Chapter 10

The following morning, Hawke was back at the day job, checking on reports of his new defense scheme. For what felt like the first time, he was smiling as he read the reports. Of course, the reports didn't make Hawke smile. It was pretty obvious what was, though. The reports didn't detail much, but Hawke was glad that the troops had been moving out to their positions with little error.

The door opened, and Lash came ling-de-longing into the room again with a mug of black coffee, placing it down on the table.

"Here's your coffee, Hawke" she said, her usual smile plastered on her face.

"Thank you, Lash" Hawke replied, sipping at the mug. Nothing was better in the morning than an extra strong black coffee. It woke him up and the rich flavour of the grounded coffee beans really put Hawke in an enlightened mood, no matter what lay ahead in his day.

But Lash didn't leave the room. She stood there, looking at Hawke with mocking suspicious eyes. Hawke noticed that she hadn't moved and looked up after a short while to see her standing there, still looking at him.

"...Are you okay, Lash?" Hawke asked.

"So..." Lash spoke in an elongated voice. "How was the date?"

Hawke chuckled and put his map down, leaning back in his chair.

"It was rather good" he replied, a small smile on his face. Lash suddenly leant over the desk.

"Who was your date? Tell me, tell me, tell me!" she begged suddenly. Hawke sighed, rolling his eyes.

"...Sasha" he revealed. Lash stood back a little.

"Really?" she asked. "...Didn't see that one coming. I at least thought you'd get Rachel or something..."

"And what about you?" Hawke asked. Lash looked to the wall, crossing her arms.

"I got Grimm..." she said quietly. Hawke suddenly saw the image of a bored Lash sitting next to a large, tuxedo wearing Grimm, with her head in her hands as he shouted out phrases that compared himself to unstoppable forces. He saw the image to be quite funny, and managed to hide a giggle.

"It must have been eventful" Hawke noted. Lash snorted, uncrossing her arms and sitting on Hawke's desk.

"Well, if you were expecting me to say it was bad, then sucks for you!" she said. "I had an awesome time"

"You did?" Hawke asked, suddenly curious as to how anyone could possibly have a good date with Grimm. "Do tell more"

"Well, when I first saw him, he was wearing this ridiculous yellow and white tuxedo on that hardly fitted him. I gagged because he wasn't the perfect image of a knight in shining armour"

"Indeed, he isn't the ideal attractive man, is he?" Hawke remarked.

"But when we got there and sat down, he looked at me through his glasses, and yes he was wearing those glasses, and he said..." Lash spoke, before clearing her throat. She then started to do a poor impersonation of Grimm.

"Listen Lash, I ain't one for the romantic dating thing, so let's cut to the chase! There's only two ways to get to know a guy, and that's fighting and eating. And believe it or not, I ain't lookin' for a fight. So how about we get the biggest fish platter there is, and we get this going on! OOOOOH YEAH!" she grunted, even waddling around the room to try and add effect to her impersonation. Hawke couldn't help but start laughing, putting a hand over his mouth to try and cull his laughter.

"It sounds like you had a lot of fun" Hawke noted.

"It doesn't end there!" Lash continued. "We managed to clear two platters of fish before we decided to have an ice cream eating contest! And guess who won? Me!" she revealed.

"You defeated Grimm in an ice cream contest?" Hawke asked, his eyes slightly opened in surprise. It was quite hard for him to believe that Lash's little stomach could hold more ice cream that Grimm's girth.

"You bet!" she answered in a triumphant voice.

"So...did you talk about anything, or did you just eat all the way?" Hawke asked.

"Well, Grimm basically got up as soon as he saw the fish platter on the menu and demanded it at the kitchen. The guys in there were so scared they forgot about everyone else's orders!" Lash explained. "For the little time had to wait, I told him that his tanks were made of paper, and he told me my tanks couldn't knock a goat over. We argued, and then the food arrived" she said. "We're gonna go to the same place again next week, 'cause he wants a rematch!"

"Heh...I didn't think the two of you could get along so well" Hawke said, sitting back up straight on his chair.

"So what about you?" Lash asked. "Did you and Sasha get all cuddly-wuddly or something? Did you kiss each other?" she teased, elongating the word 'kiss' to make it sound as if Hawke was incapable of such a thing. But as Hawke remained silent and unopposed of Lash's comment, Lash realised that she had stumbled across the truth. She started to gag.

"Oh no, you didn't really, did you?" she asked. Hawke slowly nodded, confirming Lash's somewhat childish fears. She suddenly pretended to cough.

"Yuck!" she shouted. "That's disgusting!"

"How do you know?" Hawke said back. "Have you ever kissed someone before?" Lash crossed her arms again.

"Well, no, but..." she started. Hawke then lifted his hand.

"Then there shall be no further discussion, hm?" he said smugly, knowing he had won the exchange easily. Lash walked out of the room, leaving Hawke unsure about whether kisses truly disgusted her, or if she was just jealous that his date contained more romance than hers.

He couldn't resist one more look. There was something Sasha had given to Hawke before she left his house the previous night. As he brought his hand to a drawer on his desk, he tugged it open, revealing the item. There, sat by itself on top of a pile of unimportant papers was a small shred of orange paper with 11 digits written on it. The eleven digits that ensured Hawke that he would be seeing Sasha again sometime soon.


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