" Yumichika questioned. Then...he covered his mouth as he burst into laughter! "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!"

Charlotte scoffed as he said. "I guess my immense beauty is too much for someone as ugly as yourself could understand."

However, Yumichika was too busy laughing his a*s off to pay any attention to the Arrancar.

Ikkaku looked to the left in confusion. "Eh? Could have sworn that I heard Yumichika laughing like a maniac. There's no way that can happen in a battle."

"WHOA!" Ikkaku exclaimed as he dodged a punch from Choe! He smirked and said. "Kinda slow, aren't you?! Tch! You can't beat me with brute strength alone!"

Choe just remained quiet.

"Hmph! I think I get it now." Charlotte started. "Since you're so undeniably ugly, you can't even comprehend my beauty. For that, I forgive you. It's not a sin to hate my beauty. Better yet, you deserve my pity."

"Oh really?" Yumichika asked, calming down.

Charlotte nodded and said. "It must be painful to be sensitive to the grotesque and repulsive things in life. That's why...I shall end that pain...with my own hands. That is my mission."

"In the end...you're the one with a big mouth." Yumichika mocked.

Just smiling, Charlotte shouted. "Now take this! Beautiful Charlotte Chuhlhourne's Final Holy Wonderful Pretty Super Magnum Sexy Sexy Glamorous Cero~!"

Forming his hands into the shape of a Heart, Charlotte fired a Heart shaped Cero at Yumichika!

"Isn't that just a normal Cero?!" Yumichika questioned before he got hit!

As the smoke cleared, Yumichika flew off while panting. He barely dodged that one. "What...what a dirty trick...! That almost blew me to smithereens...!"

Yumichika turned around and BAM! Charlotte hit him in the ribs, cracking them!

"It's all over, Ugly~!" Charlotte shouted.

"Not yet!" Yumichika retorted. "Bloom: Fuji Kujaku!"

Suddenly, Yumichika's Zanpakuto turned into a sickle shaped blade. Then, the blade split into four identical and evenly spaced blades!

"Like that'll help!" Charlotte laughed as he blocked Yumichika's attack. Then, he gave him a brutal head butt!

"GAH!" Yumichika cried out as Charlotte held him by his head.

"I said it once, I'll say it again. It's over!" Charlotte smirked. "A princess always gets her way, no matter what! If I say that it is over, then it is over!"

Then...a dark and massive thorny bush started to surround Yumichika and Charlotte where a white rose was seen at the top.

"...What is this?" Yumichika whispered in shock.

"Rose Blanca." Charlotte answered. "My ultimate and most devastating attack. Within the darkness of this place, you'll be invisible to your comrades and will be strangled by these white petals until you die."

Yumichika's eyes went wide. "...Invisible?"

"That's right." Charlotte confirmed. "Not a single Soul Reaper will stand witness to the moment...your life comes to its end. There is no crueler demise for one who values beauty above all, do you not think so?"

"...I see." Yumichika muttered. "Thank you so much...!"

Charlotte gasped as Yumichika got out of his grasp. The 5th Seat lifted his Zanpakuto and muttered. "Split and Deviate...Ruri'iro Kujaku!"

Suddenly, the blades on Yumichika's sword started to flare up...and they transformed into a number of glowing peacock feather-like vines! They charged in and ensnared Charlotte, wrapping around his entire body!

"Wha...what the hell is this?!" Charlotte questioned. "What's going on here?!

Yumichika watched as Charlotte tried to break free. "Don't bother. Take a look."

The Arrancar glanced at one of the vines...and it started to grow a bud, filled with energy.

"What's actually trapping you, right now...is your own Spiritual energy." Yumichika explained. "You see, those flowers will keep growing by absorbing your energy that you left. When they absorb all of it...that will be the end for you...Charlotte Chuhlhourne...!"

"...DAMN IT!" Charlotte screamed as more flowers started to bloom. Soon...the dark bush started to fade away, leaving Charlotte with no energy left.

