Living with the Enemy

Disclaimers: I do not own Gundam SEED/Gundam SEED Destiny. This is an AU request fic (more like a combination of a couple requests teehee)…Cagalli and Kira are modern day royalty until their kingdom is attacked. Their father's wish was for Cagalli to marry…but before she could she was taken in by the enemy well exactly into the house of Zala.

Rated M, for mainly strong language and some suggestive themes.




A blonde woman walked around a house that had become her home for the past six months. She sighed deeply as her amber eyes were saddened, what had happened to her homeland? She would be forever grateful to the family that took her in and let her live in this home. Her homeland had been crumbled by war and no matter the effort to keep it from burning; it fell to the clutches of two warring factions. The woman watched as the older couple though the male reluctant at first had accepted her into the family, given her a new alias to live by in order to protect her. How much longer must she live like this? How much longer before this bitter war ends? How much longer before she could return home and rebuild her beloved nation that was once a peaceful and beautiful place?

She did not have the answers to these questions, just questions to answer more questions. The man that she thought as her enemy was her savior and in a short period of time became her friend. He still protects her and keeps a solemn vow he made to her when he brought her to his country. She was now forever grateful but … was she selfish for wanting more? For wanting to go back home? Was she ungrateful for everything that had been provided to her? She didn't have the answers to that question or any of them for that matter. When did she turn into the young man that lived this house? Wasn't his job to over think everything and she was the one that always told him to decide and follow through? How six months with someone can change your life dramatically.

In the coming months her life will once again be turned upside down…


Six Months Prior


Orb was the one nation that still practiced monarchy in the Cosmic Era; they were richly blessed when King Uzumi Nara Athha had twins, Prince Kira Yamato Athha and Princess Cagalli Yula Athha, the cubs of the Lion of Orb. Only a few people in their inner circle were aware that the children were adopted and one of them was a coordinator. King Uzumi had been aging and his late wife was not blessed with the ability to create children. It had happened by chance that King Uzumi had stumbled upon a woman trying to save her newborn children. Uzumi could not deny the woman's dying wish and took the children into his home and raised them as his own, after identifying the woman was he able to realize who the children were. He would announce that he had been blessed with heirs and keep them from the prying eyes of the media until they were old enough to handle the pressure of the press and the pressures of the world.

Orb was a peaceful country constantly in the middle of a never ending war that only escalated with each passing day. The country of Plants would not accept anything from the Earth Alliance Federation (EAF) and vice versa…The EAF consisted most of the nations in the world minus the nation of Plants and Orb. Orb practiced neutrality as best to their ability not wanting to be caught in a war. Orb was known for their advancement in technology as they welcomed people of both the EAF and Plants into their borders as long as they adhered to the laws of Orb. Orb's military was known for their skills in defensive ability along with their offensive capability. Prince Kira was known to be top of the fighting class in Orb and was well respected among the military. He was often spotted among the military helping with training since he was the best pilot Orb had ever seen and his hand to hand combat skills were still unmatched unless they were his twin sister.

Princess Cagalli by no means was your average princess. She didn't like dresses to say the least but wanting to make her father happy she would entertain him at least for formal occasions. Other than that, the modern day princess was often spotted with her brother. Her piloting skills may not match her brother's skills but her hand to hand combat skills surely did and her ability with a gun. She was the princess of Orb but she sported jeans and a t-shirt over a dress and heels any day. Orb loved their Princess and Prince; they were one of a kind. They were extremely blessed to be able to walk around in Orb without too many guards acting as their bodyguard. They still had one body guard with them that helped raised them since birth. Colonel Ledonir Kisaka always kept an eye on the twins, especially the head strong princess. Their other personal care taker was a woman name Myrna, she always thought Kira was the better child unlike Cagalli who would fight tooth and nail on wearing a dress but loved them both equally.

However there was a celebration today, Prince Kira would be marrying a woman from Plants, a coordinator like himself. Even though they were a neutral nation, Siegel Clyne the current chairman of the Plants believed in the ideas of Orb that one day Naturals of the EAF and the coordinators of Plants could live in harmony one day. He had often visited before he was the chairman and noticed the instant spark between Kira and his daughter, Lacus. They had been childhood sweethearts and went as far as Siegel annulling her previous arranged engagement. The two were to be wed on Kira's twentieth birthday which was today. The palace was in an uproar preparing for the royal wedding. Orb would be gaining another princess by marriage today. Guests came from all over the world and were told to leave their differences at the country's borders. Today was not a day of war but a day of joy and a union between two people.

