The man grins and launches himself at the two policemen. They've been stuck in this cell for 4 hours now and they are both stiff, tired and hungry. James Hathaway looks over at his boss, who nods and they both stand their ground. Backed up against the wall, the suspects panics and pulls a baseball bat out of nowhere. James and Lewis back of warily, exchanging looks with each other. It is during one of these looks that the man lunges, grabbing the inspector and smiling infuriatingly at the young sergeant.

"You back off now son. Over that side of the cell. And sit down, otherwise I'll club him." Seething, James retreats to where be has been told. The man grins evilly. "Good boy. Although, you know I might just do it anyway" He brings the baseball bat down on Lewis' unprotected head, it glances off and Lewis crumples to the floor.

"Bastard." James spat as he got up.

"You want more of the same son?" James just growls as he leaps at the man, he punches him in the face and the scuffle continues. Eventually the attacker realises that this young cop's anger is keeping him going and sooner or later the tall man is gong to win. He deals James a stunning blow that sends him sprawling to the floor. He leaves the room immediately and doesn't see the younger man crawl over to his boss. He's misread this situation. He took the quiet tones and sarcastic wit of James to be dislike of his boss. He can't conceive that the man may in fact be displaying fierce loyalty.

"Sir?" Nothing. James glares at the door and sits down to wait for his boss to wake up. His chest is heaving with exertion. His face hurts a little but the pain brings immense satisfaction, he knows that he gave as good as he got. He gently feels the back of Lewis' head. There is a little bit of blood there, but it doesn't seem too serious. He sits there for another half an hour. He starts do doze off and is awakened by pressure on his shoulder. Opening his eyes, he smiles as he sees his inspector sat beside him.

"How're you feeling sir?"

"Been better James." He winces but it is apparent to James that his boss is in no immediate danger. It is silent for a time and then Lewis speaks.

"James, What happened to your knuckles?" James looks confused and glances down.

"Oh. Yeah that. Er, I, that is me and our captor had a little disagreement sir."

"Oh? You kids should learn to play nice. What was this little disagreement about then?" Hathaway had the good grace to look slightly embarrassed.

"Actually sir, I didn't like the way he tried to smash your head in." Lewis saw it now. Those weren't defence wounds like he had first thought. He saw them for what they were. Grazes on the knuckles cause by beating a person in anger. He had a pretty good idea how his sergeant had reacted to him being smashed over the head. He felt a small swell of pride that his sergeant cared that deeply for him, that the normally quiet man would react in so aggressive a way for him. He also had another thought. He's said this before.

"James, I must admit, sometimes I'm bloody glad you're on our side." James hears his veiled thank you and just grins.