Yumichika started to turn his Zanpakuto back to its sealed state, but not before grabbing onto one of the flowers, placing it in his mouth.

"Don't mind me. Just grabbing a quick snack." Yumichika noted, sheathing his sword. "I appreciate it."

Right when he was about to leave, Charlotte started to say. "You...son of a...! That was...really a low blow. Hiding your ace in the hole like that. I heard of it. It's called Bankai, right?"

"...You couldn't be more wrong." Yumichika answered. "That was my Zanpakuto's...True Form.

"True Form...?" Charlotte questioned.

Yumichika sighed and explained. "You see, this sword of mine is a real royal pain of a mistress. Have you heard of a Zanpakuto that has a favorite color? His favorite is Azure. The one he despises the most is Wisteria. Fuji Kujaku is my pet name for him. Whenever I call him that, he pouts, he whines, and refuses to unleash his full power."

"But...why go through all of that instead of showing your true strength?" Charlotte questioned.

The 5th Seat simply smiled and said. "...I'm a member of Squad 11, the Gotei 13's specialized combat division. It's full of brainless idiots who are obsessed with putting their lives on the line. Thanks to the style of our Squad...there's always been a kind of unwritten rule that all our Zanpakutō have to be direct-combat types. Just having a Kidō-type Zanpakutō is enough to get a guy labelled a loser."

Yumichika continued as he said. "I don't want any of my comrades in Squad 11 to see this Zanpakutō's true ability...especially not Ikkaku or my Captain. That's why I had to thank you when you concealed us within that barrier. If you had not used that technique, then no matter what happened in this battle...I would never have released my Zanpakutō."

Charlotte looked surprised as he asked. "Even if that meant defeat?"

"Even if I were to lose...and die at your hands." Yumichika smirked.

Hearing this...Charlotte chuckled as he closed his eyes. "Guys like you...just don't come around anymore."

With that...the Arrancar died.


Shuhei and Findorr clashed blades before Shuhei jumped back from his opponent. "...This doesn't make sense."

"What do you mean?" Findorr questioned.

The Lieutenant narrowed his eyes and answered. "You said that you would fight at the same level as a Lieutenant...but your power matches that of a 5th Seat Officer."

"Exacta!" Findorr laughed, much to Shuhei's confusion. "You're correct. I am fighting at the power of a lower ranking Soul Reaper. You're quite shrewd, Lieutenant. You pass my test."

"What?" Shuhei questioned, confused.

"You see, I merely wanted to test your ability to gauge a person's fighting level." Findorr started. "Fighting at the power of a Lieutenant would've been a waste of my time if you failed."

"...I think I get it. Somehow, you have the ability to alter your own fighting abilities, to fight your opponent more effectively." Shuhei guessed.

Findorr smirked and said. "Exacta. I've been fighting at the level of a 5th Seat Soul Reaper. And now..."

SLICE! Findorr sliced his own mask, leaving a wide cut, much to Shuhei's shock. Then, Findorr charged at him!

CLASH! They crossed blades once again.

"Huh? His strength...it has greater force." Shuhei thought.

"That's the strength of a Fourth Seat." Findorr said, chipping his mask before swinging his blade at Shuhei. "And this, is the power of a 3rd Seat!"

Findorr smirked as he chipped off another part of his mask, revealing one of his eyes. "And this...is the power of a Lieutenant!"

Izuru panted as he ran. He turned around and prepared a Kido Spell. "Bakudō #39: Enkōsen!"

Then, he held his Zanpakuto in a blocking manner as Spiritual energy, dull yellow colored, took the form of a large spinning disk.

SMASH! Abirama smashed it to pieces however!

"Crap...!" Izuru cursed.

Abirama cackled loudly and asked. "What's wrong?! Out of juice already?! Don't tell me this is all you can DO!"

The Arrancar flew around and said. "Can't say that I'm surprised though. Anybody would soil themselves, at first glimpse of my Resurrección! All...and don't think these wings of mine are ordinary."

SMASH! Abirama sent 2 Feathers, crashing onto the ground!