"You nervous, Siegel," Uzumi asked with a smile on his lips, "You are giving your only daughter away today…"

"Yes, but I'm gaining a son in return," Siegel smiled at his old friend. "It is hard for me to believe that they've known each other for over ten years now."

"Time does pass by quickly," Uzumi chuckled. "Now only if I could marry off my stubborn daughter."

"I'm sure you will find a suitable husband for her," Siegel chuckled. "Lacus simply adores her though; she's been quite excited some time now."

"I do not blame her, she is gaining a husband and a sister all in one day," Uzumi handed Siegel a glass of brandy. "To our children."

"Yes, I will drink to that," Siegel smiled.

"I heard that the election is coming up," Uzumi said after taking a sip from his glass.

Siegel nodded, "That is correct. I've already been reelected several times but I imagine the people of Plants will want a new leader."

"A pity," Uzumi smiled at his old friend. "If you ever wish to live here in Orb, I would most certainly allow it. After all, after the ceremony you are family."

"I will consider your generous offer, your highness," Siegel raised his glass.

"Oh come now, isn't about time you called me by my given name," Uzumi chuckled. "We will be family from this day forward."

"You are right," Siegel chuckled. "Lacus will probably be asked to sing at the reception."

"That would be very pleasant indeed," Uzumi took another sip of his drink. "I know Kira loves it when she sings. She does have a beautiful voice, Siegel."

"She takes after her mother," Siegel looked down at his wedding band he still wore on his finger. "I only wish she was here today to see our little girl all grown up."

"I imagine she is watching down from the heavens with great joy, you've done well in raising her alone," Uzumi patted his friend on the shoulder. "I miss the late queen very much so, but she left me with two rascal children."

Siegel laughed, "Oh those three were quite the adventurous ones weren't they? Always getting into trouble."

"Indeed, they were. Indeed."

"Lord Uzumi, Chairman Clyne…we are ready to start the ceremony."


Cagalli was helping Lacus get into her wedding dress. As much as Cagalli hated being the girly girl, she loved the fact that Lacus was. She was just perfect for her brother; she never liked that one girl that Kira tried to date for a short time in their teens. She remembered how it upset Lacus to see him dating her and secretly happy when they broke up. Kira had realized the girl was just using him after she found out he was the prince and that what he really wanted had been in front of his eyes for last ten years. Cagalli may not wear dresses on a frequent basis but she knew how to put them on. She was lacing up Lacus' dress as her soon to be sister-in-law was holding it up with her hands. She had some of her strawberry locks up and the rest were in beautiful curls. Her ears were decorated with the whitest of white pearls and a string on her porcelain neck. To say she was nervous was an understatement but she was glad that Cagalli had volunteered to help her prepare for her wedding day. After lacing up Lacus' dress she went over to the dresser on the other side of the room and pulled out a beautiful shining tiara. Lacus gasped as Cagalli put in on her head.


Cagalli smiled and shook her head, "Mother would've wanted you to wear it. It looks beautiful on you Lacus."

"Thank you," Lacus said with a warm smile. Cagalli then helped her place the veil on her head and made sure not to disturb the tiara she just put on. "So how do I look?"

"Like a princess," Cagalli winked. Cagalli was dressed in a dress much to her distaste but it was her brother's wedding after all and he had pestered her for what seemed like days. She wore a floor length soft mint green dress and a lighter green sash that was decorated in gold with her family's crest. She wore a golden necklace with a red stone in the middle. Her hair was up and wore her own tiara on her head. Her shoulder length blonde hair was pulled back up to keep out of her face. Both women had soft make-up on their faces only to accent their natural beauty.

"I'm so nervous," Lacus fiddled with a section of her dress. "I am just overcome by joy and excitement and…"

"I get it," Cagalli giggled. "I'm the happiest sister alive, my idiot brother is marrying a wonderful girl and I gained a sister out of it. So don't worry…all you have to say is 'I do'."

"I know but," Lacus paused for a moment. "I just don't want to disappoint since now I will be representing both Orb and Plants."

Cagalli smiled at her new sister fondly, "Lacus…you don't need to worry about that now. You are just a woman on her wedding day…enjoy it!"

