"I must say, you're an excellent dancer."

Kyoko looked up at the Hatter's face. He was smiling down at her, but it wasn't one of Tsuruga Ren's usual smiles, it one of those smiles he only shows once in a while. The real ones. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. Why was he so happy?

"Thank you."

Kyoko look down once more. Kyoko felt awkward being this close to the Hatter, this close to Ren. She could feel his breath on her forehead and his arm wrapped around her waist seemed strangely protective. Tsuruga-san always seems kind of protective of me, especially when it comes to Sho, but right now he doesn't have any recollection of this. So why is he acting this way? He even got mad when a waiter approached me…Maybe that means deep inside all them still have some memories. Memories that I can try to surface.

"So, Mr. Hatter, what do you like doing in your free time?"

"Free time? Well, I do like having tea parties."

Kyoko scrunched up her nose. The image of Tsuruga-san sitting at a little pink table with plastic teapots and cups on it, dolls and teddy bears surrounding him, popped into her head. She quickly shook the image away.

"Anything else?"

"I like making hats."


Kyoko looked up at Tsuruga's hat. It was a black top hat with light grey patterns swirled all over it. There was a dark purple silk ribbon wrapped around the base. Kyoko didn't know much about hats, but it seemed very extravagant and finely made. Kyoko glanced down at everything else he was wearing as well. He didn't seem to be wearing any sort of costume. He was wearing a long black coat that went down past his knees, which for Tsuruga-san's height was extremely long, but certainly suited him. The coat seemed to be velvet and as Kyoko looked closely, she noticed that it also had faint patterns similar to the ones on the hat. Other than that, he had silky black pants and a matching v-neck shirt of the same material and black suede boots with two buckles going across the top. Basically he was covered in black, yet he looked so elegant. He looks prettier than me…

Once again Kyoko shook the thought out of her head. She couldn't think of things like this about Tsuruga-san!

"So are you supposed to be dressed up as anything?"

"No, I requested the Queen to allow me to come without one. She actually seemed pretty happy that I asked for some reason. And what about you? What are you supposed to be?"

"Ummm…a famous actress fairy princess."

The Hatter chuckled at this, making Kyoko mad. She shot an angry look up at him, but he was too busy glancing around the ballroom to even notice. The music suddenly stopped. The Hatter let go of Kyoko.

"I think the Queen is going to speak now."

Just as the Hatter said this, the Queen rose to speak.

"My people! Such a grand day it has been! And it looks like I picked the perfect day for my party as well. The sun is still high and we may continue with our pleasure!"

Everyone cheered at this. Kyoko groaned. She was exhausted. She needed sleep. She needed real food. She needed to get out of this scratchy outfit.

"Now, I would like to present someone very special to all of us! Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, my daughter, the Princess of Hearts!"

Kyoko quickly looked around in excitement. A princess! An actual princess! A group of soldiers marched over to where the queen stood. There were twelve of them walking in a square and someone else was walking gracefully in the center of them all. That must be the princess! The front two soldiers stepped forward and to the side. Out stepped the Princess of Hearts. Kyoko's jaw dropped open.


Everyone turned and looked at Kyoko who now had her hands clamped over her mouth. The Queen's face turned into a scowl and she glared at her.

"S-sorry." Kyoko squeaked out.

Kyoko noticed that the princess slightly smiled at Kyoko as if to assure her that she was not offended for the interruption. Kyoko's heart fluttered with joy. My lovely beautiful Moko-san! She's the princess!

The Princess of Hearts approached her mother and stood beside her. She was wearing an extraordinary golden gown that was covered in diamonds and rubies. She glittered and shone brighter than any light in the room. Her hair was long and dark and silky with loose curls hanging from it. Her eyelashes had golden glitter on it as well. She had a small golden crown placed on her heart with little hearts shaped into it. Even her shoes were made out of pure gold and diamonds. Her shoes had a very high heel to them, but she stood in them so gracefully as if she were walking on air. She wore a sparkly white, almost silver, pair of gloves that went up to her elbow though. When she smiled, her teeth were so brightly white that they nearly matched her gloves. Kyoko's eyes were wide with pure fascination and ecstasy. There was only one thing that Kyoko could think of to describe her: the bright golden sun.

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