"These bad boys can tear anything apart!" Abirama boasted. "They're denser than steel, and heavier than a mountain!"

"...I see." Izuru muttered. "How nice. Wings of Steel. Sounds catchy. But...they're just wings overall."

Then, Izuru's Zanpakuto started to spin like a disk, moving on it's own. "Hadō #58: Tenran!"

A tornado like blast was fired at Abirama!

"Give me a break! Just because they're wings, it doesn't mean crap that a tornado will work!" Abirama shouted, the Kido barely fazed him. He looked and saw a hole to where Izuru was standing on.

"Oh? A sneak attack?" Abirama asked. "Like that'll help! Devorar Pluma!"

Feathers started to come out of Abirama's wings, coming out like gunfire!

Izuru gasped as he ran out of the building, the feathers coming through the ceiling! "Damn it! They're strong enough to pierce through a building!"

He jumped out of a window in time.

"HA! Found you!" Abirama shouted, shooting more feathers. Izuru jumped onto light poles as he dodged. "Dammit! Quit running like a coward!"

"Crap. Those feathers haven't decreased in number. Must be regeneration." Izuru thought. "...I have a plan."

Abirama growled and said. "I don't know how many ideas you must have cooked up to defeat me, but I won't let that happen!"

Then, he started to slice along his chest tattoos with his talons, drawing spiritually energized blood, splitting his wings into 2 pairs! His mask also changed. "Devorar Erupcion!"

"What's he doing?!" Izuru questioned. Abirama howled as he charged at Izuru, smashing into the top of a building.

"Where he'd go?!" The Arrancar questioned. Then he saw a brief glimpse of Izuru in the dust. "You're still standing?! Your legs should be broken! I wasn't even using my full speed!"

"...That's a relief." Izuru stated. "I was wondering how to land a direct attack. Your long range attacks were annoying. With my Zanpakuto, there's no point cutting something if it's not a part of your body."

"The hell? what can you possibly cut me with that wacky Zanpakuto of yours?!" Abirama questioned.

Instantly...Abirama's wings came crashing down to a building, bringing his whole body along as well!

CRASH! The whole building fell apart!

In the debris, Abirama groaned heavily in pain, barely standing up. "My Wings...I can't lift them...!"

"When I cut the first time, the weight doubles. Second time, it doubles again. Three times, you'll need a few people to help you lift up, all of that WEIGHT." Izuru explained. "That's the power of my Zanpakuto: Wabisuke. If you're so certain that your wings are heavier than a mountain, then even you can't lift them up. Especially since I hit them four times."

"You...you Dirty Cheater...!" Abirama hissed angrily. "This is how you fight, in a dual between warriors?!"

"Dirty?" Izuru questioned, raising a eyebrow. "Oh yeah. You were shouting about something that was supposed to inspire us before fighting. If you think that's something that a warrior should do, then I don't understand you at all."

Izuru's expression darkened as he started to say. "Squad 3's Flower is the Marigold. The meaning behind it is Despair. And it's been our creed. Fighting is not a stage for empty heroics...and nor is it something to feel any exhilaration. Battle is filled with despair. Dark, terrifying, and sadness. That...is the way that it should be. That way, people can learn to fear battle...and to choose the path of non-violence in the end. Maybe then...we won't feel so much despair."

He looked at his Zanpakuto and added. "Out of the Zanpakutos in Squad 3...Wabisuke is most likely the biggest representation of despair. As it increases the weight of those I cut, my opponent cannot bear the weight, and falls on their hands and knees. As their head bows down...it looks as though they're apologizing. That's Wabisuke."

Then, Izuru lifted his Zanpakuto. "You asked...what can I possibly cut with this 'wacky Zanpakuto' of mine. Well...you're about to find out."

Suddenly, Izuru held the square hook of Wabisuke beneath Abirama's head!

"No...don't...!" Abirama whispered in terror.

"A warrior...never begs for his life." Izuru said in a cold tone. Then...he lifted up Wabisuke...decapitating him.