"Yes, but today is your birthday as well…"

"Don't worry about it, there will be plenty of reason to celebrate at the reception," Cagalli laughed. "Myrna made a big fuss about it and made sure the reception had a wedding cake and a birthday cake!"

Lacus giggled, "I guess that's a good thing then."

"I guess," Cagalli shrugged. "I just wish I could be out of these heels…I don't know how you do it all the time Lacus."

Lacus just smiled at Cagalli's whining, it wouldn't matter how old Cagalli became…she would always be very tomboyish woman they all love. Then again it probably didn't help that she grew up with a twin brother and he wasn't the type to play dolls and dress up. Cagalli at an early age didn't want to be second best to her brother but they were still closer than most siblings spotted on the street. They knew about their past and that Lord Uzumi was really their adoptive father but he was their father. To help them gain some normalcy Uzumi made sure to have the twins enrolled in schools so they may have an education. He even sent Kira to a prep school to give him some idea of what it in the real world and to make friends. He had sent Cagalli to an all-girl prep school so she could also see a life outside the palace walls and also to see if he could ease off of some of her tomboyish ways. For royalty, Lacus would have to say they were well rounded. Kira was brilliant in many ways but he often wore his heart on his sleeve. Cagalli was brash and stubborn but she too wore her heart on her sleeve.

"Princess, Miss Lacus…It's time…"


The reception went well along with the birthday celebrations; why not kill two birds with one stone? Kira and Lacus were on the dance floor most of the night and receiving nonstop congratulations for their union. There were several different cameramen taking pictures of the couple and of course the twins together for their birthday. Pictures of the two fathers and family pictures were a must, it would seem the camera flashes would never come to an end. The twins were fortunate enough that they weren't really formally introduced to society until two years ago on their eighteenth birthday. They were thrown into the world of the press and were seen at all of the formal events. Cagalli was not the type of girl for such things but she knew her father would one day ask her to marry as well. She had been in an arranged engagement herself with Yuna Roma Seiran but as of late her father seems to disapprove of that union.

The Seiran family was in attendance but everyone knew how they wanted Orb to join the EAF and go against the Plants, the Seirans were known to disapprove of Coordinators. EAF was always jealous of the nation of Plants for their technological advances and medicines along with their abilities as Coordinators. EAF though also in par with Plants seemed to always be one step behind. The Plants had made colonies out in space first and made them habitable for people to live there. So even though the Plants had their own country here on the earth they also had some in space, mostly to find a way to keep some of their people safe. EAF was always jealous of their ambition and sought to do better than them, but when talks of sharing their technology didn't seem to happen is when war broke out. EAF refuses to give in and saying living the natural way was better than being run by technology and alterations of genes for the Earth would surely turn against them. No matter how you look at it, many wondered if it would ever end. Orb was always caught in the middle getting nonstop requests for them to join either side but Uzumi would never cave. He was the king and what he said was law but lately there had been uprisings in Orb for him to side with either the EAF or Plants.

Leaders from both sides had been invited to the wedding and seemed so far to be behaving. Even Lacus' former fiancé was in attendance with his family but kept themselves hidden from the eye of the media. The family actually held no ill will towards the bride but it was still a small slap in the face for the young man. Lacus was trying to be polite to everyone but it was difficult since it was such a large gathering. Kira looking ever regal in his royal attire and Lacus in her shimmering white dress making people whisper that Uzumi was going to side with the Plants. Uzumi however denied those rumors in saying that there is nothing wrong in childhood sweet hearts to be married. Then of course there was the push for Cagalli to marry Yuna Roma since his family was EAF friendly. Cagalli never liked the Seiran family; she was quite disgusted in the way Yuna had grown up and didn't help the guy was at least four years older than her.

"A dance my princess," Yuna asked and Cagalli shivered. She didn't like the man one bit but she had to be tactful with so many watching eyes. Cagalli placed her glass of champagne on the table and took his outreached hand.

She was on the dance floor and Yuna was trying to hold her a little too close for comfort. She was stiff as a board not wanting any more contact with the man she was dancing with, "You shouldn't frown so much, it's unbecoming."


"And that language is very unbecoming of a princess."

"You should shut the hell up before I punch you," Cagalli narrowed her eyes at the purple hair man. He only smirked at her and it made her want to vomit.

"Now, now Princess what if the other guests heard such foul language escaping your mouth," Yuna slyly spun the princess around. "Unfitting for the princess of Orb."