Sheathing his sword, Izuru watched as blood poured out of Abirama's headless body. "Goodbye, warrior of the sky. I would appreciate it...if you didn't forgive me."

With that said, Izuru walked away.

Findorr grinned as he blocked an attack from Shuhei, flying back. "Something the matter, Lieutenant?! You look exhausted! How is this supposed to be a fight between equals?!"

Shuhei merely narrowed his eyes.

"And here I am, fighting at the level of a Lieutenant." Findorr added. "So tell me, how come you're the only one who looks tired?"

"...Shut your damn mouth." Shuhei muttered. "Are you saying that I'm not strong enough to be a Lieutenant?"

"Exacta!" Findorr smirked. "Correct once again, Lieutenant. I'm trying to gauge the power of you and the Gotei 13."

Shuhei scowled and said." "Quit calling me Lieutenant. My name is Shuhei Hisagi. At least try to remember that much."

"How rude of me. I must confess, I thought that you were barely worth the trouble of telling my own name." Findorr explained. "Findorr Calius is my name."

The Arrancar drew his sword and said. "Now that I've introduced myself, it's time to end this battle. In other words...I'm going to kill you and spit on your grave...Shuhei Hisagi!"

Findorr pointed his blade at Shuhei and shouted. "Engrave the surface of the water: Pinza Aguda!"

After that, Findorr's appearance changed. He had large crab-like claws, which covered both of his hands. The right claw was quite large, and the right side of his body was covered with a carapace of chitinous composition, acting as a form of armor. At the other end of the tip of the claw, there was a rope-like connection from there to the right shoulder.

"So, that's an Arrancar's Resurrección?" Shuhei asked.

"Correct." Findorr confirmed.

Shuhei glared and said. "If you think that'll help you win, you're dead wrong."

"Nonsense." Findorr smirked before attacking Shuhei from behind! The Lieutenant jumped up to dodge his large claw.

"Good job! You were able to correctly follow the speed of my Sonido!" Findorr smirked as he attacked.

Shuhei blocked his attack and shouted. "Will you quit it with that exacta or correct crap?!"

"But why?" Findorr asked. "Don't you understand? Life is nothing but a series of difficult problems! Whoever gets the greatest number of correct answers to those problems...earns the right to live on!"

"And let me guess, You're one of them?" Shuhei sarcastically questioned. "You're pretty bold, Arrancar."

Then, Shuhei took off one of the explosive bands on his arm, and threw it at Findorr, causing an explosion! Findorr managed to block that explosion with his large claw. He quickly noticed that Shuhei was preparing a Kido spell!

"Bakudō #62: Hyapporankan!" Shuhei shouted, creating a blue-white glowing rod of spiritual energy. He fired it at Findorr, then it multiplied into more rods, pinning Findorr to a wall.

"It's over for you, chatterbox." Shuhei muttered, charging at the Arrancar.

"Not yet!" Findorr laughed, lifting up his large claw. Then, he fired a blast of water at Shuhei, who barely dodged it!

"What? Was that water?" Shuhei questioned.

Findorr smirked as he got down. "Correct again. However, don't look away from your enemy. That's...incorrect!"

Soon, he fired many water blasts at Shuhei, who was barely able to dodge them all. Finally...he got hit!

"It's over for you, Lieutenant!" Findorr laughed. But then...something sliced through Findorr's attack.

"Reap: Kazeshini."

As the smoke cleared, Shuhei appeared, with a few scratches and cuts. He was holding twin Kusarigama shaped weapons. The blades were connected to a spiked rod tethered together by a long chain.

"...I get it." Findorr said, shaking off his shock. "So, that's your Shikai. Am I correct, Shuhei Hisagi?"

"...Yup." Shuhei nodded. "This is Kazeshini. Although...I don't like it very much."

Findorr looked confused at this. "What do you mean?"

"Exactly what I just said." Shuhei answered. "The form that Kazeshini takes...just really irritates me. I mean, just look at it. Wouldn't you say this form is made for...taking lives?"

Suddenly, Shuhei charged and slashed at Findorr, leaving a long gash on his face!

The Arrancar growled in pain before Shuhei attacked again, smashing a building apart with Kazeshini!

Findorr smirked as he was able to grab one of the blades, kicking Shuhei away. "HA! You won't get away from me that easily!"

Shuhei narrowed his eyes before tugging on the chain of his Zanpakuto, bringing back the blade that Findorr just held as it left a slash on his arm. Shuhei flew up and asked. "Having a hard time already? Is it because...you're scared?"

"LIKE HELL!" Findorr snapped.

"Really? Cause I am." Shuhei said as he ducked down from one of Findorr's attacks.

"Is that right?!" Findorr mocked. "How can you be scared, especially since you released your Zanpakuto?! Well...no matter!"

Then...Findorr took off another part of his mask...increasing his power! "I'll end this battle...at the level of a Captain! You cannot defeat me now, you lowly Lieutenant!"


Much to Findorr's shock...Shuhei sliced off half of his large claw!

"So...you're not afraid of your own power...or mine." Shuhei noted. "Let me tell you something. Someone who doesn't fear the power they wield...has no right to wield that power. I was taught that...by Him."

A image of Kaname appeared in Shuhei's mind as he said this.

Findorr paled in horror. Suddenly...he started to feel scared. "...Damn it!"

Then he tried to escape, but Shuhei wasn't about to let that happen.

"So, you're scared now?" Shuhei asked. "Finally, we're equals."

Finally, Shuhei threw Kazeshini at Findorr...cutting him down in a instant. As he died, Shuhei said. "By the way...you didn't even come close to the power of a Captain."


Shuhei looked and gasped as one of the Pillars got destroyed!

"Oh no...one of the Pillars got destroyed...!" Izuru whispered with disbelief. "Who lost?!"

Yumichika quickly looked at the location of the pillar...and he saw who lost.


Choe was seen standing over a badly injured and defeated Ikkaku. The 3rd Seat was laying down on the destroyed pillar.

All of the Captains looked shock at this development.

Baraggan smirked and said. "1 down, 3 to go."

"Ikkaku!" Yumichika cried out, racing out to his best friend with Flash Step. Suddenly, Shuhei appeared and stopped him, grabbing him.

"Stop Yumichika." Shuhei ordered. "What makes you think that you can beat someone who just defeated Ikkaku?"

"I don't know!" Yumichika snapped, pushing Shuhei back. He drew his sword and yelled. " I'll kill the bastard myself! Don't get in my way!"


A green liquid hit Yumichika on his right cheek, knocking him out. Shuhei grabbed him before he could fall.

"I understand that you're angry, but remember, as a 5th Seat, you should respect your senior officers." Izuru scolded.

"Izuru?" Shuhei questioned.

"Relax. I only used Shinten." Izuru assured, pulling out a vial. "He won't be waking up, anytime soon."

Suddenly, the area around the destroyed pillar started to turn into a road.

"Crap!" Shuhei cursed. "With that pillar destroyed, the real Karakura Town is coming back!"

Choe was watching this as well. "Ah. So that real town is coming back, right?" He looked over at Ikkaku and added. "Looks like the bald one wasn't using his full power. Oh well. No need to whine about the dead."


The large Arrancar turned to Ikkaku, who merely smirked. "I ain't out for the count just yet...!"

STOMP! Ikkaku gasped in pain as Choe stepped on his back!

"So you're alive?" Choe asked. "I see. Why don't you try unleashing your hidden strength? Just do it and get it over with."

"Ahhhhhhh...!" Ikkaku shouted in pain before he smirked once again. "You must be joking. I don't have anything like that. Even if I did, I wouldn't waste it on you...!"

Choe just shook his head and said. "Then...die, right here, right now."


Out of nowhere...a fist came and pushed Choe in the cheek, sending him far away! Ikkaku turned to whoever it was, and gasped. "Captain Komamura...!"