"Bastard," Cagalli muttered wanting to be freed from this disgusting excuse for a human being. "I would appreciate if you would avoid trying to insult me on my brother's wedding day."

"See was that so hard?"

"You son of a bi…"

"Excuse me, Yuna, do you mind if I dance with my daughter," Uzumi spoke regally. Yuna nodded as he bowed to him and left the dance floor. Uzumi then began dancing with his daughter, "Does he really upset you that much, Cagalli?"

"You have no idea," Cagalli grumbled as she stared up at her father. "I wanted to knock that stupid smile off of his face."

"Now, now Cagalli…it is your brother's wedding day after all, we wouldn't want him to play the hero as well," Uzumi teased his daughter as she blushed. "Even though you are quite capable of defending yourself, I prefer to not have any blood on the floor today."

"Yes, father," Cagalli numbly nodded.

"Cagalli, I only want you to live a long and happy life," Uzumi told her softly as he danced with his daughter. "I am happy that your brother found such a lovely woman to marry and it's my hope that you will find someone as well."

Cagalli sighed, "Father, I'm not cut out for things like this. Kira is a much better heir and leader."

"I beg to differ my dear daughter, I beg to differ," Uzumi chuckled as his Daughter arched her eyebrow at him.


The evening came and the wedded couple had already gone off on their honeymoon. The advantages of having an early afternoon wedding, but she knew her brother and sister-in-law escaped well before the end of the reception. Cagalli hated to admit it but she would miss her brother terribly. As she sat alone in her room looking out her large window and sadly smiled. Sure they had spent some time apart before when they were younger but now they would be on two different levels. Kira would be next in line to take over the throne and she would still be Princess Cagalli. He wouldn't have time to spar with her as much as they used to and play the silly games they once did. Childhood being just a memory now and she sighed already missing the days of youth. She was in her sleep wear as she turned on her television to see what was in the news. The main story was of course her brother's wedding and their birthday. She smiled as she watched the various scenes of the wedding unfold on the screen before her. At least for one day the war wasn't the hottest topic. However Cagalli's thoughts were broken at the sound of screams and gun shots. Cagalli quickly reached for her gun hidden in one of her drawers. She loaded it up and quickly stepped out of her room in her tank top and pajama pants.

She slowly crept down the hallway following the sounds of bullets being fired. She was breathing heavily and made her way to her father's chambers. She quickly entered his room but saw nobody in there, if he wasn't in there it meant he was in the study. She quickly ran down to the study to see various uniforms but she could tell by the emblem they were from ZAFT, the Plants' military. Her eyes widened in shock as she opened fired on two of them. She made sure to shoot them but not in their vital points. The two men dropped to their sides as she quickly made her way into the study. Her eyes huge in shock as tears began falling down her face. She ran over to her father's body and cradled his head.

"FATHER!" Cagalli's tears poured endlessly as Siegel Clyne also lay on the ground dead along with a few other of the Orb military. She shook her father gently trying to get him to waken from his sleep but it was no use, "Father…no…you're supposed to see me live a long and happy life! Why father…why?"

"Rusty! Miguel!" A voice shouted down the hall and looked over the two wounded men in front of the study. Then the blue haired man looked over at the crying woman, "Damn it. You weren't supposed to kill anyone…"

"Sorry," Rusty mustered. "They shot at us first though…"

"Damn it," the blue haired man looked over at the red headed friend and then at his blonde friend. "Miguel?"

"Don't worry, the bitch shot us but she didn't hit any vitals…be careful she's a good shot," Miguel mustered out.

The man raced into the room and grabbed Cagalli, her amber eyes looked into emerald and pushed him away. She held her gun ready to shoot, "Who are you? Why have you done this?"

The man narrowed his emerald eyes, "We were told that Orb had been manufacturing weapons for the federation…we came to see for ourselves."

"Then why is my father and Chairman Clyne dead," Cagalli cocked her gun and ready to fire if need be. "You're supposed to protect your own chairman!"

"Athrun!" Rusty shouted and Cagalli was about ready to fire a shot until the man named Athrun knocked her unconscious. She fell into his arms and he placed her over his shoulder. "Athrun, what the hell?"

"She can't stay here," Athrun told them. "We need to find Dearka, Yzak, and Nicol and get the hell out of here before we are discovered not only that some of the federation is also in the palace. Let's go!"

"Roger that," Miguel nodded.



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