The large Wolf Captain stood with a stern expression. "Tetsuzaemon, do it!"

"Roger!" Tetsuzaemon agreed, throwing several metal poles out of a bag onto the area where the Real Karakura Town was returning. Once they landed, the reversion stopped.

"There. That should do it." Tetsuzaemon sighed, relieved. "Just as long as you don't break them, the real Karakura Town will stay put."

"Tetsuzaemon...!" Ikkaku whispered.

Then, they and Sajin saw Choe, who was coming out of a house that he crashed into. He walked over and towered over Sajin in height.

"Whoa...! He's bigger than the Captain...!" Tetsuzaemon whispered.

Choe rubbed the back of his neck and asked. "So, what are you, a Soul Reaper or a Dog? Anyway, impressive punch. But...that didn't even come close to the real deal...!"

BAM! He punched Sajin in the chest, sending him flying across the fake town! "Now...THAT was a real punch."

"Captain!" Tetsuzaemon cried out, running over to Sajin.

Choe took out a tiny wakizashi from his sleeve and said. "Now...I'm going to show the BEST punch. Breathe: Calderón!"

Releasing his Resurrección, Choe's appearance changed. He had a tear-shaped body and stature similar to an ape's. His Hollow mask fragments were replaced by a huge striped sac covering his chin and extending through his chest. While his arms were covered with large black bands, and his legs, which were mostly his feet, were almost entirely black. His mouth became much larger as well.

"He's even bigger!" Tetsuzaemon exclaimed.

"Ahhh...using this form to crush the weak. It's such a bother..." Choe sighed as he was prepared to attack.

"Crap!" Tetsuzaemon cursed, running off while carrying Ikkaku.

"Tetsuzaemon! What the hell are you doing?!" Ikkaku questioned. "Where are we going?!"

"Shut your trap!" Tetsuzaeson yelled. "We can't do sh*t against someone who took down Captain Komamura!"

Ikkaku growled and said. "What kind of logic is that?!"

Choe yawned as he lifted up his fist. "So very heavy. So very tired. But I suppose it can't be helped. These are the orders from Lord Baraggan himself!"

"Let me go Tetsuzaemon! We can't just run away!" Ikkaku shouted.

"Just shut up!" Tetsuzaemon yelled back. He turned and saw Choe's fist, coming much closer to landing on them! "NO!"


Tetsuzaemon turned, and gasped when he saw...Sajin, holding up Choe's giant fist!

"AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Sajin howled loudly, lifting Choe up with his fist, and threw him into a house!

"Captain..." Tetsuzaemon muttered.

Sajin turned to his Lieutenant and said. "Tetsuzaemon, do not retreat...no matter the stakes. Just stay behind me...!"

"...Roger!" Tetsuzaemon obeyed.

Suddenly, Choe pulled himself off the ground and laughed. "You worm! That did nothing! You did surprised me there, when you were able to lift me off the ground."

Choe opened his mouth and said. "I'm so surprised...I feel like yawning."

Seeing a Cero forming in his large mouth, Sajin said. "In that case, I'll stop you from yawning."

Sajin unsheathed his Zanpakuto and muttered. "Bankai: Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō!"

As soon as he said this...an Armored Samurai Giant with a giant blade appeared behind him!

"Wha...?" Choe questioned in shock, his Cero disappearing. He started to get scared as he shouted. "What is...what...WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!"

"...That's right." Sajin muttered as he lifted his Zanpakuto, causing the giant to mimic this as well. "I didn't introduced myself. I am Captain Sajin Komamura, head of Squad 7. And though it shames me, I am just as you said...a mere Worm."

SLASH! He lifted his blade down...causing the giant to bring down it's blade on Choe, killing him instantly!

Now...time for a Omake!

Omake! The Queen of Hueco Mundo, and her Undying Stead?! By Luckenhaft!

"Hey Ichigo. Hope that I can crash the party."

Hearing this, Ichigo turned...and saw Kenpachi Zaraki! He looked fine, with the exception of his clothes having some cuts, and his forehead slightly bleeding.

"Kenpachi?!" Ichigo questioned. "What are you doing here?!"

KICK! Kenpachi kicked Ichigo out of his way. "Move it. I'm going to fight that thing. Turns out Riku wasn't very fun."

Speaking of whom, Riku was being carried by Yachiru. His silver hair was a bit coated by blood, and his arm was in a sling.

"Oh shut up." The Keyblade Master muttered. "You were the one who started it."

Meanwhile as Ichigo demanded an thorough explanation from Kenpachi, Anti-Sora attempted to make an esca- No tactical retreat, escaping is for pansies. Attempted being the important word as Anti-Sora soon came face to face with a terrible force the likes of which Aizen, and even Yhwach would admit they could never rival in sheer unprecedented chaos.

Yachiru Kusajishi.

"So your Rikky's friend huh?" The pink terror asked innocently as she had quickly lost interest in lugging Riku around, and just dropped him off somewhere. Anti-Sora stared back at the pink terror contemplating on eating the pink terror...not knowing how foolish he was for underestimating the Lieutenant of Squad 11.

Yachiru decided that she wanted to play a game with Anti-Sora, so she took the initiative to set the game up first. She took a step back, and took hold of her sheathed Zanpakuto, and held it up high as she pulled it back as if it were a baseball bat.

"Batter up!" Yachiru chirped as she grinned on what would be a quite evil smirk if it were not for the fact that she was a child.

At that moment, the bickering that was going on between Ichigo, Kenpachi, and Riku came to an abrupt halt as a very effeminate scream exploded out through from nearby, and resonated out to all of Las Noches...for what would be the day that Sora's chances of reproducing was diminished in half as Anti-Sora dropped to his knees, and craddled his now severely damaged male pride.

Ichigo, Riku, and Kenpachi turned to where the scream came from, and winced in unison as they saw the damage Yachiru had done to Sora while they were silently thankful that it wasn't them. Orihime, and Nel both cringed while the former promised to herself that once Anti-Sora reverted back to his old self, she would reject the damage Yachiru did.

Speaking of the pink terror, Yachiru payed little attention to the damage she had done to Sora as she walked around the hunched over Anti-Sora, and climbed onto his back, and after securing herself on him by wrapping her legs around his neck in a choke-hold, she then took hold of Anti-Sora's hair by one spike of his hair in each hand, and tugged hard.

Yachiru then made her intentions quite clear with her next declaration as Anti-Sora unwillingly reared himself up, waving his arms around wildly as he tried to grab ahold of the pink terror who was on his back.

"Run Horsey, Run!" Yachiru chirped.

It would be a long while before Sora turned back to his old self. Until then...he was Yachiru's new plaything.

The events that followed would forever be burned into the minds of the witnesses as they witnessed Yachiru subjugate the berserk Anti-Sora into rampaging about throughout all of Las Noches, destroying anything and everything in their path in a extremely bizarre game of Playing Horse, and Horsemen.

The combined might of the remaining Espada were powerless to stop this chaotic duo as whenever an attack that would come Yachiru's way, the pink terror would duck down beneath Anti-Sora, and she would use him as a human shield before ducking out when the smoke settled. Then she re-usurped control of her stead, and sent him off charging forward with even more ferocity than before.

Once Sora had been finally reverted back to normal...Las Noches had been reduced to a great big desolate smouldering crater. Aizen, and Xehanort had surrendered to the proper authorities, Yachiru was crowned the Queen of Hueco Mundo, and Sora himself had developed a new ability that sadly, he had no memory of ever obtaining before.

Anti-Form had finally unlocked it's own special ability as well, putting it on par with Valor Form and it's High Jump ability, Wisdom Form and it's Quick Run ability, Master Form and it's Air Dodge ability, and Final Form and it's Glide ability.

High speed Regeneration.

The likes of which Ulquiorra would be envious of ever having.

The End!

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Also, rest in peace...Rose and Kensei.

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